The Brew: Jeffrey Epstein File Dump Expected as Iowa Caucus Less Than Two Weeks Away

By Al Perrotta Published on January 2, 2024

Happy 1st work day in the New Year!

Let’s put together a quiet Brew for those suffering from a football hangover.

Epstein List Could Be Unveiled Today … with a Familiar President’s Name Prominently Featured

It’s 2024, and Jeffrey Epstein still didn’t kill himself. (I jest. Or do I?) However, today, if all goes as expected, he’ll speak from the grave. A list of more than 150 clients and close associates (and trafficked girls willing to be named) is set to be released per a judge’s order. Along with hundreds of documents associated with the notorious sex trafficker to the rich and famous.

ABC News is reporting that former President Bill Clinton will be named as “Doe 36” in “more than fifty redacted filings.” ABC News, whose morning anchor is former Clinton right hand George Stephanopoulos, quickly notes that “there’s no indication the sealed records contain evidence of illegal conduct by Clinton.” However, Clinton flew “extensively” on Epstein’s infamous plane dubbed “The Lolita Express.”

Tucker Carlson kicked off 2024 by dropping a jaw-dropping video of Epstein’s brother Mark trying to get a basic prehospital care report written by the EMS team attending to Epstein’s body. Seems that the report the EMS folks themselves urged Mark Epstein to get … ain’t in the computer system. Imagine that. WATCH the stunning exchange.

Thankfully, the news in the U.S. was rather slow New Year’s Day. That gives us a chance to catch up on some of the political happenings from the last few days.

2024 Election Games

Best we can tell, there will be a presidential election in 2024 come November. But we make no guarantees. Already the Big Tech bid to silence voices that undermine the powers-that-be is underway. Mark Zuckerberg, who, of course, invested $400 million to fill election offices with partisan activists in key swing state districts in 2020 to gin up a win for the guy in the basement, is already at work for 2024. His Facebook has up and suspended Libs of TikTok, which simply just reposts woke liberals’ own videos.

The charge? Violating “community standards.”

We’ve posted a handy guide to the 2024 election calendar from the Daily Caller News Foundation called “A Nutty Cycle: These are the Important Dates to Know for the Jam-Packed Election Year.” The House, the Senate, the White House are all up for grabs … and this one’s for all the marbles.

Which means, expect everything including the kitchen sink to be thrown at us voters this year. Hopefully, only figuratively. But we make no guarantees.

Meanwhile, the Iowa caucus is only 13 days away. The New Hampshire primary? Just three weeks away.

Yes, Virginia, There is Still a Democracy

Virginia has become the latest state to reject a lawsuit aiming to remove Trump from the commonwealth’s primary ballot. A federal judge — a Clinton-appointee, by the way — ruled the plaintiffs had no standing.  Judge Leonie Brinkema also noted the growing collection of federal courts — at this point, five — that have rebuffed the effort to twist the 14th Amendment to keep the leading GOP contender off the ballot.  

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Meanwhile, it seems the unelected Secretary of State in Maine who unilaterally booted Trump of the Maine ballot is no fan of our Constitution’s way of electing presidents. (As her decision made clear.) Shenna Bellows once referred to the Electoral College as a “relic of white supremacy.” Yet a white woman gets to decide on her own who can’t be a candidate? How rich the irony.

Speaking of January 6, new video from J6 has emerged of the man described as the face of the insurrection. The so-called Q Shaman.

Jacob Chansley was given 41 months in prison … for being guided around by Capitol Hill police … and reading Trump’s tweet calling for people to be peaceful and go home. In one of the most quirky twists of the 2023 political year, Chansley is now running for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District.

Joe Biden List of 2023 Accomplishments

The White House put out a list of accomplishments of the Biden-Harris Administration in 2023.

They left off letting in 303,000 illegal immigrants in the month of December alone.


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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Streamco-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism

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