Stream Splashes: May 19-25 in Review

By The Stream Published on May 26, 2019

Every week, The Stream rounds up some highlights from the recent news. We call these our “splashes”: everything from insightful commentary on the week’s big events to small inspiring stories you may have missed.


David French, a religious liberty attorney and National Review commentator, is at the center of a kerfuffle in Evangelicalism. On April 25, French criticized Franklin Graham (and, by implication, all Evangelical voters for Trump) for “blatant hypocrisy” that “earned” him “his critics’ wrath.” Graham had criticized on Twitter Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s “flaunting,” “praising,” and “politicizing” of “homosexuality.”

This offers a good opportunity to evaluate French’s incessant and often harsh “NeverTrump” attacks on Evangelical voters for Trump as we head into the 2020 presidential election.

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The Lander Rotary Club is a wonderful organization that does a great deal of good for our community. Each Wednesday the club gathers for lunch, beginning by ringing a bell, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and offering a short prayer. But those traditions may not last much longer.

On May 9, an email from Chuck Rutenberg, the District Governor, assured Rotarians that those traditions are purely optional. “There is nothing wrong with our traditional clubs and the meeting format each club chooses to adhere to. Having said that, we also need to be open to new clubs with their own ideas of what a meeting looks like.” That is, clubs that drop the bell, the Pledge, and prayer.

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Sikivu Hutchinson is angry. At you, and at me. And it shows. Wow, does it show, in her article yesterday for The Humanist, titled “Keep ‘God’ and Theocrats Out of Our Wombs.”

She uses some pretty strong words to describe those who made Alabama’s new anti-abortion law happen. But let’s not leave it at that distance. This is how she describes you, as a supporter of unborn life.

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“Faith plays a huge part of our ‘why we do what we do,’” says Holly Snell, CEO of Hope Women’s Center.

Hope Women’s Center in McKinney, Texas, is a pregnancy resource center. Not only do they counsel the women who are in crisis pregnancies, they provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and STD testing — all free of charge.

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