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By Al Perrotta Published on May 2, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means? Another conspiracy theory seems to be proven true.

CIA Director Jeffrey Burns Met With Jeffrey Epstein Three Times … Claims It Was to Get Financial Advice

Conspiracy Theorist: “Jeffrey Epstein was a CIA asset used to frame and blackmail powerful figures.”

The Media: “Go back to your mother’s basement, you Q-loving nut case.”

New Headline: “Jeffrey Epstein met three times with man who is now CIA director.”

The Media: “Uhh … How about that King Charles coronation?”

The Wall Street Journal got hold of notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s private schedule. And look what it found. Epstein met with William Burns, the current director of the CIA, three times back in 2014 when Burns was Deputy Secretary of State. This would be after the notorious Epstein had been convicted the first time of sexual trafficking.

In a statement, the CIA claims Burns met Epstein through a mutual friend but had no idea who Epstein was. “The director did not know anything about him, other than that he was introduced as an expert in the financial services sector and offered general advice on transition to the private sector,” spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp said. “They had no relationship.”

That’s a doozy… even for the CIA.

Three times? No relationship? In Hollywood that would be considered a lasting commitment. Seriously, a “friend” introduces you to a man convicted of running an international sex trafficking ring, and doesn’t mention that fact to the Deputy Secretary of State? Some friend. Even harder to believe that this international sex trafficker and friend of foreign leaders was sentenced while Burns was Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs and Burns never got wind of him — even though Epstein’s international connections could cause diplomatic complications?

Just wondering: If your administration wanted to dirty up some foreign political figure, wouldn’t your Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs be in on it?


When the Frontman for KISS Makes More Sense Than the President on Sex-Changes for Kids …

It’s 1975. You’re watching footage of the rock band KISS. A giant guy made up like a demon is spitting fire and blood. The androgynous singer dolled up with long, curly black hair, bright red lipstick and a star on his eye is prancing amid the flames. The person next to you says, “In about 50 year’s time, that singer is holding to more traditional values on gender issues than the President of the United States.”

“You’re nuts,” you’d say, before adding, “What’s a gender issue?”

But here we are in 2023, and while Joe Biden and his party have gone all in on sex-change surgeries for children, KISS co-founder Paul Stanley is saying “Are you nuts?” Shouting it out loud, in fact. In a Twitter statement viewed over 17 million times, Stanley called encouraging gender reassignment treatments on kids a “sad and dangerous fad.”

There is a BIG difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children into questioning their sexual identification as though some sort of game and then parents in some cases allow it.

There ARE individuals who as adults may decide reassignment is their needed choice but turning this into a game or parents normalizing it as some sort of natural alternative or believing that because a little boy likes to play dress up in his sister’s clothes or a girl in her brother’s, we should lead them steps further down a path that’s far from the innocence of what they are doing.

Stanley found an ally in Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, another rocker who sported make-up and long locks back in the day.

“You know what? There was a time where I ‘felt pretty’ too. Good thing my parents didn’t jump to any conclusions!”

Our Jay Richards nails it.

This abuse of children? As Snider might sing, “We’re not gonna take it anymore … ”

Bud Light Sales Down 26% From a Year Ago … an Historic Drop in Market Share

Bud can’t stop the bleeding. Bud Light’s fortunes took an even steeper dive in the third week after teaming with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney.

According to Beer Business Daily, Bud Light’s sales were down 26% from the previous year for the week ending April 22. We’re talking an historic collapse.

“The shocking deterioration of Bud Light Blue’s market share continued apace through the third week of April — and actually somehow worsened,” Beer Business Daily wrote, “We’ve never seen such a dramatic shift in national share in such a short period of time.”

You can’t blame Dylan Mulvaney, really. Bud Light offers a partnership, he accepted. But boy, did the beer company goof.


The Man Who Slaughtered Five in Texas is Illegal Immigrant Deported Multiple Times

Francisco Oropesa, on the run after executing five people in Cleveland, Texas, including an 8-year-old, is an illegal immigrant deported “multiple” times, Fox News reports.

Oropesa allegedly gunned down his neighbors after one asked him to stop firing his gun so close to the house because a child was sleeping.

When asked about Oropesa on NBC’s Meet the Press, Open Border Czar Alejandro Mayorkas wouldn’t comment on Oropesa’s immigration status. But he would give a new definition of “secure border.”

As of 7 p.m. Eastern, Oropesa remains at large. And Mayorkas remains in his job.

Former President Trump Will Be Doing a CNN Town Hall Monday May 10

Fasten your seat belts. Donald Trump is going on CNN. The former president has agreed to do a town hall with his favorite foil on Monday, May 10. According to CNN, the town hall will feature Trump being asked questions by an audience of Republicans and undecideds. (Wanna bet some of those Republicans are Liz Cheney-Adam Kinzinger Republicans?)

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Why do CNN after spending so much time dismissing CNN? A member of the Trump team spoke to the Daily Caller’s Henry Rogers on background. “Going outside the traditional Republican ‘comfort zone’ was a key to President Trump’s success in 2016. Some other candidates are too afraid to take this step in their quest to defeat Joe Biden, and are afraid to do anything other than Fox News. CNN executives made a compelling pitch.”

Then there’s Biden, afraid to take questions from anyone other than Dylan Mulvaney and kids under the age of nine.

Incidentally, the “compelling pitch” was “PLEASE, OH PLEASE!” Seriously … now that Fox News’s hierarchy wants no part of Trump, why not help CNN rise from the ashes?


Stephen Hawking Warned That Artificial Intelligence Could Mean the End of Humanity

Legendary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking warned before his death of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Hawking told the BBC in 2014, “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate.”

Living tech geniuses like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk are also urgently raising the red flag.

Meanwhile, the world is still toying with the possibility of nuclear war over Ukraine.

Between artificial intelligence and lack of intelligence, it would seem — but for Jesus — we’re doomed.

Finally … Military is Tracking Mysterious Balloon After Passage Over Hawaii

Another mysterious balloon has been spotted and is being tracked by the U.S. military. It passed over Hawaii and is making its way toward Mexico. The military insists it poses no danger to aviation traffic or national security, but at this point they don’t know who it belongs to or what its up to.

Another Chinese spy balloon? Another hobby balloon? Well, it can’t be a harmless hobby balloon or else the Pentagon would have ordered it shot down by now.

Along The Stream

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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