The Brew: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

By Al Perrotta Published on September 1, 2023

Happy September! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It’s Labor Day Weekend. And you know what that means. By law, today’s Brew must be laced with pumpkin spice.

Mind if we start with a little laugh?

Was There Something in the Water Cooler at ESPN?

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill is calling GOP candidate Nikki Haley “sick” and a “racist” for not wanting Kamala Harris to be president. Part of Haley’s pitch is that a vote for “Joe Biden is a vote for President Kamala Harris.” Hill claims that if Kamala were a white guy named Tim Harris, Haley wouldn’t be saying that.

So part of the reason racism is such a terrible sickness in this country is because politicians like this know they can rally a certain base with the fear of OH MY GOD A BLACK WOMAN MIGHT BE PRESIDENT IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR ME.

Put aside the fact that in 2020 Democrats quickly and loudly decided they didn’t want Harris to be president. That Harris is currently polling about the same as cholera. Haley wants the Oval Office gig in 2024. So in Hill’s mind, a woman of color who wants to be president is ”racist” for not wanting a different woman of color to be president. Perhaps the better word is “ambitious”? The good news for Haley? If Gavin Newsome jumps into the race if Biden bails, Hill will call him be a racist and a sexist.

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Lucky for Hill, there’s fellow former ESPN host Keith Olbermann to best her for most offensive take of the week. Olbermann … who actually used to be a really good sports commentator before turning leftist bomb-thrower … took an inane and cheap shot at swimmer-turned-women’s activist Riley Gaines.

He responded on X to Gaines weighing in on Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen trying to protect women’s sports.

“Can you just address the reality and move past it? You sucked at swimming. That’s why you lost.”

Gaines was one of the best female swimmers in the nation. She lost to … and actually tied at one point … a 6’4” dude who got off on being in a women’s locker room. Riley blew off Olbermann’s comment, responding, “Ah, makes sense now why you got fired from ESPN.”

By the way, Gov. Pillen signed the executive order establishing a “Women’s Bill of Rights” Thursday.

And Megan Hunt is the legislator who gloated on Twitter when U.S. combat hero Jake Gardner killed himself, hounded to despair by fake murder charges thrown at him when he defended himself and his elderly dad from a BLM looter.

Victory in the Lone Star State: State Supreme Court Upholds Texas Ban on Sex-Change Treatments for Minors

Although AP’s coverage reads as if it was written by Dylan Mulvaney, it can’t bury the reality. The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s new law banning the sex-change mutilation of children can go into effect today. This makes Texas the most populous state to codify in law protection of minors from the euphemistically labeled “gender-affirming care.”

Victory in the Golden State: California School District Settles With Mom Whose Daughter Was Socially Transitioned Without Her Knowledge

The Spreckels Union School District in Monterrey County is forking over $100,000 to a mother whose daughter was socially transitioned by her school without her parents knowing. Reading the details in the Fox News report, the 11-year-old can actually be described as being groomed to question her gender. Alicia Kohen was told perhaps she was troubled because she didn’t know who she “truly was inside.” At which point, she was allowed to use the boys room, referred to by male pronouns and was socially transitioned. With mom Jessica having no idea. When Jessica found out, she sued. Alicia has since decided to re-identify as a girl.

Jessica says she has only begun the fight for parental rights, telling Fox News Digital, “They need to understand their place, and they need to stay in their place. And schools nowadays, they’re awful. So, I’m going to fight this fight and keep fighting this fight.”

And From Our “History is Going to Look at This and Go ‘What on Earth Was Going On?!’” File

We need to fight. We need to fight. We need to fight.

This is so heartbreaking, so awful, you can only just fall to your needs and pray these two souls gets the real help they need.

A dystopian science fiction novel? No. Just your friendly big city hospital.

Donald Trump Enters “Not Guilty” Plea in Fulton County Case. Waives Right to Appear Next Week

Former President Donald Trump has entered a “not guilty” plea in the Fulton County “election interference” case and has voluntarily waved his arraignment that had been scheduled for September 6. In a video released Wednesday, Trump cited the horrific crime rate in Atlanta, labeled D.A. Fani Willis a “disaster” and promised to “Make Georgia Great Again.”

Trump on Thursday also asked the court to sever his case from those defendants seeking a speedy trial.

Meanwhile, this is kind of funny. James O’Keefe has posted video of school board officials in New Jersey calling the cops on citizens who look “Trumpish.” Trumpish is now trending.

What in the world is does it mean to look “Trumpish”?

Along The Stream

The Stream’s Tom Gilson has a powerful, crucial must read “‘Text With Jesus’ AI App is Pure Evil.”

We’ve got a new “Conversations With Christians Engaged” podcast up. Part III of a series on our Founding documents. This episode is called “The Constitution and the Presidency.”

The Stream’s John Zmirak has a timely look at the mysterious and troubling effort to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton … and its implications for America. “Will Texas GOP Vote to Turn the State Forever Blue?”

Have yourself an amazing and restful Labor Day Weekend and we’ll see you on the flip side.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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