We Must Stop Sacrificing Children on the Altar of Sexual Pleasure

By Jennifer Hartline Published on May 21, 2017

Cosmopolitan writer Jill Filipovich ranks right up there with some of the most devoted religious people I’ve ever heard. Her singular focus, dedication and commitment is impressive. She is 100% sold-out, all-in, nothing held back. A true believer if there ever was one.

Take notes, folks. This is what it looks like when you shape your life, your philosophy and your decisions around the tenets of pure religion hedonism.

In this case, the deity is guaranteed to accommodate, because it’s the face in the mirror. Inside the Shrine of Sexual Pleasure, there on its altar the required sacrifice of blood is paid in an endless stream of silent victims, given over in dutiful homage by all the disciples seeking unrestricted happiness.

Ms. Filipovich believes women cannot be equal to men unless we abort our babies. She believes sex can only be freely, fully enjoyed if we have the assurance that we can get rid of any pesky little people that result from our sexual exploits.

If You Object to Abortion, You Must Hate Women

As the Washington Free Beacon noted:

In a December CNN op-ed, she lamented President Donald Trump’s election because “sex is about to get a lot less fun.”

She argued that, in addition to the usual “benefits” of abortion, “more of us are able to have sex without the anxiety of pregnancy, to enjoy the unique and fundamentally human pleasure that sex creates, and to tend to our relationships without the interruption and emotional devastation that an unintended pregnancy can bring.”

“In essence,” said LifeNews, “she accused conservatives of wanting to control women and prohibit them from having recreational sex.”

She continues:

But the future of women’s health under President Trump, and HHS Secretary Price, looks grim: Price’s plan turns sex for pleasure into a luxury item and puts our health at risk. And it sends women a clear message: That partaking in a full range of human enjoyment and physical experience isn’t for us, and that we exist instead to reproduce.

She thinks anyone who objects to abortion is out to ruin the sex lives of women because they’re misogynist pigs who hate women. There simply can’t be any reason to object to abortion other than that you hate women. And you hate sex. And you don’t want women to ever ever ever enjoy sex. Because SEX! Life is all about sex!

I’m Sick and Tired of the Abortion Narrative

Frankly, this is so tiresome and annoying. It’s brainless, insulting and cheap. The irony, Ms. Filipovich, is that sex is all about life!

I’m tired of hearing people like Filipovich, Democrat chairman Tom Perez, Nancy Pelosi, Cecile Richards and 99.9% of Hollywood tell me that abortion is vital — no, indispensable — to women’s health, well-being, equality, success and happiness in this world. I’m sick of hearing that women simply cannot thrive without the legal right to terminate their babies.

I’m sick of the womb being cast as the ball and chain around a woman’s neck. I’ve had it with babies being cast as the aggressor, the enemy, the thief of dreams. Abortion advocates rely on the narrative the Mom and Baby are locked in combat with each other, and only one can come out alive. This demented view of pregnancy means Mom has to kill Baby in self-defense.

This isn’t feminism. It’s not womanhood. It’s not equality, or freedom, or liberation, or progress. It’s not health care. It’s completely depraved and unutterably sad.

I’m sick of fertility being cast as a disease, and pregnancy as some flukey and horrible thing that happens sometimes after you have sex, even though it shouldn’t because latex and chemicals are supposed to prevent that. I mean, how’d that happen?

I’m sick of women being told they cannot be happy unless their female bodies cease to do female things. I’m tired of hearing that women must be like men in every way, or they cannot be considered equal. What a load of horsehockey.

But at least Ms. Filipovich is honest where the politicians and Planned Parenthood continue to lie through their teeth. Abortion absolutely is utilized as “back-up birth control.” It’s the contraceptive method you use when your other contraceptive methods have failed. And nobody knows better than Planned Parenthood just how often contraception fails. That reliable, splendid failure brings in tremendous revenue — more abortions!

Pitting Women Against Their Bodies and Their Children

Filipovich says abortion has to be available so women can have “worry-free” sex. Without knowing she can abort the baby if she becomes pregnant, a woman simply can’t relax and “partake in a full range of human enjoyment.”

Women are not served by this violent notion that it’s us versus our own babies in a fight to the death.

