The Brew: From ‘I May Be a White Boy, But I’m Not Stupid’ to Mayor Pete Defending His Carbon Footprint

"SAY WHAT?!?!?"

By Al Perrotta Published on March 1, 2023

Wow. It’s already March!

Time sure flies when you’re shooting down hobby balloons and racing toward World War III!


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Loses Bid for Re-Election

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has lost her bid for re-election, the first incumbent mayor to lose in Chicago in 40 years. Lightfoot finished third in the race, earning only an estimated 16.4 percent of the vote. Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas will face Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson in an April run-off.

The ghoulish Lightfoot will leave office having done more damage to Chicago than Mrs. O’Leary’s cow.

Biden: “I May Be a White Boy, but I’m Not Stupid”

Yeah, let’s carve this one in stone on a memorial. Joe Biden was speaking at a Black History Month event Monday when he let loose with another of his cringe-worthy race-tinged comments. “I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid.”

After a line like that, do you want to put it to a vote, Joe?

I mean, does Joe Biden really think white people are stupid? We know he thinks black people can’t think for themselves.

And folks from India must work at 7-11s.

Obviously Biden got ripped for his comment. But put aside the racial smackdown and Biden again playing racial politics. Is there a politician in American history who so shamelessly panders to his audience? When he’s talking with Black folks, he’s insulting whites or channeling Malcolm X: “They want to put y’all back in chains.” With the Puerto Ricans, he declares he practically grew up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood. When he’s in front of a Jewish audience, he acts like he was born in a synagogue and had a fiddler on his roof.

If we get visited by space aliens, he’ll claim to have piloted the ship that came back to pick up E.T.

At least the comment was lucid. We leave you with a new burst of wisdom from Joe Biden, delivered Tuesday in Virginia Beach.

Even C3PO is like, “Sorry, master. I know 6 million languages … and I’m stumped.”

Energy Dept: COVID-19 Most Likely Came From Wuhan Lab Leak. Media: What Does Energy Dept Know About Viruses?

When WSJ broke that a classified Energy Department assessment concluded that the COVID-19 virus most likely came from a leak at the Wuhan Institute, the media raced to downplay the finding. (Admitting the thing came from a lab would mean admitting they were utterly wrong in attacking those who were wondering about that from the beginning.)

CBS late night host Stephen Colbert — who might as well have “I Heart Fauci” tattooed on his arm and Pfizer embedded on his forehead — told the DOE, “stay in your lane.”

Perhaps you’ve been wondering yourself: “What does the Energy Department know about viruses?” It is a fair question. Jim Geharty at National Review offers an answer in a fascinating column called “The Energy Department Lab Investigating Covid Knows What It is Talking About.”

The short answer is because the Energy Department has a special division that, as part of its mission to track and mitigate the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, specializes in the study of biological weapons such as viruses.

So, Colbert. Fact is the Department of Energy is in its lane. And you are out of gas.


Treasury Obstructing Oversight’s Biden Probe. Maybe Oversight Needs to Change Its Name to Zelenskyy

The House Oversight Committee is accusing the Treasury Dept. of obstructing their probe of Biden, Inc.

So far the Treasury has refused to turn over to the committee the trove of “Suspicious Activity Reports” generated by Hunter and other Biden family members’ “unusual foreign or high-dollar transactions.” Oversight asked for the SAR documents over a month ago, but Treasury keeps coming up with excuses. (The same Treasury Department that handed the Democratic Congress Trump’s tax returns like oranges at a kids’ soccer game.)

As a result, Oversight Chair James Comer is dragging Isabella More, the Treasury’s Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oversight, up to the Hill March 3. You can read Comer’s letter to More here.

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Meanwhile, More’s boss, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, jetted over to Ukraine to announce another $1.2 billion to Zelenskyy. (Part of the $10 billion in new aid she boasted about last week.) The same Zelenskyy who was asked by Trump what the Bidens had been doing over there … and kept mum.

I strongly suggest Comer change his name to Zelenskyy. Then he’ll get anything he wants out of the Treasury.

Buttigieg Defends Use of Private Govt Jets for Travel … While Saying Climate Change Will Be “One of the Biggest Things” He’ll Be Remembered For

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg was asked by CNN Tuesday morning about the DOT Inspector General investigating at least 18 flights that Buttigieg has taken on private FAA jets. Buttigieg denied any wrongdoing, claiming most of the flights turned out to be cheaper than if DOT had to buy commercial tickets for his staff. That could be true. And let’s be honest — it’s not the craziest thing in the world for a cabinet secretary to take advantage of government jets.

However, in Buttigieg’s case we’re dealing with a high priest of the climate change cult. In fact, hysterically, in the same interview where Mayor Pete was defending taking carbon-spewing private jets to-and-fro, he boasted that “Dealing with climate change is one of the biggest things people like me … will be remembered for after we’re gone.”

Carbon footprint for me, but not for thee.

It’s like someone sliced off part of Al Gore and made Pete Buttigieg.

The scary thing? While Buttigieg is running around fixated on climate change, racist roads and too many white construction workers, we’re seeing trains derail, air travel in disarray, and a dangerous series of airport near-misses.

On Monday, a Jet Blue aircraft landing at Boston’s Logan Airport had to take “evasive action” to avoid hitting a LearJet 60 that was crossing an intersecting runway without permission.

WBUR reports, “The close call at Logan is the latest near miss involving commercial aircraft in the past few months. There was one at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York in January, a second in Austin, Texas, in February, and a third off the coast of Hawaii in December.

Perhaps Buttigieg is the one Colbert should be advising to “stay in your lane.”

Along The Stream

Tom Gilson drops a great one called, “Why High School Biology Made Me Angry (And Why I Like it So Much Better Now).”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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