Sicario: Day of the Soldado Could Be a Trump-Funded Documentary on Why We Need a Wall

By John Zmirak Published on July 6, 2018

Imagine if President Trump had decided to use his private fortune to create a Public Service Announcement on the threat that our immigration chaos posed to America. Not just to our economy and the rule of law. Nor mainly to women and children who get smuggled into America. But to national security, democracy, and even our moral fiber.

What if Trump found top-notch actors, a taut writer and a stylish but sober director to make that film? Then released it to movie theaters, while somehow keeping his funding secret? And timed the movie’s release strategically, to come just days after Mexico elected a radical socialist who demands open U.S. borders?

Then the movie he made would be titled Sicario: Day of the Soldado.

Ripped from the Headlines

Starring Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro, this film follows on the success of the 2016 Sicario. (That’s a powerful movie too — now available streaming on Netflix.) I won’t call the new film a sequel, since it stands alone. It’s gripping, rawly honest, fantastic to look at … and deeply disturbing.

If we don’t want our leaders facing brutal moral choices like the ones they face in this movie, then it’s time to build a Wall.

Remember the title crawl with which the first Stars Wars opened: “A long time ago, in a galaxy far away …”? Well Sicario: Day of the Soldado opens with a crawl giving quite the opposite message. This year, this month, today, the U.S. southern border is controlled by drug cartels. Their biggest business? The human smuggling of immigrants.

Our Border: The Sovereign Territory of Gangs Like MS-13

Bam. That is the truthful narrative which President Trump, and sober Christians who back him, have been hammering for years now. The U.S. southern border is run by groups as vicious and ruthless as MS-13. They make hundreds of millions or billions trafficking poor people into America. As one of the smugglers tells his human cargo on their approach to U.S. soil, “Welcome to Paradise!”

Of course, to get to that “paradise” where U.S. employers will exploit them in lawless conditions at illegal wages, the migrants go through hell. Tens of thousands of women and girls get raped (80% of Central American illegal migrants, reports the Huffington Post). Uncounted migrants die in the desert, abandoned in shipping containers or broken-down vehicles.

“They’re Sheep! Treat Them That Way.”

In a potent scene in the new film, a teenaged U.S.-born Latino who now works for the cartels is ordered to lead immigrants across the Rio Grande. His boss instructs him, “They’re sheep. Treat them that way.” And sure enough, as he herds men, women and children across the Rio Grande, when one of them stumbles and screams that she is drowning, the boy barks the order, “Leave her behind!”

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What else would we expect? The men who control their movement are as vicious as any terrorists. Just this year the cartels have assassinated more than 1,000 Mexican politicians, and corrupted entire police forces. They’re the de facto government in large swathes of Mexico.

Mexico’s Hugo Chavez Calls for Open Borders

And the new president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has announced that he’s suspending drug law enforcement in large parts of the country. Also, he brashly said that he’s eschewing armed security. That tells me one of two things:

A) Obrador is suicidally rash, and will be murdered very soon. Or:

B) He is quietly accepting protection from one or more of the cartels. They’ve put out word he must not be touched.

President Trump would never venture forth without Secret Service protection. Heck, the spiraling hate that gangster leftists like Rep. Maxene Waters are whipping up is feeding calls for White House officials to seek such protection too. I hope for the sake of Mr. Obrador’s safety — though not of his soul — that option B) is the right one.

Support This Crucial Movie

I don’t want to give away the taut, engrossing plot of Sicario: Day of the Soldado. But I’ll leave you a breadcrumb trail, which I hope leads you to the box office this week.

We must make this movie a success, or else never complain again that liberal Hollywood won’t let the truth be told. This movie tells it, so support it. Go see it this weekend. Tonight, if possible. (Warning: This is not a film for children.)

The film opens with real-life night-time footage of the massive, nightly illegal incursions the cartels’ soldiers lead into our country. Then it cuts to acts of shocking terrorist violence committed by migrants. (You might not know it, but the cartels have long-standing relationships with groups like ISIS and al Qaeda, which use them to smuggle their operatives into America.)

We must make this movie a success, or else never complain again that liberal Hollywood won’t let the truth be told. This movie tells it, so support it. Go see it this weekend. Tonight, if possible.

The threat to America’s safety then goads the Administration to sign off on acts of appalling ruthlessness, aimed at Mexico’s cartels. You will cringe at the tactics America’s agents use to fight the most ruthless gangs on earth. You’ll probably disapprove of them, too.

Don’t Force Our Leaders to Be This Ruthless

What you’ll take from this film, however, is this: This kind of callous cruelty is the fruit of desperation. It’s a desperation our politicians are feeding by leaving our southern border in chaos, the sovereign territory of mass rapists and drug dealers, who traffic in human cargo.

If we don’t want our leaders facing brutal moral choices like the ones they face in this movie, then it’s time to build a wall. As a military necessity, for America’s survival as a peaceful, lawful country.

Whether or not President Trump funded this movie, I know one thing: He should screen it for every member of Congress. Then hold their feet to the fire every day till the November elections, for endangering the people they’re meant to serve.

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Yeah, the dems are producing their own version of this eye opening dramatic retelling of how things are South of the boarder. “Day Of The Soldado . The Musical”.
    It’s going to be the “woke” version. Promoting open boarders, family unity & the future of the “New Democratic Party “.
    I hear Maxine will be encouraging supporters to harass movie goers attending the original production …

    • Chip Crawford

      Overture- Wasting Away in McAllenville …

  • Chip Crawford

    Good to keep the video going, getting the unhampered story out.

    BTW, how are the beagles, all grown up? Update maybe ?

  • Lisa

    Thanks for the heads up. I will go see it.
    I never realized that employers of illegals play a part in the human trafficking nightmare.

  • The original “Sicario” was a masterpiece. I expect this one to be just as thrillingly real. Forget the negative reviews, and see the film. As an aside, I’ve long said that the main problem today is not the movie industry; it’s the critics who fashion themselves as cultural commissars. Their ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and other aggregation sites really do affect box office.

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