The Brew: Are You Ready for a Super Weekend? How About a Stunning FBI Whistleblower Revelation?

By Al Perrotta Published on February 10, 2023

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

So who you picking? Kansas City BBQ or Philly Cheese Steak?

Super Bowl LVII

Are you ready for the big battle? By that, I mean, the battle of the Super Bowl Ads, not the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

Advertisers are shelling out $7 million for :30 spots. While the luster of the annual Super Bowl ad contest has been greatly lost — first because many of the spots are now getting released before the game and second because of wokeness creeping in whenever it can — it still is one of the favorite parts of Super Bowl coverage.

One ad is guaranteed to make liberal heads explode. Fox News is dropping a :15 spot to plug their late night Gutfeld! show. Greg Gutfeld is destroying his comedy competition — specifically the woke likes of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. And the ad touts him as the “New King of Late Night.”

Hollywood Reporter notes that the commercial will expose the show’s elfin host to 100 million people who otherwise might want nothing to do with Fox News.

Some 193.2 million people are expected to tune in, according to The Hill. And 103 million are expected to watch at Super Bowl parties. The National Retail Federation estimates roughly $16 billion will be spent on food, drinks and decorations for the game … or $85.36 per viewer.

As for the game itself, the Super Bowl pits the two top teams from the regular season, and as the coverage will repeatedly bring up, it is the first Super Bowl match-up featuring two Black quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Neither star quarterback is 100% physically, so in a match-up of two great teams, the deciding factor may well be which QB’s body holds up better. The Chiefs say Mahomes’s ankle is “doing really well.” As for Hurt’s shoulder injury, the quarterback said last week, “I’m getting there,” but “it’s something I’m dealing with.”

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The other big question mark? Who will Donna Kelce really be rooting for? On Sunday she will become the first mother to have two sons competing in the Super Bowl on opposite teams. Jason is a center for the Eagles, while Travis is a tight end for the Chiefs. Donna told TODAY she’s had a special jacket made for the game.

“It’s a jean jacket,” Kelce says. “It’s red on one side, black on the other. It has Eagles on one sleeve and Chiefs down the other sleeve.”


House Oversight Makes First Official Request for Documents From Hunter and Jim Biden

The House Oversight Committee has made its first formal request for information from Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother James. In a letter, Chairman James Comer said the committee is seeking documents and communications related to foreign business pursuits “with individuals who were connected to the Chinese Communist Party.”

You’ve got to love this bit of spin from the Associated Press. Worth teaching your kids to look for this subtle manipulation by the supposedly neutral news organization.

The letters are the most recent action by Republicans in pursuit of the Biden family for what they have alleged is ‘influence peddling,’ but have so far failed to produce evidence supporting those claims. [emphasis mine]

Point one: The investigation just started. The reason for the investigation is to find evidence to support or refute the claims. That’s the whole point of the request, Sherlock!

Point two: Evidence supporting the corruption has been produced. Not just by the emails and texts on Hunter’s laptop. Not just by business partners like Tony Bobulinski confirming Joe Biden’s connection to business dealings with the CCP. How about a 50 year history of mainstream media reports discussing how the Biden family profits from the Big Guy’s government positions?

Using the phrase “so far failed to produce evidence supporting those claims” is a way for the Democrat media propagandists to try to dismiss the allegations.

Then what happens is you produce the evidence. And they ignore it. (See Tony Bobulinksi.) Then you produce troves of evidence. Then they tell you it’s old news. Or admit it deep, deep in an article as if they’ve known the whole time. Or they jump up and shout, “Look! Donald Trump!”

Is Project Veritas Booting Founder James O’Keefe?

Just weeks after exposing Pfizer to the world, James O’Keefe may be shown the door tomorrow at Project Veritas. “What?,” you might be thinking. “O’Keefe is Project Veritas.”

I guess if they can kick Aunt Jemima off her own syrup bottle, anything is possible.

