All-Star Panel Stands for Religious Freedom

By James Randall Robison Published on March 13, 2015

“The cultural landscape in America today is chaotic, and at risk in the cloud of chaos is religious liberty.” This is the warning issued by Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, in a recent panel session on religious freedom at the annual gathering of religious broadcasters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Citing the prosecution of professionals who do not want to participate in homosexual ceremonies, chaplains who are forbidden to share their personal testimonies, and broadcasters being fired for their orthodox beliefs, he asserted there is a new undercurrent of intolerance toward those with traditional views.

Standing to testify about their own harassment were Duck Dynasty’s Al Robertson, the Benham brothers from HGTV (cancelled before the series aired), and Canadian broadcaster Dr. Charles McVety. Most of the hostility is coming from homosexual activists who seek to silence anyone who disagrees with them.

David Benham described how their real estate investment show was promptly canceled after it became known that he and his brother had publicly opposed same-sex marriage. David cited Lesslie Newbigin by asserting, “America is not shifting from Christian to secular. America is shifting from secular to pagan.”

His twin brother, Jason, also didn’t mince words. “The right to speak freely means jack squat if we don’t have the courage to speak boldly,” he said.

Al Robertson, aka the “beardless brother,” shared how Jesus Christ saved their family from destruction when he and his brothers were young boys and explained that because their faith made them who they are, they would never denounce it in the face of opposition. So far, they have survived the antagonism and Duck Dynasty continues to air on the A&E network.

Dr. McVety brought warnings from Canada, which tends to be a harbinger of what comes to America. He described attempts in Canada to redefine marriage, expand gender identity to include six categories instead of two, and impose strict government censorship on all religious broadcasts.

Tony Perkins concluded by urging those of faith to keep standing for truth, courage, and the religious freedoms enshrined in our founding tenets.

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