The Brew: Canada’s ‘Transitioning’ Shop Teacher Busted as Trump Trip to East Palestine Gets Biden Team Off Their Tushes

Plus shocking new footage from J6 shows even more armed undercover law enforcement infiltrating the event.

By Al Perrotta Published on February 20, 2023

It’s President’s Day.

While we normally cheer the holiday, this year’s President’s Day comes with bittersweet news.

On Saturday, the nation learned former President Jimmy Carter is receiving hospice care and is spending his final days at home. My first thought upon hearing the news was “Jimmy Carter doesn’t own a seaside mansion.” It led to writing a tribute of the same name, which The Stream posted this morning.

Was he the best president we’ve had? Not by a long shot. Did he spend a great portion of the past century working hard to help others, and do so in honorable fashion, forsaking the personal riches that his successors have been pocketing in spades? Yes.

Our prayers go out to President Carter and his family.

Former President Trump Heading to East Palestine Wednesday

You’d think a president who insists toxic smoke and chemicals killed his beloved son would get off his shiny hiney when a train derailment turns an American town toxic. But no. Joe Biden is AWOL when it comes to East Palestine.

However, former President Trump announced Friday he’s going to East Palestine this Wednesday. No sooner did Trump make his announcement when suddenly FEMA declared (after two weeks) they’d be getting help to residents. This after the administration insisted the town didn’t qualify for FEMA relief. “We got them to move,” Trump says.

The yawning response from Biden, and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has Sen. Mario Rubio uncharacteristically hot. On Friday, he called for Buttigieg’s resignation.

The CEO of Norfolk Southern did return to East Palestine Saturday. Alan Shaw met with local leaders and residents. “This has been devastating to this community,” said Shaw. “I want to make sure you understand, I am terribly sorry that this happened to the community. Norfolk Southern is fully committed to doing what’s right for this community.”

He also defended the controlled release and detonation that sent a “terrifying” plume of smoke in to the air, poisoning God knows what, saying the release prevented a “much riskier event.”

Norfolk Southern is offering residents of the 44413 zip code and Beaver County evacuation zone $1000. A paltry sum. Hold out for Ukraine money, people.

Bipartisan Group Urging Biden to Send F-16s to Ukraine

Why? Are they having problems with hobby balloons too?


Administration Halts Search for Two Shot Down Objects

Speaking of which, the U.S. military has quietly halted its search for the objects shot down off Alaska and over Lake Huron last weekend. Northern Command said late Friday that the U.S. and Canada “conducted systematic searches of each area using a variety of capabilities, including airborne imagery and sensors, surface sensors and inspections, and subsurface scans, and did not locate debris.”

So what were they? The Chinese Spy Balloon was conducting intense surveillance on sensitive sites all across the country at its leisure. But these objects get blown out of the sky and we’re not even bothering to get them to see exactly what they are?

Perhaps that’s the point. Better to quietly stop looking, hope the story goes away, rather than find out that the top military in the world shot down more hobby balloons or harmless research balloons.

Then again, perhaps Biden is playing 4D chess with China. He’s hoping America’s response to this whole balloon business will literally make Xi, Chairman Kim and Putin die laughing.

Two J6 Related Stories Worth Keeping an Eye On

If this report is true, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is in for a rough time of it. And deservedly so. Journalist Laura Loomer is reporting rumors that Kevin McCarthy is backtracking on his promise to release all the J6 security footage. Worries about “national security” being the excuse given. Those 14,000 hours of footage that can show the American people what really happened. Not just the crafted narrative. Yo, Speaker. Burying the truth is a danger to national security!

Still, as I said, at this point it’s just a rumor.

We continue seeing more reasons why the powers that be don’t want all the raw footage out. Too much suspicious activity by undercover agents and law enforcement.

Newly released court documents indicate three undercover Metropolitan Police Department officers joined the march up onto the Capitol. One even climbed over a barricade and pushed protesters forward. And tell me this isn’t creepy. Another who walked behind Ashli Babbitt predicted “someone will get shot.”

Then there’s this:

The Gateway Pundit last week published what it says are “15 Facts on the Dozens of Federal Operatives Who Infiltrated the Trump Crowds on January 6.”

Funny. Don’t remember Liz Cheney mentioning any of these during her J6 inquisition. Funny. Does anyone even remember Liz Cheney?

Busted! Could the Transgender Canadian Shop Teacher Be a Prank After All?

Know that Canadian high school shop teacher who’s claiming to be transitioning and shows up at school in huge prosthetic breasts? When the story first broke, anonymous bloggers claimed the teacher currently going by the name Kayla Lemieux, was pulling one over on the school. Getting revenge after being disciplined by woke administrators for “toxic masculinity.” A political protest.

Well, months later it turns out that blogger may be right.

Please let it be right!

The New York Post reports Lemieux ditches the Double Z breast prosthetics when outside the classroom. They’ve even got photos of Lemieux looking all the world like a dude heading to the local bar and grille to catch some hockey. Neighbors say Lemieux is rarely out with the grotesque feminine garb.

UPDATE: We now have an update! Lemieux denied to the New York Post that the photos are of him, though admits he can’t prove it. Lemieux astonishingly denied wearing falsies. “I am not wearing prosthetic breasts,” he said, “These are real.” Lemieux declared “I’m not a transgender person,” but rather “intersex” and is suffering from a rare condition. “My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be referred to as macromastia or breast hypertrophy.”

Gigantomastia is an extremely rare condition that causes excessive growth of female breasts. According to Health Line, only a couple hundred cases have been recorded in the medical literature. “The condition can occur randomly, but it has also been seen to occur during puberty, pregnancy, or after taking certain medications. It doesn’t occur in men.” Although cases have been recorded of a woman increasing three cup sizes in a matter of days, usually the excessive growth is gradual. So no, a male gym teacher doesn’t suddenly show up in school sporting breasts the size of blimps naturally.


Saluting the Little Guy: 6’2” Mac McClung Wins NBA Slam Dunk Contest

We like to salute the little guy. And though rarely does anyone describe 6’2” as “little,” we are safe to say it in this case. On Saturday, a player named Mac McClung won the annual NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Underdog? McClung is not only a mere 6’2”, he’d only been in the NBA two-days. McClung was playing in the G League when he was signed last week by the Philadelphia 76ers.

But, boy, did McClung put on an amazing, gravity-defying, aerial display that earned comparisons to Cirque du Soleil. He flew so high it’s amazing he wasn’t shot down by Joe Biden.

Don’t just watch and marvel at the dunks … especially in slow motion. Watch the reaction of the NBA stars gathered courtside.

In this first one, McClure doesn’t only leap over two friends, he taps the backboard with the ball, before slamming down a reverse two-handed dunk.

In this one, he double pumps while soaring with his head basket high.

For his finale, McClung … well … just watch.

Yes, that was a 540 spin in mid-air.

Watch all three again in slow-mo…

Along The Stream

In case you missed it, John Zmirak offered “AOC Warns Us: Ads Like ‘He Gets Us’ Won’t Stop Her From Coming to Get Us.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. He can’t dunk.

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