The Brew: Is GOP Softening Platform Position on Abortion to Counter Probable Harris Candidacy?

By Al Perrotta Published on July 9, 2024

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Brew opens with a looming fight for life on the GOP platform. 

Is GOP Softening Abortion Stance to Counter Kamala Candidacy?

If  Kamala Harris does become the Democratic presidential nominee, then abortion — which Dems cynically disguise as “women’s health” or “reproductive rights” — will be central to her campaign. Especially since the “fight for women’s health” bamboozle helped Democrats in 2022 after the fall of Roe.

A battle is shaping up before next week’s GOP convention over whether pro-life language in the platform should be softened. The Hill reports that pro-life groups are mobilizing to ensure the GOP stays firmly committed to this tenet. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser warns it’ll be a bad move politically to abandon the unborn.

“If the Trump campaign decides to remove national protections for the unborn in the GOP platform,” she said, “it would be a miscalculation that would hurt party unity and destroy pro-life enthusiasm between now and the election.” 

The Stream’s John Zmirak will be weighing in on that fight later. Keep an eye out for that.

Trump VP Race Still Up for Grabs

Lost in the drama over if — or when — Joe Biden will quit the race, if not the presidency, is the fact that Donald Trump has not yet announced his choice of a running mate. With the GOP convention now less than a week away, do we have any more idea who that pick will be? According to The Washington Post, the field has narrowed down to Sen. J.D. Vance, Sen. Marco Rubio, and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burnum, with the campaign plotting to make the announcement on July 15. 

However, does the increasing likelihood that Trump will be squaring off against Kamala Harris, rather than Joe Biden, change any of his calculus?

Biden Calls MSNBC

Joe Biden called in to MSNBC’s Morning Joe show yesterday. It’s not clear he knew who he was calling or for what reason. He requested that Mika and Joe play “Freebird.” (Okay, we made that up. Frankly, though, he would have been better off had that been the case.)

Biden again insisted he’s not going anywhere, angrily raging against the “elites” in his own party, taunting them to “run against me” and “challenge me at the convention.” He insisted, “The American public is not going to move away from me as a average voter.” (That’s his actual quote.)

You know he was mad because he called the morning show couple “Pal.”

He also vented against Donald Trump, once again repeating the debunked “suckers and losers” lie, but this time with a twist. Biden started to claim, “I was with” Trump when he made the comment about fallen veterans in France (which Trump did not make.)

The president again dodged the idea of taking a cognitive test, claiming he’s been taking one every day since the June 27 presidential debate with his public appearances. And somehow he thinks he’s passing those with flying colors. 

Meanwhile, the Daily Wire is putting some science to what we’re seeing with our eyes. They’ve analyzed corrections to official White House transcripts and discovered the rate of verbal missteps has doubled in the past year.

But even as Biden stumbles and mumbles and freezes and reinvents reality in front of the whole world with every appearance, his spokesman John Kirby still holds firm that the Big Guy’s all there. “In my experience the last 2.5 years, I have not seen any reason whatsoever to question or doubt [Biden’s] lucidity, his grasp of context, his probing nature, and the degree to which he is completely in charge of facts and figures.”

Sure. And Jill Biden is eager to get back to Delaware. Benny Johnson spotted this: Other than getting his daily intelligence briefing, Biden didn’t have anything on his schedule for yesterday — either presidential business or campaign business. But First Lady Jill Biden? She made three campaign stops in three states.

But back to Kirby. He promised Monday that Biden will hold a “big boy” press conference soon. Does he think infantilizing the president of the United States helps matters?

Here’s a question for Kirby. He was an admiral in the U.S. Navy. A real admiral, not the Rachel Levine kind who’s given the title and enjoys cavorting in female dress uniforms. Would the Navy let someone who acts like Joe Biden command even a small support ship on the high seas?

White House Opposes Legislation to Stop Illegals from Voting

What is Biden to do when his efforts to turn around his election chances are failing? Why, change the election, of course!. On Monday, the White House came out against the SAVE Act, which would require documented proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections. They claim, rather ridiculously, that “this bill would do nothing to safeguard our elections,” noting it is already illegal for illegal immigrants to vote.

To which the twitterverse responds, “It’s also illegal for them to BE HERE.”

The House of Representatives is expected to pass the SAVE Act later this week.

Hollywood Losing the Love for Scranton Joe

It seems even the celebrity world is turning on Joe Biden now. Over the weekend, director and hard leftie Rob Reiner declared in a foul-mouthed rant that  “it’s time” for Joe to go, and early Monday morning, another rabid Trump hater, author Stephen King, urged the president to bow out.

Even Biden’s own campaign volunteers are mocking him now. When told Biden was visiting a Philadelphia campaign office, one of his volunteers said, “I hope he’s awake for it.”

However, Biden’s still got the support of The View’s Whoopi Goldberg — at least, for the moment. “I don’t care if he’s pooped his pants,” she said. “I don’t care if he can’t put a sentence together. Show me he can’t do the job, and then I’ll say, okay, maybe it’s time to go.”

What more does she need to see? His own aides admit that at best he’s only good between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

And the disintegration of America continues. For one horrible example …

100 Shot, 17 Killed in Chicago Over July 4 Weekend

While millions of Americans were celebrating Independence Day weekend with picnics and patriotism, the streets of Chicago ran with blood as at least 109 people were shot in the Windy City, 19 fatally over the holiday weekend. Chicago’s criminal-coddling mayor Brandon Johnson made a show of it Monday, declaring at a press conference, “We need to ensure that we are holding every single individual accountable for the pain and trauma and torment that they have caused in this city. There will be consequences for the violence. We will not let criminal activity ruin and harm our city.”

Did Johnson admit his “holistic,” progressive approach to policing has failed miserably? Has he apologized for pledging that defunding the police would be a “political goal”? 

Elections have consequences. And for 19 people in Chicago this past weekend, those consequences have proven deadly.  


Along the Stream

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Plus, we’re up to part 12 in our presentation of “How They Stole the 2020 Election: Let My People Go Explains the Steal in Bite-Sized, Little Pieces.” 


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