The Brew: Biden Banishing ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ From HHS Regs?

Meanwhile, as UAW strike earns visits from the past and present president, the Writers Guild of America reaches tentative deal with studios to end their strike.

By Al Perrotta Published on September 26, 2023

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Brew comes with a union label. But first …

Admin Moving to Eliminate “Mother,” “Father,” “Paternity” and “His” and “Her” From Child Care Related Laws?

Funny. I don’t recall “eliminating mothers and fathers” as part of the 2020 platform. But alas, the assault on society’s very foundation continues. HHS is hoping to trash “mother” and “father” and “paternity” and “his” and “her” from child care-related federal laws, according to a thus-far unpublished regulatory proposal obtained by CatholicVote. (A notice at the top says it’s scheduled to be published today. Will the administration go through with it now that it’s been noticed?)

Ol’ “mother” and “father” get axed for “parent,” while “paternity” gets shelved for “parentage.”

Catholic Vote’s Director of Public Affairs Tom McClusky calls the move an “overhaul of the American family.”

This isn’t just some bureaucratic bit of mumbo jumbo. This is part of the administration’s systematic assault on biology. Just last month, the radical and transgender Assistant HHS Secretary Rachel Levine called an Alaska gender clinic that refers to mothers as “egg producers” “inspiring.” Levine also admits — or brags — that the administration is all in on gender change treatments for children. Translation: mutilating and castrating children.

11,000 Cross the Border Illegally in 24 Hours. Venezuelans Plant Flag on Texas Island

The pace of illegal immigrants invading the border continues to increase. Fox News reported Monday morning that 11,000 were encountered in a 24-hour period. What a CBP sourced called “the single highest day in recent memory.”

“Al, you can’t call it ‘invading.’ It’s not like anyone’s planting a foreign flag on our soil.”

“Oh, wait. Never mind.”

What? Now Hydroxychloroquine is Okay for Use Against COVID-19?

The Hippocratic Oath may now be accompanied by a swear word. Remember how during the pandemic anyone — including the nation’s Chief Executive — who touted the possible benefits of the inexpensive remedy hydroxychloroquine was roasted and toasted and banned? Well, lookee here. The Mayo Clinic has quietly changed its tune, noting on its website “Hydroxychloroquine may be used to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) in certain hospitalized patients.”

As Gateway Pundit posted, the famed clinic used to say:

One Strike Tentatively Settled, Another Strike Gets Two Presidents in Two Days

So what’s the over/under on how many times Joe will talk about his Corvette?

Joe Biden is planning to be in Michigan today to “join the picket line and stand in solidarity” with striking United Auto Workers. A strike that has expanded to GM and Chrysler distribution centers across the country. Biden is needing to shore up his union bonafides as the UAW blames his policies for impacting workers. The union believes Biden’s push to EV will cost union jobs as fewer American workers would be required. They have yet to endorse the presumed Democratic nominee.

The White House announced the Biden trip after rival Donald Trump declared he’d be appearing Wednesday at a rally with 500 or so workers at auto supplier Drake Enterprises in support of the UAW rather than attending the GOP debate.

According to Reuters, Biden’s appearance could be historic. A president has never joined a picket line during a strike. The closest they can find to it is President Teddy Roosevelt inviting striking coal miners to the White House back in 1902.

President Ronald Reagan, of course, had been president of the Screen Actors Guild back in his Hollywood days. (CUE SEGUE MUSIC)

SAG-AFTRA is currently on strike against Hollywood studios. However, it looks like the writer’s strike may soon come to an end after almost 150 days. The Writer’s Guild and studios have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. The details have not yet been released, though the WGA is describing the agreement as “exceptional.”

Unlike the writing on most Hollywood shows.

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If the deal is ratified, your favorite dramas and comedies won’t resume production because the actors are still out. However, late night shows (and daytime talk shows) could soon be back in action.

But really, has anyone missed them?

Tickets to Ford’s Theater From Night Lincoln Was Shot Fetch $262,500 at Auction

Tickets to Ford’s Theater from the night President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated have fetched an amazing $262,500 at auction. Which is slightly less than what you’d pay for Broadway tickets after you factor in parking, tolls and dinner. Or perhaps it just seems that way.

The pair of front row balcony seats are printed “Ford’s Theatre, APR 14, 1865, This Night Only.” Penciled in were “Section D” and seat numbers “41” and “42.”

Lincoln was shot by famed actor John Wilkes Booth during the third act of the British farce Our American Cousin. In fact, seeing Booth jump to the stage from the presidential box, audience goers at first thought the commotion was part of the play. Until they heard Mary Lincoln’s anguished wail.

Booth had timed his entrance to the box and his shot for right after the play’s biggest laugh line: Don’t know the manners of good society, eh? Well, I guess I know enough to turn you inside out, old gal — you sockdologizing old man-trap.”

Hollywood writer’s strike over or not, they don’t write ‘em like that anymore.

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