Shame on You, Diane Feinstein! The Smearing of Judge Kavanaugh

By Al Perrotta Published on September 13, 2018


At this hour, Florence isn’t the only storm threatening to wreck the Mid-Atlantic region. Sen. Diane Feinstein has set off a firestorm that threatens to burn out any last shred of decency existing in Washington, DC. 

Feinstein announced she has a “secret document” alleging some act by Kavanaugh when he was in high school. High school. She’s not going to tell you what’s in the document. However, she has handed over this “secret document” to the feds for investigation. 

It’s a ploy out of the Sen. Joe McCarthy playbook. There can be zero response beyond, “Have You No Shame?”

The “Secret Document”

“I have received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” Feinstein said in a statement. “That individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision. I have, however, referred the matter to federal investigative authorities.”

Do you hear the ghost of Sen. Joseph McCarthy? “I have here in my hand a list of 205 … a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist party.” Did he have them? Well, no.

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According to The Intercept, which first reported the story, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have been pressuring Feinstein to show them the document. For the moment, she is refusing. (But that won’t last.)

“[The document] purportedly describes an incident that was relayed to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who authored the letter and sent it to Rep. Anna Eshoo.” The Intercept goes on:

Different sources provided different accounts of the contents of the letter, and some of the sources said they themselves have heard different versions, but the one consistent theme was that it describes an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman while they were in high school.

The woman is now being repped by Debra Katz. Who is she? A “whistleblower attorney who works with #MeToo survivors.”

Did You See That?

So here’s what we have: Something may or may not have happened between Kavanaugh and a girl decades ago when both were in high school. Different people tell different stories about what allegedly happened. The woman wants no part of this. Is she even the instigator of the letter?

Someone relays this alleged incident to somebody affiliated with Stanford. The woman? Did she tell the Stanford person in confidence? Tell the person in passing? Tell her recently or 20 years ago?

Was it relayed someone else? Someone who had heard the story at some point and realized the story could be used to sabotage Kavanaugh? 

Does the letter written — not by the woman, mind you — accurately reflect the woman’s recollection? Was it blown up to turn Kavanaugh into Bill Cosby? Did a light-hearted “Oh, he got a little too frisky in the backseat” memory get turned into “Kavanaugh tried to rape her”?

Is there the slightest bit of reason to trust the chain of information? After all, we’re talking about the same ideologues that insisted the Mexican-American granddaughter of Holocaust survivors was flashing white supremacy signs during Kavanaugh’s hearings. 

We know nothing. Feinstein knows nothing. But that didn’t stop her. She has wittingly and deliberation tossed this anonymous smear into the media cyclone, inferring Kavanaugh guilty of a crime worthy of federal attention, knowing darn well what will happen. Can anything be more unjust or unfair? “Have You No Shame, Sen. Feinstein?”

We Know What’s Coming

As sure as the Carolina coast is wet, that letter or the allegations themselves will be public. Kavanaugh will be painted as a pervert of the highest order. Or hypocrite. Certainly, Feinstein is suggesting he is a criminal.

The Accuser’s name will be known to the world. Her wish to stay out of it is irrelevant. Right now, every yearbook of every high school near Kavanaugh’s all-boys school is being combed. Emails and texts and Twitter messages are being sent. The woman will be revealed. She will be forced to come forward. She will have her name tattooed on TV screens for weeks. 

Even if she had just made a casual remark with no intention of hurting Kavanaugh, her life as she knew it is over. She will have her life turned into a 24/7 cable saga.

Ask Anita Hill. She too wanted anonymity.

And Brett Kavanaugh? He and his family will be dragged through hell. 

It’s Not About #MeToo. It’s About Abortion

Make no mistake. Feinstein wouldn’t be waving around some third-hand anonymous decades-old allegation and shipping it to the Feds if Kavanaugh were pro-choice. If Democrats weren’t worried his vote on the court might threaten Roe v. Wade, they wouldn’t give a hoot what someone says Kavanaugh did in high school. 

