The Brew: AMC Cancels Screenings of Detransitioner Documentary as Wokeness Sinks Pixar Flick

By Al Perrotta Published on June 19, 2023

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Thousands Gathered to Protest Dodgers Honoring Anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”

Thousands of Catholics and Evangelicals prayed and protested together Friday night at Dodger Stadium to chastise the team for honoring the nun and Christ-mocking “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” drag group.

Catholic for Catholics held a four-hour “prayerful procession” before the game. The main gate into the Dodger Stadium was briefly shut down by officials, when the march reached the stadium. Thankfully the protests met no violent resistance.

Forbes went out of its way to “prove false” the viral claim the stadium was “mostly empty” when the “Sisters” were honored, noting that attendance for the “Pride Night” game was slightly higher than average, about 49,000 fans. Point one: The ceremony took place an hour before the game. There were, indeed, more vendors than people in the stands.

Point two: Dodgers against their rival Giants on a Friday night in June? They could have honored Hitler and the stadium would have been packed. By the way, the Dodgers lost to the Giants 7-5.

A tip of the Brew to those who gathered and marched in L.A., and those who prayed across the country.

Meta Lowers Age For Its Virtual Reality Quest Headsets from 13 to 10

This won’t end well. Meta is lowering the minimum age for its virtual reality headsets from 13 all the way down to 10. This despite lawmakers pressuring Meta not to target younger users.

Don’t worry, says Meta. It’ll only “provide age-appropriate experiences” for the tots. Sure. We know what  “age-appropriate” looks like nowadays. (See “Family friendly drag shows” and porn in school libraries.)

Then there’s the many risks itself of VR to children, including damaging their perception of reality. “VR can be stored in the brain’s memory center in ways that are strikingly similar to real-world physical experiences,” Stanford’s Bailenson, author of Experience on Demand,” told CNN in 2017. “When VR is done well, the brain believes it is real.”

Adam Dodge, founder of Endtab, an organization that works to end online abuse, told Lifewire virtual reality is like other online media that exposes kids to unsafe situations earlier and more often than previous generations. 

“We see this manifest in interactions with unsafe people, exposure to grownup content, and bullying,” he said. “These issues will migrate to virtual reality, just as they migrated from the physical world to the online spaces of today. The fact that virtual reality environments are designed to simulate presence carries the risk that these harms will be felt more deeply by kids.”

Let’s not forget the danger of social contagion …

California Woman Sues Doctors Who Cut Off Her Breasts at 13 After Online Influencers Convinced Her She Was Trans

When Kayla Lovdahl was only 11 years old, doctors wanted her to “entertain” the notion of having surgery after online influencers gave her the “erroneous belief” she was transgender. At 13, doctors removed her healthy breasts.

Kayla is now 18, and she’s suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and four doctors, for pushing “Ideological and profit-driven medical abuse.” She alleges she underwent only 75 minutes of evaluation, with doctors ignoring her severe mental issues, before sending her down the path to mutilation. In the words of the lawsuit, they “handed Kayla the prescription pad, and allowed her naïve, emotional, childish, rollercoaster of feelings to dictate the so-called ‘treatment’ that she would receive.”

Kayla detransitioned a year ago, but suffers “deep physical and emotional wounds and severe regrets.”

The lawsuit notes just how far doctors go out of the norms to push the sex change mutilations onto children:

There is no other area of medicine where doctors will surgically remove a perfectly healthy body part and intentionally induce a diseased state of the pituitary gland misfunction based simply on the young adolescent patient’s wishes.

As for her parents, they were told the familiar and frightening, if medically dubious, all-or-nothing refrain, “It’s better to have a living son than a dead daughter.” Kayla claims she was never offered therapy sessions.

AMC Cancels Upcoming Screening of Documentary Showcasing People Who Have Detransitioned

Caving to pressure from transactivists, AMC has cancelled the Wednesday night screening of a documentary featuring five people who have detransitioned. The film is called NO WAY BACK: The Reality of Gender Affirming Care.

An activist group called Queen Trans Project set the dogs on AMC, calling the movie “anti-trans propaganda” and “perpetuates harmful misinformation.” … despite not having seen the full film. They launched a campaign on Instagram, including sample letters, to push AMC into canceling the film.

Oddly, the film is from pro-gay liberal filmmakers, but that doesn’t matter to activists. Filmmaker Vera Linder was asked by Post Millennial why she thought QT Project wanted to kill the film.  “Because our intention was to substantiate every statement with medical research, with peer reviewed academic medical research, and also journal articles.”

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QT Project celebrated their victory in getting AMC to shut the film down from public screening. “We did it!”

Don’t pop the bubbly yet, Transtifa. The film is moving ahead with streaming and DVD release by the end of June.

“Intolerant, illiberal, histrionic IGNORANT loudmouths who have not even seen the film have pressured AMC theaters to make the hard decision to cancel our dates!” They write. “DO NOT LET THEM WIN! We will have the film available for streaming and on DVD as soon as possible.”

Here’s the link to sign up for updates.

AMC should know what happens to companies that bow to the trans and woke altar. Especially after what took place this weekend at the box office.

Not So Incredibles. Woke Pixar Flick With First Non-Binary Disney Character Has Worst Opening of Any Pixar Flick

Elemental is the first Disney flick with a non-binary character. It’s also heavy on racism and xenophobia messaging. And it’s a flop. The film comes out of the vaunted Pixar studio, which Disney, and is the worst opening ever for a Pixar film. Its estimated box office is $29.5 million, which puts it just ahead of the original Toy Story which brought in $29.1 million in 1995. However, according to the inflation calculator, Toy Story’s opening was worth $58,071,000 in today’s dollars.


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