Stream Founder James Robison Speaks on the Mainstream Media and Being Committed to Christ

In a rare radio interview, James sits down with "The David Spoon Experience." This is part two of that interview.

By The Stream Published on May 11, 2019

On May 8, 2019, David Spoon of the radio show “The David Spoon Experience” hosted The Stream founder James Robison to talk about the liberal media and being sold out to Jesus.

“The prince of the power of the air has taken over air waves and the print media,” James said Wednesday. “The media is telling us outright lies. The media won’t show the positives, they will not show the good things. But God will.”

James assures listeners all is not lost. God is raising up people today totally sold out to Jesus “who will not compromise.”

“When we stand together, totally committed and we lose our life in His kingdom purpose, we find it,” James explains. “When that happens we literally reveal the transforming light and love of Jesus that changes everything.”


Listen to part one: “James Robison Speaks on the ‘Heart Cry of God'”

And be on the lookout for part three: “James Robison on the Power of Prayer”

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