On Wednesday night, Project Veritas said O’Keefe has been placed on paid leave for “well-deserved PTO.” However, New York magazine reported his fate is being decided at a meeting tomorrow of the Project Veritas Board of Directors.

We did a full story on it called, “Whoa! Is James O’Keefe Being Forced Out of His Project Veritas?”


In Case You Missed It, the 2028 Election is Underway

The 2028 election got underway this week. That’s not a typo. I do mean the 2028 election. How do we know this?

On Tuesday night, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the Republican response to the SOTU. She was powerful and effective. A combination of her old boss’s spit and her old man’s charm.

And somebody got really, really nervous. I’m talking about California’s ambitious Gov. Gavin Newsome. Newsome is desperate to be president. He’s so eager to be in the White House that he’d disguise himself as the Resolute Desk. The Secret Service double checks Joe’s food whenever Newsome’s around.

While there’s talk he’s itching to jump in against Biden in 2024, he’s a shoo-in for 2028. And who is looking like a possible contender for the GOP in 2028? One Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

So what does Newsome do? He immediately launched a broadside attack on his potential rival.

Yes. Newsome is attacking Sanders on crime when she’s only been in office for a couple weeks.

Which shows that Newsome is not only awfully ambitious. He’s dangerously dumb.


Surveillance Balloons for Thee, but Not for Me. Further Proof the Administration Wants the Border Wide Open

Quick question: When a Democrat was asked “Why not build the wall?,” what was a typical answer? I mean, besides, “Go away, racist.” We were always told there were other technological means to control the border. One of those technological means is the heavy use of surveillance balloons. (Obviously they are effective. Just ask the Chinese.) And indeed CBP has been using surveillance balloons along the border.

Well, Fox News is reporting that the Biden Administration has been “significantly reducing the number of surveillance balloons being used to monitor the border.” A majority are already offline.

So it’s okay for Chinese military surveillance balloons to be in our skies. But not our own balloons protecting our country. Got it.

And what was the reason given to Fox News? Lack of funding.

Which is very interesting because in the budget deal signed at the end of last year, the Democratic majority forbid Customs and Border Patrol from spending any money on border security.

In totally unrelated news, the administration last week announced another $2.4 billion in aid to Ukraine.


It’s Official: Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts Have Been Restored

Former President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have officially been restored. He was banned for supposedly encouraging violence on January 6.

Funny what his last post on Facebook was.

Apparently, Orange Man speaks in a code that only a handful of people understood. “Remain peaceful. No violence!” means “Riot! Get Violent! Take Over the Country!” Silly, right?

Just How Many Agents Did the FBI Have Mixing Things Up on J6?

Not so silly. A new FBI whistleblower has come forward with stunning, but not surprising, revelations. According to George Hill, who retired last year from the Boston Bureau, the FBI’s Washington office scoured bank records simply to find people who went to D.C. that day … without evidence of any crimes being committed. Where are the civil libertarians? Illegal search, anyone? The feds then requested the Boston Bureau open investigations into 140 people simply for taking a bus to the January 6 rally. The Boston Bureau, thankfully, pushed back. And kept resisting despite further pressure from Washington. “Getting on a bus and participating in a political rally is not predication for a crime or a preliminary investigation,” Hill told House investigators.

Oh, it gets better. The Boston Bureau asked to see footage from the Capitol to see if any of the 140 did commit any crimes. And Washington refused! Why? Hill recounts:

When you ask for footage, what they’ll come back with is ‘Tell us the exact place and time where you think the subject of your investigation was?’ To which the standard reply is, ‘Well, we don’t know because we can’t see the footage.’ And the comeback then is ‘There may be identities within that footage that we need to protect.’

The FBI in Washington wanted to protect from its own agents in Boston the assets it had in the crowd. You wouldn’t have to protect any identities if the assets were not committing any criminal acts, would you? Certainly would explain why Nancy Pelosi held that footage as tight as her plastic surgery. Speaker McCarthy, what are you waiting for? RELEASE THE TAPES!

That would really make for a “Super Weekend.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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