The Brew: Durham Conclusion? Trump Collusion an FBI Delusion

By Al Perrotta Published on May 16, 2023

A happy … if hectic … Tuesday for you.

Today’s Brew is served with a dose of Russia, Russia, Russia.

John Durham Report Released. FBI Never Had Evidence of Collusion, Never Found Evidence of Collusion, Ignored Evidence of Collusion, But Kept Pushing a Counter-Terrorism Investigation of Collusion

The “Trump-Russia Collusion” was a scam born from the twisted mind of Hillary Clinton and her campaign to detract from her email investigation. The FBI, without questioning the source or validity of the Hillary-backed claims, launched a counter-terrorism effort against then-candidate Donald Trump called Crossfire Hurricane. The FBI never had evidence and they never found the evidence, and yet still trashed FBI regulations and rules and procedures along the way in its senior officials’ single-minded, myopic, partisan pursuit of Donald Trump.

That’s the gist of the long-awaited Durham Report released Monday.

We have the full story at “The Durham Report: 306 Pages, One Conclusion: FBI Ran a Con on America.”

You can read the full report here.

No doubt more nuggets will emerge as the 306 pages are digested.

A Couple Quick Nuggets

Durham picked up how quickly the FBI used the (bogus) Steele Reports to justify spying on Trump and his campaign via FISA. “Within days of the receipt, the unvetted and unverified Steele Reports were used to support probable cause in the FBI’s FISA applications.” It wasn’t a dossier. It was a golden ticket to spy on the Trump campaign.

Perhaps my article seems harsh on Obama and Biden. But let’s add this little tidbit from the Durham Report. President Obama and Vice President Biden were briefed in August of 2016 by John Brennan about Hillary Clinton’s plan to concoct a scandal tying Trump to Russia … and Russia to the hack of the DNC.

They knew. They did not speak up then. They did not speak up when the Dossier story broke. They did not tell Donald Trump that Hillary was behind it. Think of the consequences. Commander-in-Chief Obama did not tell incoming Commander-in-Chief Trump that the scandal involving one of our most dangerous rivals was a Clinton invention. How much did that deliberate, political, subversive act harm U.S.-relations with Russia? How much did this push Russia toward China? How much better a position would Trump have been in to work out a peace between Russia and Ukraine before hundreds of thousands were killed?

Yeah. What Obama and Biden did in 2016-2017 matters. It matters big.

And speaking of Hillary Clinton, Techno Fog breaks down how Durham discovered to what extent the FBI — particularly Andrew McCabe — went to block two Clinton investigations. Pretty disgusting stuff.

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Jonathan Turley noted the media’s immediate effort to push away the Durham Report, just as they pushed away last week’s bombshells about the Biden Family corruption. In fact, yesterday, some outlets were putting more focus on 81-year-old Martha Stewart making Sports Illustrated’s “Swimsuit Edition.”

No knock on Martha, but c’mon.

Snake News Alert: Beware Those Using the Phrase “Fake Electors”

One of the maddening skills of the Left is to co-opt language, creating false narratives before us normal folks know what hit us. Here is one now circulating in the news that is sure to be heard a lot as the Soros-funded D.A. in Fulton Country gets set to charge Trump over his efforts to examine the 2020 election in Georgia. The phrase is “fake electors.” This refers to the slate of Trump electors to the Electoral College named as his legal challenges in Georgia (and elsewhere) continued. Democrats and the media talk about these “fake electors,” connecting them to Trump’s “insurrectionist” effort to “overthrow” the results of the 2020 election.

One huge problem, as Margot Cleveland of The Federalist so brilliantly explains: Trump’s team was following to the letter the precise and proper legal strategy employed by Democrats in Hawaii during the 1960 election. The Hawaii vote was contested, with Republican Richard Nixon first being declared the winner. Both Nixon and John Kennedy offered up slates of electors as the vote was contested. No one called Kennedy’s slate “fake electors.” The court decided that Kennedy had won Hawaii after all … and his slate went forward.

The only difference, says Cleveland, between Kennedy’s legal challenge in Hawaii in 1960 and Trump’s challenge in Georgia 2020?

The Hawaii state court promptly resolved the merits of Kennedy’s legal challenge, while in violation of the Georgia Election Code that requires lawsuits contesting elections to be heard within 20 days, the Fulton County court delayed assigning a judge to hear Trump’s election dispute and then delayed the first scheduled hearing until Jan. 8, 2021 — two days after Congress certified Biden the winner of the 2020 election.

So when you hear the phrase “fake electors” in regards to Trump, know you’re being played. The only thing fake is dirty Fulton County’s efforts to prosecute Trump for wanting only legal ballots to be counted.


Joe Biden Given Honorary Degree by Howard University for “Analytical Intellect”

Are the folks at Howard University trying to make life harder for the writers of Babylon Bee? On Saturday, Howard gave Biden an honorary doctorate degree. School president Dr. Wayne Frederick saluted Biden for his “analytical intellect” and “illustrious reputation.”

Now, we get that when someone come to deliver a commencement, you want to butter them up, say nice things, hand them an honorary degree. And we don’t want to join the bandwagon of those mocking Howard for talking about Biden’s intellect when his brain is shot.

However, Biden has never been known for his intellect. And his reputation has hardly been illustrious, at least since 1988 when he had to quit the presidential campaign after being caught blatantly plagiarizing a speech.

And yeah, it’s a little strange for an historically black college to honor Biden’s Senate career when his most notable accomplishments were a Crime Bill that imprisoned countless African-American men and his infamous effort to destroy the name and reputation of an African-American nominee to the Supreme Court.

But again, when a president accepts your invite, I guess a little swallowing of the truth comes as no surprise.

On a more serious note, Biden used his Howard speech to declare, again, that “white supremacy” is the greatest terrorist threat our nation faces. Our Tom Gilson vivisects Biden’s gambit in his thought-provoking “Joe Biden’s Naked Pursuit of Race War in America.”


You Want to Talk Greatest Terrorism Threat?

Meanwhile, James Rosen noted on Twitter that a DHS report out last month contradicts Biden.

The report says the greatest “domestic terrorist threat facing the homeland stems from lone offenders and small groups of individuals. They are motivated by a broad range of racial, ethnic, political, religious anti-government, societal or personal ideological beliefs and grievances.”

Meanwhile, an Afghan national on the FBI’s terror watch list was found crossing the border last week. This in addition to the five on the watch list found in the Tucson sector Friday.

Along The Stream

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