The Brew: Daring Hostage Rescues, Dastardly Double Standards and the New Miss Maryland’s a Trans

By Al Perrotta Published on June 10, 2024

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Rescue in Gaza, Terrorists at the White House

Praise God. Israel rescued four hostages Saturday who have been held by Hamas since the October 7 massacre. Noa Argamani, the young woman seen being dragged toward Gaza on the back of a motorcycle while begging for her life that awful day, is among them. Saturday, she was reunited with her family — freed in time to see her mom, who is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

The mainstream media is talking a lot about the Palestinian civilians killed in the operation. They’re not as loud in pointing out that Hamas put civilians in charge of keeping these hostages. One of those killed, Abdallah Aljamal, was a “journalist” who wrote for the U.S.-based Palestine Chronicle. On Sunday, the IDF confirmed Aljamal was holding the three male hostages who were rescued.

Another example of how far gone our media is: Those four hostages are free because the IDF rescued them in a wild, high-risk daytime operation in which shots were fired and IDF Commander Arnon Zamora was killed. But according to CNN, they were “released.”

Also Saturday, Hamas supporters gathered at the White House, calling for jihad and desecrating monuments. They set off smoke bombs, and one of them even carried around a bloodied mask of Joe Biden. Park Police needed to use mace to hold back the pro-genocidal horde. 

The Washington Examiner said that as of the publication of its story on the protests, the Secret Service and D.C. Metro police confirmed no one had been arrested. A Park Police officer stood stolidly in place as he was pelted and cursed as a fascist. (WARNING: Vulgar language.)

Sen. Tom Cotton noted the double standard.

And where was D.C.’s police chief while the anti-Israel mob was desecrating monuments and throwing bottles at cops? Chief Pamela Smith was taking part in the Capital Pride parade, which featured near-naked participants twerking in front of little kids. 

Meanwhile, You Will Get Busted for Riding Your Scooter Over a Rainbow-Painted Crosswalk

Let’s talk about an even more ridiculous double standard. Thank you, End Wokeness for making it so plain to see. Three teenagers in Spokane were arrested for hate crimes after their scooters left marks on the “Pride Mural” painted on a crosswalk.

Though we shouldn’t be amused, who can blame us? While a local TV station was reporting on the arrests of these heinous teen hooligans, some more kids came barreling through.

New Miss Maryland is a Male

On our way home from a wedding near Annapolis Saturday night, my wife was commenting about the staggering number of beautiful young women among the guests. Indeed, the women we spoke to were not just stunning, but smart and charming and apparently accomplished. Any one of them could be a beauty queen.

Except, apparently in their home state of Maryland. Seems they could never get the tiara here because they lack one thing: They weren’t born with male genitalia.

Yup. Last week, a new Miss Maryland USA was crowned: Bailey Ann Kennedy, a transsexual. The 31-year-old Kennedy becomes the state’s first transgender Miss Maryland USA.


Comments were filtered. I wonder why?  

Probably a Hoax, But Telling Nonetheless

Friday afternoon, Judge Juan Merchan sent former President Donald Trump’s defense team notice that a post had been found on a New York court’s Facebook page during deliberations that suggested a juror in the hush-money case had spilled the beans that Trump would be found guilty the next day. 

According to Merchan, a figure named “Michael Anderson” wrote, “My cousin is a juror and says Tump is getting convicted. Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!!”

This “Michael Anderson” would later claim it was all the work of a troll. Even though the post requires investigation, it very likely was a stupid prank. However, it’s fascinating and telling that Merchan misquoted it.

The actual post pinned the credit for the guilty verdict on him.

“Thank you for all your hard (work) against the MAGA crazies! My cousin is a juror on Trumps criminal case and they’re going to convict him tomorrow according to her. Thank you New York courts!!!”

The post was made the day before the verdict. Did Merchan really only find out about it a week later?

If it had been brought to the defense’s attention while the jury was deliberating, deliberations would have halted until the matter was investigated. That would have added to the stink of the whole thing. And who knows what jurors would have confessed if someone asked them directly if they had spoken about the case during their eight days off?

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Meanwhile, NBC News reported Sunday that Trump will hold a virtual interview today from Mar-a-Lago with his parole officer. No doubt he will describe it afterward as a “perfect call.” 

Along The Stream

Speaking of that Trump verdict, The Stream posted over the weekend very special one I wrote called “The Rise and Fall (?) of the Republic,” which tells the tale of a chance encounter with a rather interesting figure.  

Stream contributor Timothy Furnish offers “Ashli: The Untold Story of the Women of January 6: An Infuriating but Important Book.” 


Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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