If I can’t kill you later, how can I possibly enjoy myself now?

This isn’t feminism. It’s not womanhood. It’s not equality, or freedom, or liberation, or progress. It’s not health care. It’s completely depraved and unutterably sad.

To consign women to this — you must live your life at war with your own body and at war with your child, if you ever hope to be “happy” — is the most hopeless and inhumane kind of slavery. It chains women to the lie that their female nature is a continuous threat to their plans and their own personhood. In order to achieve anything worthwhile, women have to be men. Hmm. Sounds like sexism to me.

Nothing Could be More Anti-Woman Than Killing Babies

Corrupt men throughout history have done a stellar job of demeaning and objectifying women for their own pleasure, but in 2017 it’s fashionable for women to disdain their own bodies and have a flippant disregard for the most innocent of human beings.

Well, not this woman. Filipovich’s hedonistic worship of sexual pleasure is revolting. Women are not served by this violent notion that it’s us versus our own babies in a fight to the death.

The future of women’s health has nothing to do with uninhibited sex and everything to do with respect for the female body as God designed it, and reverence for human life. Nothing could be more anti-woman than abortion.

Sorry, Ms. Filipovich, but child sacrifice doesn’t make for great sex, either.

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  • Autrey Windle

    Okay. I’m done with these murderers. I say we give them a real choice that gives them control over unwanted pregnancy. If they want sex without reproduction consequences let them voluntarily sterilize themselves. That leaves the decision between them and their doctor ; period. If they choose not to sterilize themselves and instead seek child murder let them go to prison with the other murderers. I know; rape and incest. God made a provision for rape and incest, it’s called adoption. Life is sacred or it’s meaningless. Not some life is sacred; not some life is meaningless. All or none. We are all God’s children; if one of us ain’t none of us are. It is up to all of us to make every child welcome in this world regardless of who their parents are. THAT would be true equal rights.

    • PilgrimGirl

      As I, too, believe abortion is murder, you make some valid points. However, to say “We are all God’s children” makes God a liar (see John 8:44).

  • Dean Bruckner

    Guilt from sexual anarchy and murdering one’s own child is a heavy burden, so heavy that without repentance, it drives the guilty to call for the participation and praise of others to distract from the horror of their evil deeds.

    There is a way out, though: God’s forgivenesses through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God still loves and will forgive, no matter what a person has done. Repent and come home, before it’s too late.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Yes, Dean. It’s the avenging conscience. The only remedy is repentance and forgiveness.

      • Dean Bruckner

        Thanks Jennifer. The Revenge of Conscience by J. Budziszewski over at First Things is an insightful look at this phenomenon.

        • Jennifer Hartline

          His book, What We Can’t Not Know, ought to be required reading.

  • IWantALamborghini


  • Jim Walker

    Jill Filipovich is all for enjoying what this world has to offer.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      And “unwanted” babies pay the price for the enjoyment?

      • Dean Bruckner

        They do!

    • Dean Bruckner

      And all for taking the lives of those who interfere. It’s a profoundly selfish way to live, and leaves one with a shriveled soul and a mountain of moral guilt.

  • Charles Burge

    I’m thrilled to see women of conviction using their literary talents to combat this evil. May God spread your words far and wide, Ms. Hartline.

  • davidrev17

    “We cannot forget that Roe turned what used to be homicide at criminal law into a fundamental right at constitutional law. Hence, when the Court issues a command to the various branches and departments of government to cease and desist from legislating restrictions on abortion, the Court forbids citizens from making and applying criminal laws. This represents the most draconian limitation upon the legislative competence of the citizens.

    — Russell Hittinger, “When the Court Should Not Be Obeyed,” First Things, (October, 1993).

    “God is dead…and we have killed him”! Water’s wet…night is dark…sky is blue…blah, blah, blah…what else is new?? “It’s MY party, and I’ll do as I want to, do as I want to, do as I want to…” (The Law of God is definitely “a teacher.”)

    God bless your ultra-sensitive heart Jennifer, and righteous indignation over these continuing, almost brazenly hardenened, or h###ishly desensitized, textbook examples of this country’s moral anarchy.