Don’t believe me? You’ve got on the record allegations of Congressman and DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison abusing women. Hardly a word about it.

This is about abortion. Period. But why should we be surprised? After all, one must do whatever is necessary to preserve the right to rip babies piece-by-piece out of the womb. Who cares if two more lives are destroyed?


UPDATE: The Guardian is reporting on what dastardly deed Kavanaugh is accused of committing. Sources tell The Guardian that Kavanaugh and another male are accused of locking a girl in a room during a high school party. She quickly got out of the room, but the incident upset her. Yup. That’s it. Left unknown: Was it a stupid prank? Was it silly payback for something silly the girl had done? (High school parties being high school parties.) Did they unlock the door and that’s how she got out? Did they lock her in there because she was wasted and threatening to drive? (High school parties being high school parties.)

Most importantly, who in the world thought using this to try and smear and destroy a good man was a good idea and why didn’t Feinstein just toss it into the trash?

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  • Cody

    Diane Feinstein should talk, I have some dirt on her, she is demon possessed. My question is do you really want her in office ? she old enough to make a Brontosaurs look young.

    • tz1

      I thought (((Feinstein))) was so evil few demons would consider posessing her. However she is probably a Chinese mole.

      • Jim Walker

        Please don’t link Feinstein to the Chinese. Its an insult to them.
        I can’t understand that at her age, she is still so evil. Its scary to see most Dems seemed demon possessed.

        • Chip Crawford

          Actually, she is a milder form. They are twisting her arm to do this for that reason, I opine, because she needs their support in her close race at home. They have held her to task for being too normal at times, not in open opposition mode like them.

          • Jim Walker

            Yes you’re right. Nancy, Maxine, Schumer, Cory, Kamala are the worst ones

      • demons only run from Holy things and sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

  • GLT

    If Feinstein cannot produce this accuser she should be charged with libel and prosecuted. Has this woman no integrity whatsoever? This ‘anonymous source’ nonsense has got to stop and the only way it will is if those claiming an anonymous source be made to identify that source. No identification, libel charges, simple as that.

    • tz1

      High Tech Lynchings are legal per Thomas.

    • childofjehovah

      Chinese spy say…no convict Senator D…..

    • Kevin Carr

      You answered your own question on the integrity issue. On the Chinese spy, she did enrich herself in dealings with the Chinese. The DOJ should really pull on that thread, but that won’t happen.

    • Chip Crawford

      The slander laws have been so watered down that it is very difficult to prove the level of harm they require in order to be valid. It is an over swing of the pendulum since slander laws used to be too easy, and people were being persecuted with them (kind of like the “Me Too” overreachers). The Admin, however, has considered the need to appropriately strengthen those laws to correct these egregious abuses so prevalent today. The National Enquirer has been cornered a number of times, but it took deep pocket complainants with top attorneys to prevail. Then, they just pay up and go right on, since the trash sells. But individuals and parties confronted who could not defend against a more discouraging law would send a signal to others to start avoiding the practice of weaponized slander.

  • tz1

    This is EXACTLY what happend to JUDGE Roy Moore.
    Is Ted Cruz going to withdraw support over the “serious allegations”?
    Well, it would be justice/karma if Beto won over Cruz for his faithlessness.
    May Kavanaugh win, and Cruz lose.

    • Bryan

      Isn’t your position on Cruz the same as NeverTrumpers? Better that Hillary win than Trump? Doesn’t that seem a little…absurd?

      • tz1

        I’m split. Justice requires that Cruz suffer the same fate he caused Moore. While I would prefer some other outcome, “Muh Principles” and Cruz, Glenn Beck, and others say. OTOH I suspect God will bless the candidates displacing the death culture democrats sufficietly to make up for it. Cruz could have been primaried. Besides, didn’t the National Enquirer expose allegations of 5 affairs – very serious allegations.
        Like Diane Feinstine has on Kavanaugh. Will Cruz abandon Kavanaugh like he did Moore?

    • Ken Abbott

      Classic nose-cut-off-to-spite-face behavior, Tizzy. O’Rourke would be a disaster for Texas and the country as senator. You cannot lay the blame for the Roy Moore debacle on Ted Cruz.

