Song for the New Day

By James Robison & Dudley Hall Published on July 13, 2022

This is the message James Robison and Dudley Hall want those who visit The Stream to read.

Song for the New Day

For the Pure and Shining One

A song of smiting, sung for the new day by King David.


Help, Lord! Save us! For godly ones are disappearing. Where are the dependable, principled ones? They’re a vanishing breed!

Everyone lies, everyone flatters, and everyone deceives. Nothing but empty talk, smooth talk, and double-talk.

You will destroy every proud liar who says, “We lie all we want. Our words are our weapons, and we won’t be held accountable. Who can stop us?” May Yahweh cut off their twisted tongues and seal their lying lips. May they all be silenced — those who boast and brag with their high-minded talk.


But the Lord says, “Now I will arise! I will defend the poor, those who were plundered, the oppressed, and the needy who groan for help. I will spring into action to rescue and protect them!”

For every word Yahweh speaks is sure and reliable. His truth is tested, found to be flawless, and ever faithful. It’s as pure as silver refined seven times in a crucible of clay. 


Lord, you will keep us safe, out of the reach of the wicked. Even though they strut and prowl, tolerating and celebrating what is worthless and vile, you will still lift up those who are yours!

Psalms 12, from The Passion Translation.


James Robison is The Stream’s founder and publisher. He is co-founder of LIFE Outreach International and co-host of LIFE Today. He’s the author of many books, including Indivisible (with Jay Richards) and Living Amazed.

Dudley Hall is a Senior Contributor to The Stream. He is the founder and President of Kerygma Ventures, a sought-after speaker, an engaging preacher, an effective consultant, and a trusted spiritual father. Dudley has authored several books including Grace WorksIncense & ThunderGlad to be Left BehindMen In Their Own SkinOrphans No MoreWhen Hard Times ComeFollow Me and his latest, a children’s book laced with gospel truth: Shorty the Substitute Ram.

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