Students for Life of America Demonstrate in Times Square Beneath a Jumbotron Advertising That ‘The Pro-Life Generation Has Arrived.’

By Nancy Flory Published on April 18, 2019

“The extremism of New York’s abortion law does not reflect the values of the people in the state,” Kristi Hamrick, Chief Media Strategist for Students for Life of America, said in a statement to The Stream. “Only 7 percent of Millennials support the policies of New York and the Democratic Party Platform of abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason and with taxpayer funding.”

Last Wednesday, Students for Life of America (SFLA) protested abortion in Times Square under a jumbotron that advertised that the “pro-life generation has arrived.” Thirty students held pro-life signs and chains of crosses. They stood in front of massive posters detailing facts about the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. When people stopped to ask them about their demonstration, students and SFLA staff explained how dirty clinics avoided inspections and discussed Planned Parenthood’s lies about their role in abortion. SFLA calls this the “Planned Parenthood Truth Tour.”

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Demonstrating in Times Square

After Governor Andrew Cuomo legalized abortion up to birth, SFLA decided it would be timely to demonstrate in New York City. “This is where we need to be,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of SFLA, in an interview with The Stream. “Just because they passed this bill doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t engage. In fact, this tells us we need to engage even more heavily in New York State. And so that was really the idea of let’s do more than just going and having a gala. Let’s have a billboard. … Let’s show New York State that you know, we are the pro-life generation and we’re not afraid by their abortion extremism. Let’s just show the world they’re in the minority on this.”

They did just that. The 50-foot HD video screen in Times Square showed SFLA’s advertisements over a five-day period last week. The ad ran a minimum of 720 times over that period. Kristan said that SFLA received a lot of positive feedback about the ads and the demonstration.

Taking the Message to College Campuses

The Planned Parenthood Truth Tour isn’t just for Times Square. “This is a display we’re taking to 135 college campuses this semester,” continued Kristan. “It talks about how these Planned Parenthood facilities are not being investigated. They’re running dirty clinics but yet no one’s investigating them. We just tell students the truth about Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics.”

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It’s been a success, by far. The Planned Parenthood Truth Tour on college campuses has seen a 50-percent conversion rate. “We just tell students the truth about Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics. And we’re having 50 percent conversion rate on college campuses with the displays. Students who stop to engage with us, who are pro-Planned Parenthood, trust Planned Parenthood. By the time they finish speaking with us and read[ing] the display, over half change their minds and say they no longer trust Planned Parenthood.”

Human Rights Issue

“Late term abortion and infanticide for babies born during abortions are barbaric and represent the human rights issue of our day,” Kristan added. “The Pro-life Generation will not forget the least of these among us, mothers and their pre-born infants, who deserve our help and support.”

Next month, another pro-life organization will demonstrate in Times Square. Focus on the Family will be in Times Square May 4. The event will broadcast an ultrasound in real time on jumbotrons. Focus on the Family expects 10,000 people to attend that demonstration.

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