James Robison to Trump, Protesting Athletes: ‘Come to the Table of Reason’

By James Robison Published on September 25, 2017

“It’s not just the American flag and the National Anthem that’s being abused and dishonored,” says James Robison in a new Facebook post. “It’s actually freedom itself. I think most Americans have forgotten the value of freedom and the high cost of protecting and preserving freedom.” The Stream’s founder responded to football players currently protesting the National Anthem … and to those raising a stink about it.

Known years ago as “God’s Angry Voice,” James knows first-hand that anger can’t heal the illness in the nation. “We don’t need to go the way we are. … I think we need to be very careful about how we protest. After all, we’re protesting protests,” he said. “We’re not coming to the table of reason and we’re not praying.”

James asked viewers to pray for President Trump and the nation’s leaders and not sell short the power of prayer. “[Prayer] moves God, it moves people and prayer moves us.”

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  • KC

    Mr. Robison – well said! I like what you said about protesting protests – our President should sit down with some the NFL and understand what they are protesting. One of two things can happen – Mr. Trump better understands what is being protested and the two parties can work together to solve some problems. Or – we find out the protesters really don’t understand what the protest is all about. Either way – knowledge is power – all parties need to know more.

    • Wayne Cook

      I know what they are protesting….It’s all over Twitter. Go take a look sometime. .Your stomach will turn, Meanwhile, I’m continuing to NOT watch NFL games. I used to work as a video engineer inside the NFL.

  • Linda

    Very few of you are talking about the many unarmed black men who have been arrested, beaten or killed by police for no crime other than having dark skin. Older white Americans like Trump and James Robison don’t see or understand what it is like to be the parent or loved one of a black youth for whom you have justifiable fear that he will meet with disaster at the hands of police for no reason any time he walks or drives around town. These wealthy black athletes feel they have a responsibility to draw attention to police brutality and the killing of their brethren. This country is still deeply, deeply racist, so racist that most of you don’t even realize it.

    • Jim Walker

      “Very few of you are talking about the many scores of unarmed black men who have been abused, beaten or killed by other armed black men for no crime other than having a smartphone.”
      Its already a known fact, and why are these athletes not take a kneel to protest against that ?

      • Linda

        Policing is a government function. Police forces represent government. The athletes want to point out that while unarmed black men are being beaten and killed by “government officials”, the words of the national anthem ring a little hollow in their community. Do you understand? The wealthy black athletes do help their communities deal with poverty and gang violence. They do that off the field in many ways. See the difference?

    • smoran smoran

      thank you Linda for writing this. Many of us have seen and heard these stories. We do need to figure out what is going wrong and take steps like body cameras and training in the art of de-esculation (where possible). I disagree with the idea that most of what goes on is racism. I have black nephews who have conveyed some of their stories of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am glad they were not doing anything wrong and know how to act and speak to authority. I know we may have been lucky and I also know that this current atmosphere of taunting police means we need to work hard against this rhetoric becoming self-fullfilling.

  • tz1

    Will they sit or kneel at the table of reason?
    I don’t see kneeling or the other ugly behavior (recently one got down on his hands and knees and simulated a dog urinating) as any kind of argument.
    Uncivil behavior and insults seem to be what they wish to do because they either can’t or don’t want to reason.
    Hence calling for them to be reasonable is futile. That is calling them to lose the rhetorical if not the feelz argument. But it is hard to feel bad for a multimillionaire.

    • Hmmm…

      I don’t think it’s the protesters, the kneelers, to whom Brother Robison is referring — it’s the other side, us or those protesting their protest to whom he appeals for reason.

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