The Brew: King Charles Gets His Coronation, Kamala Gets New Gig as AI Czar

By Al Perrotta Published on May 5, 2023

A jolly Friday to ya’!

Today’s Brew is an English breakfast tea to celebrate tomorrow’s coronation of Meghan Markle’s father-in-law. We know him better as King Charles III. We pray a healthy and beneficial reign.  

Obviously, as Americans we really haven’t had to care about such things since 1776. However, don’t think of it as a coronation of England’s new monarch. Think of it as a preview of an upcoming season of The Crown. Seriously, nobody does pomp and ceremony like the Brits … even when the royal family at times seems more like Real Housewives of Buckingham Palace.

According to a new survey, only 27% of Americans have a favorable view of the royal family. That’s only 7% better than at the start of the Revolution when 20% of colonists had a favorable view of the British monarchy.  Still, it’s this is the first coronation we’ve seen there in 70 years and who couldn’t use a little royal razzle dazzle.

Coronation activities get underway about 5 a.m. Eastern time. Will you be one of them? 

Here’s a link to BBC’s “Coronation of King Charles III” page.

Did FBI Sit on Document From Confidential Source Detailing Biden Bribery Scheme While VP?

On Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. James Comer subpoenaed the FBI for a file said to be in their possession implicating Joe Biden in a bribery scheme with a “foreign national” while VP. Specifically, the file “details an alleged arrangement involving an exchange of money for policy decisions” during his vice presidency.

A whistleblower told Congress the document is a FD-1023 informant report, which Grassley said Thursday “includes very serious and detailed allegations implicating the current President of the United States.” Grassley called the allegations “very price, very direct, and very consistent.” Sources tell the New York Post, the foreign entity involved is not China.

Grassley figures the FBI will be reluctant to cooperate. “If it’s as explosive as what we heard, we expect it to be very difficult to get.” 

Grassley and Comer want the FBI to hand over any statements from confidential sources from June of 2020 that mention Biden. In other words, the FBI had this in the middle of the 2020 election. Did they sit on this like they did the laptop revelations?

Whoa. Email Shows Former Deputy CIA Director Pleading With Former CIA Director John Brennan to Sign the Bogus Hunter Biden Letter to Give Biden a “Talking Point to Push Back on Trump” During Their Debate

A bombshell last night from Just the News’ John Solomon. He got hold of an email from former Deputy CIA Director Mike Morell where he’s asking former CIA Director John Brennan to sign that seditious letter from 51 top intel officials from the Obama and Bush administrations falsely claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation. Morell flat out admits the purpose of the letter. And it has nothing to do with truth. Nothing to do with Russians. And everything to do with undermining the 2020 election. Morell says “Trying to give the campaign, particularly during the debate on Thursday, a talking point to push back on Trump on this issue.”

The laptop, of course, offered overwhelming evidence Joe Biden was the “Big Guy” set for a big payday from the Chinese.

To recap: We’ve got this story about a payoff from the Chinese. And the previous story about allegations of a payoff to Biden from someone other than the Chinese.

We’ve also seen this week reports the DOJ is about to decide whether to charge Hunter Biden on tax and gun charges and Hunter in family court pleading poverty to cut payments to his daughter Navy. 

Joe Biden has not been seen in public since Monday night.

Kamala Harris Named White House’s Point Person on Artificial Intelligence

Hey, Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon. You don’t need those striking writers. The jokes write themselves. 

Seriously, Harris met yesterday with CEOs from the major AI developers as the White House announced new initiatives to “mitigate the risks” from the emerging and potentially devastating technologies. 

We Don’t Deserve Him. Senator Kennedy Nails Two Green New Deal Zealots in Two Days

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana pops so many balloons his nickname should be porcupine. For two straight days, Kennedy has made short work of green new deal zealots. On Thursday, Abigail Ross Hopper of the Solar Energy Industries Association was testifying about the need for the Inflation Reduction Act, which was really the “Fund the Green New Deal and Pretend It’s About Inflation Act.” Hopper was praising its support for a “clean energy economy.”

Kennedy in his folksy manner says, “I gotta ask you this question, I’ve been waiting to ask this. If electric cars are so swell, how come government has to pay people to drive them?”

This exchange came a day after Kennedy completely tripped up Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk. During an exchange where Tuck ducked and darted about the costs of becoming carbon neutral, Kennedy asked if we did spend $50 trillion to become carbon neutral, how much would that reduce world temperatures? Turk could not answer.  

The Brew Helps Bud Light With Its Advertising. We’re Such Givers

Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev told investors Thursday they plan on tripling their marketing spending this summer to try to boost sales in the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco.

Last week, Bud Light started running a pandering ad featuring country music, and three hot women getting soaked in the rain. Sorry. Not going to work. Reaction to the spot was brutal.

CEO Michel Doukeris also tried to downplay the partnership with the trans activist who acts like a teeny-bopper girl. “This was one can, one influencer, one post and not a campaign.” So still no apology to its core customers.

Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic, and Moral Issues of Our Day.

The question is, if you’re Bud Light, how do you apologize in a way that isn’t pandering, that can’t send the activists in a rage, disarms ticked off customers and is on brand? Here’s a thought:

Bud Light was known for its funny commercials. Why not do a series of commercials depicting people having hilariously disastrous days at work? Bases loaded, game tied. Pitcher starts pitch, ball pathetically plops out of his hand. A city electrical worker making a connection that blacks out the city. Some medieval worker managing to knock down Stonehenge. The tag line?  A rueful, “Yeah…We Get It.”

Well, they have to do something. Although Doukeris claimed the company slide was stabilizing, a viral TikTok video from Wednesday night in Boston shows a long line of Red Sox fans in line for beer in Fenway … but nobody at the Bud concession stand.

Along The Stream

The Stream’s Tom Gilson has been dropping some amazing articles the past couple weeks. This morning’s was no exception: “Why Does Progressive Christianity’s ‘Jesus’ Sound So Much Like a 31st Century Liberal College Grad?”

Bunni Pounds is back with an urgent “Religious Discrimination Against Supporters of Biblical Marriage Must Be Stopped.” She tells us all about the Roy Amendment from Rep. Chip Roy that would protect the millions of faithful from government discrimination.

Wanna do something? Contact your Member of Conference to make sure they stand in support of the Roy Amendment.  


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTRGabParler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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