  • KC

    This is why good people don’t try to serve as our representatives. They refuse to subject their families to the attacks.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    So as if having a Chinese spy in your employ wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for this disingenuous old woman that she had to outdo herself w/this despicable attempt at significance . Significance of the kind only a pack of rats ( the two legged variety ) could embrace …..

  • tz1

    Roy Moore.
    Ted Cruz should pull his support because “Allegations”.

  • Patmos

    You almost have to feel sorry for the Democrats at this point. They’re just so pathetic. Propped up by indoctrination of the youth and heavy bias in the media, they have to trot out Barack to help with the midterms, and now stunts like this one from Feinstein. What next? Exploit traumatized kids to push for gun control? No wait, they’re already doing that.

  • Paul

    Let’s see, he’s now 53, if he graduated at age 18 like many do, he’s being smeared about a 3rd hand alleged event that happened at least 35 years ago. What criminal actions have a statute of limitations of 35 or more years? He couldn’t be rightly called a criminal absent a prosecution and conviction so what could he possibly havd done that could still land him in court? Oh and that assumes he wasn’t a minor at the time. In California the deadline to file charges on rape passed either 25 or 13 years ago depending on the details. Where did this happen? How old was he and the alleged victim? And what does the FBI have to do with it if it wasn’t a federal crime?
    DiFi knows all this too well, this of course has nothing to do with facts or what could possibly lead to a conviction, it is about mob rule, Ds rushing down the street in the middle of the night, torches in hand on a mission to burn him alive. Doesn’t matter what the truth is really, it never gets in the way of good victim story and opportunity to torch an originalist judge and Trump in the process.

  • Diane Feinstein needs to be removed from the Senate. Forcibly, if necessary. In addition, she needs to be subjected to an investigation into her hidden life, all the way back into High School.

    • Kevin Carr

      She an several others need to be removed. She clings to power at 84, while neglecting her own suspect dealings with the Chinese that would likely prove to be borderline treasonous, only to try an smear this man on a very old and suspect charge. I’m not shocked, look at her character and the character of party. If there was any change for the better I would acknowledge it, it has only gotten worse.

      • Bryan

        it’s not even a charge really. It’s at best hearsay, because to the best of my knowledge, there was never even a formal compliant filed so that anything resembling charges could be brought.
        If I were Kavanaugh, I would seriously consider filing a slander suit.

      • My mantra for the last several years: DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  • Chip Crawford

    Keep it up. They forget that most of the country aren’t wacko like them. Curiouser and curiouser says the electorate; think I will pass on the crazies this time.

  • Ken Abbott

    More update: Sixty-five women who knew the nominee in high school have signed a letter of support and affirmation of his character and integrity.

  • Jed

    Why compare this to acts of the —> appropriately anti-Communist <— McCarthy ???
    These are full-on Soviet-style show trial tactics.
    ——- ——— ———– ———
    Slander / Libel laws need to be strengthened …
    But I suspect Republicans will instead fight back with similar tactics

    Investigations … "people of interest" …. leaks to the press
    Have bypassed court trials premised on an assumption of innocence.
    ———— —————- ———————- —— ———— ——-

  • Michael Bravo

    After pushing a fabricated, fictional ‘dossier’ as gospel for two years and counting, what’s keeping Democrats from simply forging another phony letter?
    It takes a special kind of tool to believe a word any Democrat says.

  • Chip Crawford

    The latest is that Sen. Feinstein is not the culprit here. Someone else leaked the story first, so she was forced to produce the letter, choosing to turn it over to the FBI. Given that sequence of events, it appears she planned to keep it hidden and when the story came out that she had it, she then gave it to officialdom and not the Press. So, she comes out clear with this. She can’t help it that the representative sent it to her from the accuser.

  • When it comes to Supreme Court nominee shenanigans, the Republican delay of the Scalia slot was a problem. Whatever roadblocks the Democrats can put up today is nothing by comparison.

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