The Brew: House Delivers Mayorkas Articles of Impeachment While SCOTUS Threatens to Deliver Blow to Trump J6 Charges

By Al Perrotta Published on April 17, 2024

Happy Wednesday!

House Delivers Mayorkas Impeachment Articles to Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives formally delivered articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate Tuesday afternoon. The charges center around Mayorkas willfully ignoring American law to facilitate millions of illegal immigrants’ entry to the United States.

The Senate will be sworn in as jurors today. However, the million-peso question is whether Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will take the extraordinary step of trying to table the impeachment or push for a move to dismiss.

Expect a dramatic day on Capitol Hill.

Stunning Evidence Emerges of Effort to Push Illegals to Vote for Biden

Yesterday, the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project dropped a bombshell, revealing that NGOs in Mexico are actively recruiting people to vote for Joe Biden after they illegally cross the northern Mexican border to enter the United States.

The fliers are the work of Resource Center Matamoros, and read: “Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open.”

Illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote in U.S. elections — supposedly. But the flier helps explain why Mayorkas and Biden are allowing millions in.

According to the Oversight Project, “RCM bills itself as an operation which houses functions for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), which helps illegal aliens enter the United States.” It is also tied to other groups involved in facilitating the invasion of our nation.

Any guesses who was on the board of HIAS? Yup, one Alejandro Mayorkas.

Meanwhile, at SCOTUS …

Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Gut Trump Indictment

Joseph Fischer isn’t Donald Trump. He’s just a supporter who may well damage Jack Smith’s J6-connected case against the former president. Fischer’s lawyers were in front of the Supreme Court on Tuesday arguing that the felony obstruction charges the Department of Justice has piled on Fischer and 300 others were created to stop witness tampering in the wake of the Enron case and cannot be applied to protests or riots.

The conservative justices seemed to agree. “There have been many violent protests that have interfered with proceedings,” said Justice Clarence Thomas. “Has the government applied this provision to other protests in the past?”

Justice Neil Gorsuch brought up recent history, wondering if “pulling a fire alarm” to disrupt a proceeding qualified as “interference” (making a direct reference to the actions of Rep. Jamaal Bowman, who was censured by the House last December for doing so while the legislative body was in session). Amy Coney Barrett wondered what would happen if “all the bridges from Virginia were blocked, and members [of Congress] from Virginia who needed to appear at a hearing couldn’t get there or were delayed in getting there? Would that be a violation of this provision?”

The gist: People are interfering with federal proceedings all the time through protests. Why are the J6 people the only ones ever charged under a statute that could earn them 20 years in the slammer?

After hearing the arguments, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley told Fox News the government’s case was “clearly on the ropes.”

If SCOTUS sides with Fischer, then there go two of Jack Smith’s key charges against Trump.

Whistleblowers Set to Testify National Guard Was Indeed Geared Up and Ready to Deploy on J6

In related news, at least three National Guard officers are scheduled to testify before Congress today that they were standing at the ready to intervene should there be any trouble at the Capitol, in full tactical gear, for hours on January 6 per Trump’s orders, but the Army delayed deployment. According to the Daily Mail, the officers also will testify that they wanted to share their stories with the Nancy Pelosi-Liz Cheney J6 Committee, but were rebuffed because their experience contradicted the established narrative.

SCOTUS Temporarily Allows Iowa Sex-Change Ban on Minors to Take Effect

The Supreme Court ruled Monday an Iowa law banning sex-change operations, cross-sex hormone treatments, and puberty blockers for minors can take effect while it is under appeal. State legislators passed a law last year making doctors who conduct such treatments on minors subject to up to ten years in prison.

NPR Suspends Reporter Who Exposed the Extent of Its Liberal Manipulations

Longtime NPR editor Uri Berliner has been suspended for five days without pay for his expose shredding the publicly funded broadcast’s “absence of viewpoint diversity.” He revealed the editorial staff has 87 Democrats and zero Republicans, and actively worked to sabotage President Trump’s re-election bid. “An open-minded spirit no longer exists within NPR,” Berliner wrote in Free Press, “and now, predictably, we don’t have an audience that reflects America.”

NPR said Berliner was suspended because he’d not been approved to write for other outlets, as well as exposing proprietary audience demographics. (What? Not for “embarrassing us by revealing our disconnect from and contempt for a majority of the people who help provide our funding”?)

New NPR CEO Katherine Maher denied any bias on Monday.

“In America everyone is entitled to free speech as a private citizen,” she told NPR. “What matters is NPR’s work and my commitment as its CEO: public service, editorial independence, and the mission to serve all of the American public. NPR is independent, beholden to no party, and without commercial interests.”

With lines like that, Maher could moonlight for Saturday Night Live. Not beholden to a party? NPR helped hand the White House to the Democrats in 2020. Not only did it dismiss the Hunter Biden laptop story outright, it openly and unabashedly declared it would not cover the allegations that story raised.

According to NPR, piles of evidence that Joe “The Big Guy” Biden was neck deep in million-dollar deals with Communist China are “pure distractions.”

Report: Israel Has Decided How It Will Respond to Iranian Attack

Israel has decided how it will respond to Iran’s massive Saturday night drone and missile attack, Israeli military sources told The Jerusalem Post. However, the timing is not yet set. IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Herzi Halevi hinted a response is not imminent, saying, “We are enabling a home front policy to at least give citizens this Passover week to live almost like normal because we completely trust you and your readiness.”

Passover begins on the evening of Monday, April 22.

Shalom, and we’ll gather again later today for Al’s Afternoon Tea.

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Al Perrotta is managing editor of The Stream, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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