Stream Splashes: April 28–May 4 in Review

By The Stream Published on May 5, 2019

Every week, The Stream rounds up some highlights from the recent news. We call these our “splashes”: everything from insightful commentary on the week’s big events to small inspiring stories you may have missed.

“I watched the ‘angry women’ parade and cried with the #MeToo movement, but saw no peace, no healing of hearts,” said Diane Strack. “I thought, ‘As Christian women, we’ve got to stand up and answer this.’ We are not angry. We are heartbroken over a culture that speaks of evil as normal; that threatens the future of our children.”
Diane will head up a new prayer movement for women, called She Loves Out Loud. She is also the national coordinator for She Loves Out Loud. The prayer movement will have its first gathering on February 15, 2020. It will take place at churches around the nation.

I’m a post-abortive woman. I know how hard it is to toe the line between regret and repentance for abortion, and compassion and wisdom for those who have had abortions, too.
Abortion is sold to women as a quick fix. It will free them of the burdens that motherhood would potentially impose on them. The truth is, unless you’ve had an abortion yourself — and don’t deny what abortion is — it’s hard to understand how such brutality could also be met with compassion and forgiveness.

Last week John William King was executed for his part in one of the most gruesome murders in recent memory. On June 7, 1998 King and his pals Shawn Berry and Lawrence Brewer beat up African American James Byrd. Then they chained him to the back of their pickup. Then they dragged him for miles along a country road.
Still alive during his torture, Byrd was finally killed when his body, bouncing along the road and being ground raw, hit a culvert. After they dumped his body, they went off to swill beer and down some grub at a barbecue.

There’s been a rash of anti-Semitic events in recent months, many of which have ties to the left. On Saturday, a gunman opened fire on a synagogue near San Diego on the last day of Passover, killing a woman and injuring three others. In his Manifesto, he criticized Trump for being a Zionist, Jew-loving and anti-white.
Last Thursday, The New York Times published a hateful cartoon of President Trump and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. In it, Trump is portrayed as blind, wearing a yarmulke and holding a leash attached to Netanyahu, who is depicted as a dog with a Star of David for a collar.
It was remarkably similar to old Nazi propaganda. We shouldn’t be surprised the Times would think nothing of publishing the cartoon.


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