Sound of Freedom, Based on a True Story and Starring Jim Caviezel, Puts the Multi-Billion Dollar Business of Child Trafficking Front and Center

The "Sound of Freedom" tells the true story of sex abuse and child trafficking.

By Nancy Flory Published on June 10, 2023

Actor Jim Caviezel said Sound of Freedom was the most important movie he has done since Passion of the Christ. Based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who quit his job to rescue children from human trafficking and sex slavery, Sound of Freedom tells the story without needlessly exposing the viewer to gruesome details. 

To be sure, the Angel Studios film deals with a heavy subject and is not for the faint of heart. Nor small children. But it is an important story to tell nonetheless. Sound of Freedom is in theaters beginning July 1 and on Angel Studios’ app.

‘How Did We Get Here?’

The Streamโ€™s Nancy Flory sat down with Tim at the National Religious Broadcaster (NRB) conference recently to discuss his story and the film made about his saving children from child sex traffickers. “[Pedophiles] want to celebrate the destruction of children,” Tim said. “How did we get here, Nancy? How did our country get here?”

Tim spent some 18 years infiltrating child trafficking rings. He established Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to help rescue children from the traffickers. It’s a nod to the original Underground Railroad. “It was very deliberate because we have to learn from our past. And there are more people enslaved today that ever before in the history of the world. … One of the things I recognized was that there’s really only one way to end it. How did we end the legalized form of slavery? It’s the media, it’s storytellers.”

The US Policy Incentivizes Traffickers to Kidnap Children

The current administration’s stance on the border, along with schools’ sex education in this country, doesn’t help anything. “So what’s happening is traffickers are not dumb. The U.S. policy is incentivizing them to go kidnap children. … There’s no background check. We are facilitating human trafficking. 85,000 unaccompanied minors are now in this country and no one knows where the h*** they are.” 

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Biden just canceled the program that was going to utilize DNA technology to help find out who the children belong to, said Tim. “Really, cages are safe houses. The kids who ended up there aren’t getting raped and they’re trying to find their parents now. It’s all screwed up. The ones who made it out are likely getting raped right now, but AOC can go cry her little eyes out at the photo op about the cages. So it’s all opposite. It’s opposite world. … [I]f a child shows up with an adult and the adult says, ‘This is my child,’ but then 72 hours later they have to be released with a notice to appear at an immigration court, which in our words, what I call it, [is a] notice to disappear. Because 80% are never gonna show up.”

Woke Ideology and Pedophiles

In addition, Tim says the woke ideology is running parallel with pedophile doctrines. “We’re sexualizing our kids. …We’re giving kids pornography and calling it sex education. I used to arrest people for distributing material to children. … Now it’s celebrated. So these little minds, the brain’s not even [developed] yet. They’re becoming sexualized beings.” Tim continued:

We are grooming our children. Children are the target in this, what I call spiritual warfare. I never thought we’d get there. The pedophile hunt that I’ve been on for 20 years used to be [to find] people hiding. It was the closet sin.

Not anymore. Now it’s out in the open. I mean, you look at what pedophiles have been pushing for for decades, what they want done. And you look at the woke ideology. It’s the same ideology. I’m not saying they’re talking. I think there’s a darker source influencing everybody. [T]hat’s something we can’t see, but we can certainly see the fruits.

When you are doing, and I say this to the woke left, when you are doing exactly what pedophiles have been preaching for decades, [it’s] time to push pause and say, ‘Wait, we are doing what pedophiles want?’ We’re making pedophiles salivate. Shouldn’t that wake up even the most woke godless leftist?

There is Redemption

Tim said the film accurately portrays the truth of what he went through to save the children. “I mean, all the bad guys are real bad guys. All the kids are real kids. The rescues, the numbers are all real.” 

“I told [the filmmakers], I said, ‘[I]f you’re gonna make this movie, you have to promise me you’re not gonna create pedophile material that pedophiles would like. If you’re gonna show the abuse, you better not show something that’s gonna turn on a pedophile.’ So I told him, ‘[M]ake a movie that no adult ever touches a child even on the head. No touching.”

The director did just that. “He still punches you in the stomach, you know what’s happening. But he does it in a way that the kid actors, they never even knew what they were depicting. They pulled it off. But in the end, it’s not a movie of despair, it’s a movie of hope. There is a solution, there is a way out, there is redemption. And so, that’s the hope of the movie.”

Watch the trailer:


Nancy Flory, Ph.D., is a senior editor at The Stream. You can follow her @NancyFlory3, and follow The Stream @Streamdotorg.

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