    Unfortunately, I’m of the highly unlearned, though biblically-informed opinion, that the people of God in this country (and throughout the West) have been kicking the proverbial “dead-horse” of trying to awaken ultra-sophisticated, “21st Century Schizoid Man”; even though we must never let-up in being the “moral conscience” of any society – no matter how venomously rejected we become, nor malevolently resisted – even to the point of sacrificing our physical lives in the process, if necessary.

    When this country went from judicially re-defining that which constituted homicide (you know, murder?) in the eyes of a “three-times Holy” Creator God, to what’s now viewed as just another “personal,” day-to-day method of murderous, genocidal birth-control – all-the-way-up until birth no less – we now tragically exemplify a nation of people whose behavior is frighteningly similar to the nation of Israel, during its ancient past, described in Isaiah 5:20-23:

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight! Woe to those who are heroes at drinking wine, and valiant men in mixing strong drink, who acquit the guilty for a bribe, and deprive the innocent of his right!”

    Three “woe’s”?? Anyone familiar with Israel’s history? And that’s the Spirit of the Almighty speaking through his ordained prophet Isaiah, no less, to His own people! The only other time I can recall the mention of “three woes” in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, is in Revelation 8:13 – representing the Fifth, Sixth & Seventh [final] “Trumpet” judgments. It’s scary…May God have mercy on this nation!

  • Karen

    So, what steps should the government take to ensure that women can have babies and jobs and education?

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Karen, in all sincerity, I have to ask why is it the government’s role or responsibility?

      • Karen

        What other entity can prohibit employers from firing pregnant women or kicking them out of school?

        • Jennifer Hartline

          Who is firing pregnant women because they’re pregnant, and what school is kicking out pregnant women because they’re pregnant?

          In the bigger picture, women have to make responsible choices. There’s no such thing as an “accidental” or “unintended” pregnancy. (Not speaking here of cases of rape.) Everyone knows how babies are made, so if any woman does not desire a baby, it’s quite simple to prevent. Don’t have sex. You can’t engage in the act of baby-making and then cry foul when a baby is made.

          • Karen

            And finally, are you going to support a married woman who refuses to ever have sex with her husband because she wants to keep her job?

          • Jennifer Hartline

            Karen, I believe in the marital act, and I believe it is meant to be open to life since that is how God ordained it. I also know there are times when a couple has licit reasons not to have a child, and that’s what periodic abstinence is for. Yes, even married couples can abstain from sex at times, and it’s not the end of the world or their marriage.
            This is why it’s in a woman’s best interest to understand her own fertility cycle, and know when she is fertile and when she is not. Of course, this knowledge doesn’t come through the Pill or the IUD or any other device or chemical.

          • Karen

            And those of us for whom NFP doesn’t work? Whose husbands won’t go along with it even if it did work? We’re just, in a manner of speaking, screwed?

            (Also, I posted links to actual cases of pregnancy discrimination which have not appeared. Are you going to address those?)

  • Erin

    Thank you, and yes. Pro-abortion rhetoric is so disgusting. I hate what is said in supposed defense of women. It’s so degrading. I am proud of being a woman and mother. I would not be proud to be an irresponsible, pleasure-obsessed person who cannot set aside my own comfort to protect an innocent, precious child. One question I have for abortion defenders: if you’re concerned with empowering women, then why do you claim pregnancy is just a woman’s burden? If a pregnancy will only affect a woman, that means her sex partner does not love & support her, in which case she is not respecting herself to be with him. Since when is it empowering for a woman to risk pregnancy with a man who won’t stand up and support her? They’re feeding the problem.

  • Karen

    What you describe may very well be what marriage should be, but what I describe is what actually exists. There is nothing stopping men from behaving as you describe right now, but apparently the mere existence of an IUD somewhere acts like Kryptonite on their Strong Manly Manliness making them helpless to restrain their libidos. (I also note that the people on your side about contraception are also really touchy about the importance of keeping men as ‘heads’ of their families and deeply concerned about the ‘feminization’ of any number of things. Women are supposed the helpless stupid people but men can’t keep their pants zipped unless we force them. Got it.).

