The Brew: Hershey’s and the Lost Boys Who Are Girls

"I believe ... I believe ... I believe Disney's jumped the shark!" "Or maybe it was an alligator, Peter! Just like Captain Hook!"

By Al Perrotta Published on March 3, 2023

Happy Friday!

Let’s start by talking about what is usually one of my favorite subjects: chocolate!

Hershey’s Dumps on Women to Push Trans Agenda … for International Women’s Day

I didn’t think it was possible for chocolate to leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. But Hershey’s has gone and done it. The chocolate giant is commemorating International Women’s Day on March 8 with a special HerShe bar. Get it? Problem is they are featuring a transgender as a face of this campaign in Canada.

Isn’t this like making Rachel Dolezal the face of Black History Month?

#BoycottHersheys is trending, with loud calls to not buy Hershey’s products. Not exactly what the company wants with the Easter chocolate season staring us in the face. But go ahead, Hershey’s. Erase women. See how going all in on woke, gender activism did wonders for Disney.

Lost Boys That Aren’t Boys? New Live-Action Peter Pan Trailer Raises a Fuss

I’m no casting director, but if I’m casting for the famous Peter Pan “Lost Boys,” I’m casting … well … boys. But I’m not Disney. In their upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy, not only are some of the famous Lost Boys girls, but the trailer makes sure you know about it right up front.

“But you’re not all boys!” says Wendy.

“So?” spits a young girl.

If Disney hadn’t gone out of its way the past few years to wreck its brand, shoving transgender radicalism and racist poison down our kids’ throats, tossing in a few girls wouldn’t cause much of a fuss. (Even if a key fact about the Lost Boys on Neverland is they’d never seen girls.)

But at some point one screams toward the Magic Kingdom, “Can’t you leave anything alone?!”

Of course, in the case of Peter Pan, the comeback is pretty obvious. “Uh, the most famous Peter Pan of all time is Mary Martin … a female!”

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering, the transgender in the Canada “HerShe” bar ad was not the Canadian shop teacher who sports gigantic fake breasts to school.

Or should I say “did sport”?

Canadian Shop Teacher With the Huge Fake Breasts Put on Paid Leave

Canadian shop teacher Kerry “Kayla” Lemieux has been put on paid leave from Oakville Trafalgar High School, months after he started showing up to class in garish make-up, wigs and Goodyear-sized prosthetic breasts. (How could you operate a band saw wearing those things?)

But the Toronto Sun points out a fun fact. The move to remove Lemieux from the classroom did not happen until the New York Post caught the teacher wandering around outside his home without the garish get-up. Lemiux tried saying the photos weren’t of him. (The Post documented that they were.) But he also tried saying that the breasts were natural and not prosthetic. He was “intersex” and suffered from “gigantomastia.”

The Post story, according to the Toronto Sun, sent the school board — which had been defending Lemieux’s alleged gender change — into a tizzy. They wanted medical certification and Lemieux has thus far refused. Anonymous sources told The Sun that Lemieux won’t be let back into class without that certification.

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Meaning the school board didn’t ask for any certification earlier. Just accepted Lemieux’s word that he was suddenly now a woman and they were fine with him bouncing around in class with those enormous breasts, exposing students to his depravity, illness or protest. (No one’s sure which.)

The school board’s protection of Lemieux at the expense of children caught the ire of Canadian officials.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce, as well as Halton Region MPPs Natalie Pierre, Stephen Crawford, and Effie Triantafilopoulos all blasted the board for having ‘abdicated its responsibility by failing to put the interests and safety of students first.’

Perhaps now that he’s on paid leave, Lemieux will finally reveal whether this garish display has been the troll of all trolls.


Joe Biden Chuckles Over Mother Who Lost Sons to Fentanyl

One of the harsh ironies of the 2020 Election is that Donald Trump, we are told, lost in part because of his personality. The “Mean Tweets.” Orange Man Bad. You know what I’m talking about. Familiar ol’ Joe Biden, meanwhile, was kindly “Joe from Scranton.”

Oh, what a snow job. Take Wednesday. Did you see the heartbroken mother Rebecca Kiessling who testified about losing her two sons to fentanyl they didn’t know they were taking? Two children this woman lost in 2020 to the drug that Biden is allowing to flow into the country virtually uninterrupted. The drug that is killing Americans by the tens of thousands. Shredding families from coast-to-coast. She tearfully begged, pleaded to Congress that something be done.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene highlighted Kiessling, tweeting, “Listen to this mother, who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning, tell the truth about both of her son’s murders because of the Biden administration’s refusal to secure our border and stop the Cartel’s from murdering Americans everyday by Chinese fentanyl.”

Watch Joe Biden riff about it. And chuckle about it.

“Don’t get me started.” On what?

Yes, Kiessling’s sons died in 2020. But Greene’s bigger point is Biden is doing nothing to try and stop fentanyl from killing hundreds of thousands of more sons and daughters.

And my bigger point: Trump wouldn’t be that nasty if you dropped an anvil on his foot.

Sen. Mike Lee tweeted that Biden must immediately apologize. “No person, let alone the president of the United States, laughs when speaking about a mother who lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning. What, President Biden, do you find amusing about this?

Consider what kind of person would find it amusing.

Consider Biden’s cold chuckle the next time he’s talking about how proud he is of son Hunter tackling his addictions. But your child? Don’t get me started.


The Genius of Our Government

We don’t want to end the week on a bummer. So we offer up a hearty congratulation to the Federal Government for offering this bit of wisdom to citizens. King Solomon couldn’t have come up with this one.

Along The Stream

Jason Jones and John Zmirak teamed up for a crucial new column, “It’s Okay to Admit China Dumped COVID on the World, Now That It’s Siding With Russia Over Ukraine.”

Have an awesome weekend!


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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