The Brew: Blown Up Pipelines, Blowhard Twitter Execs and More on the First Smoocher

"Pucker up, I'm comin' over..." (Well, that MIGHT be what she's saying.)

By Al Perrotta Published on February 9, 2023

Happy Thursday!

Today’s blend finds the very serious interwoven with hints of silly.

As in, Biden commits an act of war against Russia … but how about that kiss?

But Were There Tongues?

There was almost as much talk Wednesday about Jill Biden’s smooch with Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff as there was about her husband’s State of the Union speech. I mean, it has even gone global with the Times of India calling it the “Smooch of the Union” and The Telegraph posting for her benefit “The New Rules of Kissing.”

What did you think? Much ado about nothing or EWWWWWW!?

It’s funny. I don’t think anyone would have batted an eye if Melania gave someone a kiss like that. “Oh, it’s a European thing.” Nor if Michele Obama had. Like her or not, she carries herself in a manner that suggests a friendly peck is just that. Barbara Bush? Like being kissed by your grandmother. But for some reason, with Dr. Jill you wince. Unfairly or not, is it because she sometimes gives off the vibe of a reality show character?

In any event, leave it to Chad Prather to have the best take.



Jill might have kissed Emhoff, but MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell gave Joe a practical tongue bath after the speech. Biden all but ignored China and the dirigible shaped elephant in the room. (Except for bizarrely yelling that no world leader would trade places with Xi Jinping. But to Mitchell, that was courage.

“What Joe Biden did … by NOT taking on China more aggressively, was politically courageous.” Andrea Mitchell.

Speaking of the Chinese spy balloon, China wants it back.

Fine. We want back the lives of the hundreds of thousands killed by COVID and your fentanyl.

Report: Here’s How the US Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipelines … Committing an Act of War Against Russia

A new bombshell report from legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh lays out in painstaking … often fascinating … detail how the Biden Administration allegedly blew up the Nord Stream pipelines last September 26. No biggie. Just an act of war against a nuclear power. The White House says Hersh’s report is “false and complete fiction.”

Sen. Mike Lee was blunt, “If false, slander. If true, war.”

Hersh details how Joe Biden decided he wanted the pipeline gone, as Russia ramped up for its invasion of Ukraine. The task fell to a team of Navy deep-water divers. The administration then enlisted the assistance of the Norwegians. Norway went along in part because with the pipelines out of the way, it could sell more of its own natural gas to Europe.

The covert operation was nearly undermined when Biden went public, asserting that “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.” State Department official Victoria Nuland said something similar.

Says Hersh, “Several of those involved in planning the pipeline mission were dismayed by what they viewed as indirect references to the attack.” Furthermore: “It was like putting an atomic bomb on the ground in Tokyo and telling the Japanese that we are going to detonate it,” a source told Hersh. “The plan was for the options to be executed post invasion and not advertised publicly. Biden simply didn’t get it or ignored it.”

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The planting of the C4 was done under the cover of an annual exercise in the Baltic Sea with the detonation planned to come 48 hours after the exercise. But there came a last minute hitch. Biden didn’t want the explosions so close to the exercise because that would make it more obvious it was our handiwork. Can the Norwegians come up with a way the bombs could be detonated at a later time? They did, and three months later, at Joe Biden’s command, three of the four pipelines of Nord Stream 1 and 2 were destroyed.

Then the White House and their media allies tried blaming Russia … for blowing up its own moneymaker. It’s really a fascinating read.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist called the allegation “impeachable.” “If this act of war came from the U.S. and took place without notification to Congress,” she tweeted, “that is a very serious and obviously impeachable offense.”

House Oversight Hearing on Twitter’s Censorship of Hunter Biden Story

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee grilled former Twitter executives about their role in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop in order to impact the 2020 Election. Former Twitter honcho Yoel Roth admitted that burying the story was wrong. But he also offered a First Amendment take straight out of Orwell. “Unrestricted free speech paradoxically results in less speech, not more.”

AOC sounded perfectly happy with censorship. For some strange reason she wondered yesterday why Libs of Tik Tok is still on Twitter. Blatantly lying, in fact, about a video Libs of Tik Tok posted from Boston General boasting about transgender surgeries for minors. She then whined about having to talk about the censorship of Hunter’s laptop in the first place.

“We could be talking about the cost of prescription drugs, abortion rights, civil rights, voting rights, but instead we’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half fake laptop story.”

Oh, our favorite fascist bartender, they were talking about voting rights. The right of Americans to have a free and fair election. Not one where the FBI conspired with the nation’s biggest purveyors of information to deliberately lie about and suppress a story to impact the outcome of the 2020 Election.

And really, AOC. “Half fake”? Which half? The corruption? Or the perversion?

Meanwhile, hats off to Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, who managed to grill the Twitter execs and filet AOC at the same time.

Iran Threatens to Turn ‘Turn New York Into Hellish Ruins’

Warning against any attack by the U.S. or Israel against its nuclear facilities, Iran has threatened to “Turn New York into hellish ruins.”

How could anybody tell?

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