Taking It to the Streets: Sudanese Celebrate the Trump Victory

By Faith McDonnell Published on November 14, 2016

Streets were jammed with people. Holding fists in the air, marching, they chanted and shouted. The demonstrations began soon after Donald J. Trump won the election.

This was not a protest mob sponsored by Socialist Advantage or George Soros’ MoveOn.org — whichever rent-a-riot/anarchism-orgy you prefer to credit — lining the streets of Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, Portland, Oakland, California, Chicago and New York City burning American flags, perpetrating and/or threatening violence and revolution.

This was a celebration — a sigh of relief after a long period of holding one’s breath — expressed in Juba, South Sudan. Those that had feared that the next President of the United States would be Hillary Clinton were dancing in the streets, chanting “USA, USA” and “Trump Oyee!”

Wednesday morning I heard from Sudanese and South Sudanese friends. Some were U.S. citizens that voted for Trump because they believed Hillary Clinton would have followed the Obama Administration’s tolerance towards Sudan’s genocidal Caliphate-building Islamist regime. They believed she would also show tolerance, even support, towards those working to undermine South Sudan’s security and stability.

Other Sudanese Trump supporters are resident aliens. They couldn’t vote, but all believe Trump will stop the U.S. policy treating victims and perpetrators with disastrous moral equivalence in Sudan and will expose false narratives about South Sudan that demonize leaders and excuse the corruption and treason of the power-hungry.

A friend calling from Juba said, “Congratulations, my sister! We are very happy for the election of Donald Trump!” “Close your eyes and picture the streets of Juba.” He described the above scene, so different from the angry, obscene riots on American streets. This man lived in the United States for many years and became a U.S. citizen before returning to South Sudan to help build his nation. He reminded me that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that stopped Khartoum’s active war on southern Sudan and led to the creation of the new nation “was a Republican project.” Now, he said, it is time for Republicans to continue the project and help South Sudan become a full-fledged democracy, prosperous nation, and strong ally against Islamic supremacism and global jihad.


Here are a few messages sent by other South Sudanese friends:

Congratulations on your election victory! You Republicans are good for South Sudan!

We pulled it off last night. We stayed up until the end. Good things will happen for South Sudan!

H.E Donald J Trump … has made it to Whitehouse under a very critical racism accusation from during campaign to ballot boxes. Trump is going to make America great again. American citizens will be respected everywhere they go. Despite the propaganda made against him through the media houses, still he has made it.

One Southern Sudanese man declared of the rain in Washington, D.C. that began just minutes after the election was called:

Rain is a sign of peace from God to the people of America. Trump has been welcomed by God according to African beliefs.

America has chosen wisely. Trump Oyee. Republicans Oyee. America Oyee!

Before the election a South Sudanese former Lost Boy had shared this sobering message:

I am voting for Trump, Most people don’t understand the horrors of Radical Islam that Trump will protect us from. However, I lived it, and I am the voice of the people that suffered and died under it. Donald J. Trump understands the terrors of Radical Islam.

Another friend shared this before the election:

I … advise American citizens … vote for Trump, because there is something in Trump’s political vision and mission which has not been understood by those who hate him, simply because they say Trump is arrogant and insults people, especially African Americans. Trump has a reform political mission and vision, not for American people alone, but for the whole world including the African continent.

Someone who tells you about something wrong with you is not an enemy, but a friend, and that is why he wanted you to do good things, not bad things … I support Trump for change, not Hillary Clinton for the continuation of destructive politics of Obama that have already engulfed the whole world.

Not just South Sudanese are big Trump supporters. Sudanese from the north of Nubia, the west of Darfur, the east of Beja land, and the southern border regions of Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State were also joyful:

From a Nubian friend: “Congratulations, my friends! I look forward to work together with our new president-elect Donald J. Trump.”

Another Nubian wrote:

Congrats for Trump’s win! Let’s pray that change will come for Nubia by the hand of Trump. The Church has been persecuted under Obama’s presidency so we pray that Trump’s one is blessing for the Church … and that radical Islam and regimes like Bashir’s get international confrontation.

Darfuri friends called me at my office Wednesday morning, exclaiming: “Thank you, my sister! We are so happy! We know that Donald Trump will listen to us! We will all work together to change Sudan!”

Another called, full of joy on both Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday wrote: “Good morning! I am still in my happiness!”

Still another Darfuri friend exclaimed:

We believe Hillary is corrupt and has constantly received Middle Eastern dictators’ money that have long fought to protect al-Bashir. They get money through her foundation to promote the pro- Arab policy that has devastated our people in Darfur and Sudan at large. We are sure that Donald will not take money from Middle Eastern dictators to promote pro-Arab policy genocidal policy within the Department of State.

My Beja friend called to exclaim: “We did it, we did it, we did it! over and over, and added now we get all our goals accomplished!”

A priest from the Nuba Mountains, caring for refugees from Khartoum’s genocidal war sent their message: “Please receive warm greetings and congratulations for Trump from Nuba Comrades here in Nairobi, they are so happy.”

Another Nuba friend offered his congratulations and those of his leader back in the Nuba Mountains who is fighting to defend his people.

And my friend from Blue Nile State told me how happy he was that the people of Blue Nile might finally find some justice and peace.

A Reason for Optimism

This all flies in the face of the controlling narrative from media and social media of the left that continues to feed people’s fears. Contrast these elated responses from black, African Christian and Muslim Sudanese and South Sudanese with the (fund-raising) blog post from Sojourners’ founder and president Jim Wallis. In it, guru of the Religious Left Wallis declares his holy resistance to an evil, racist, Islamophobic takeover of America.

Even if you don’t believe the fear-mongering claims of Wallis and others, you may still be skeptical that President-elect Trump will help the people of Sudan and South Sudan. That remains to be prayed for, and worked for! But here’s a secret: Much of the U.S. “helping” is simply not blocking the actions of these valiant freedom fighters, not forcing them to sign agreements with a regime that has no intention of abiding by them, and not pushing a nauseating “inclusive government” in Sudan or “Government of National Unity” in South Sudan that includes those that seek to destroy.

In any event, thanks to his foreign policy advisors such as Dr. Walid Phares, President-elect Trump will know that marginalized and persecuted people of color from the other side of the world worked in whatever way they could for his election. He will learn that they have faith that he will support their hunger for freedom and their potential for prosperity in the same way that he wants to restore these qualities in America.

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