  • M Ann Brown

    The only opponents to legal abortion are people who imply each Woman is unable to make her own personal DECISION. Despite the moralistc, religious shame this topic brings up, abortion should always remain legal and available. Each and EVERY woman has the right to DECIDE, without the judgment of others. That’s why it is Legal, since 1967. I am pro-DECISION.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      To decide what? Why do I, as a woman, have any right to decide that another person doesn’t get to live?

    • Dean Bruckner

      You worship the idol of radical autonomy, of CHOICE, and in the end it will devour you. The generation that survived the genocide of abortion will return the favor by euthanizing it parents and grandparents.

      Thanks, idol worshipper! You’ve created hell on earth!

    • Autrey Windle

      You better be careful about praising bad and constitutionally illegal decisions by a court of men that makes it fine to kill babies; next week they may decide it’s in our best interests to be allowed to kill people named M ANN BROWN then where would your allegiance be?

    • davidrev17

      @M Ann Brown:

      Since when was murdering another human member of the species Homo sapiens, unborn or otherwise, considered just a “personal DECISION”? After all, our entire judicial system certainly holds to a radically different, albeit hypocritical standard than the one you’re affirming.

      Besides all that: if we pesky religious, intellectual simpleton bible-thumpers are wrong in our pro-life position, and you pro-murderer’s are right; and please, let’s not try and whitewash this issue in overly politicized rhetoric, because this issue has nothing whatsoever to do about one’s “personal choice” – then please explain why 38-out-of-50 states, right now, consider the “third-party-killing” of an unborn infant, “in-utero” (meaning from the outside) – aka “Fetal Homicide Laws” – to be cold-blooded murder, punishable under Criminal Law Statutes?

      Additionally, 29-of-those-38-states, have language in their respective statutes unambiguously declaring that the developing “life” in a mother’s womb, is regarded as a full-fledged member of the species Homo sapiens – and is thus statutorily afforded legal protection…from “conception” onward!

      Now, having mentioned these facts: Do you detect any sort of legal, or philosophical schizophrenia going on throughout this country – i.e., as in America’s official, government-sponsored view of human being’s “philosophical anthropology” – when it comes to the manner in which ALL UNborn members of the species Homo sapiens’ are “viewed”? Something just ain’t right here!

    • Marie-Ange Desrosiers

      Legal does not make it right. ~Thou shalt not kill ~ supersedes the law of the land because it comes from God. In Germany, it was legal to kill the Jews. Did legal make it right?

  • Autrey Windle

    You should be glad there is no law against being blind to truth.

  • Courtney Bips

    Karen, you bring up great points that need to be discussed. The most relevant question in response to this particular article would be “is access to abortion the best answer to these problems? Should it even be considered?” Choice is wonderful, but just because we CAN do something doesn’t mean it necessarily SHOULD be on the table as an option. I COULD shoot someone who is getting on my nerves, but this happens to be illegal, and most cultures consider it immoral so most people don’t even consider it as an option. We think of other ways of dealing with it. This article is specifically lamenting the fact that our culture is willing to even put it on the table as a choice. Our morality as a culture allows it and our legal system has followed suit. This is sad. Did you know there are cultures that, whether abortion is legal or not, most women don’t even consider it an option? These cultures also happen to show that they love babies and mothers. People choose to pay for baby needs and maternity leave with their tax dollars. I am not saying this will work in America, but I will say this: the abortion debate is a giant distraction from the fact that our (American) culture as a whole does not not love mothers and babies. The abortion debate proves it. To be completely over simplistic, Rebublicans don’t want to propose help for mothers because their constituents worship their money and any tax is viewed as bad. Democrats pretend that access to abortion is an actual solution, and even changing the definition of a life and a woman, villainizing republicans as woman haters when they are really just money lovers. None of the rhetoric coming from the politicians is really about women or babies or life, but all about money and power. When we people show that we care about women and babies (and that includes those in the womb), and not get distracted by abortion being a “choice,” and vote that way, maybe we will see change. It will be slow and difficult.

  • Royce E. Van Blaricome

    Another spot on article. Thank you Jennifer for your boldness and willingness to speak the unvarnished truth. I’m sick of the way these women demean women too. I can remember a time when I wondered how any woman could ever wind up in Hell but it’s not hard to understand now. It can get very frustrating at times.

    So I just take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and remember:

    “A little while, and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. ” (Psalm 37:10)

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