Sex Ed and Stalinism at the Local School Board

By Austin Ruse Published on February 13, 2018

I usually avoid really sick, appalling spectacles. I skip movies like Saw. But last Thursday I saw something worse. I went to the sex-education committee meeting of the Fairfax County School Board. I have never seen anything as shocking.

Understand, that I have sat through years of shocking meetings. My day job is monitoring and lobbying the United Nations. But, I have never seen or heard anything like this. This meeting was a horror show. And a Soviet one at that.

The Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee (FLECAC, pronounced flea-cack) advises the Fairfax County School Board for the content of the sex-education lessons taught to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

This group has come up with over 80 hours of sex-education for these poor kids. And some of it is straight-up pornography.

Rich, Leftist, and Libertine

This school district in Northern Virginia, one of the largest and richest in the country, is among the most leftist in the country. No big surprise there. Twenty-five years ago, they were already promoting “Two Mommies” to the little tots.

But the sexual revolution ideology kicked into hyper speed a few years ago. Fairfax leftists put transgender ideology into schools a full year before Barack Obama’s Department of Education mandated it for the rest of the schools in the country. Last year the Trump administration cancelled the mandate, though Fairfax County is clinging onto it.

This committee has long embraced the rest of the LGBT program. “Oral sex” is introduced to kids as young as 12.  Thirteen year olds are told about “anal sex” 18 separate times in one year’s lessons.

The FLECAC committee is made up of about two dozen people. They’re appointed by the overwhelmingly leftist Fairfax County School Board. Four voting members are students, chosen no doubt because they’re members of student LGBT clubs, and most other members appear to be teachers and administrators.

If the idea behind the committee is to get community input, why stack it with people on the county payroll?

The School Board’s Supreme Soviet

Last Thursday night, two regular citizen members of the committee tried to offer amendments to the curriculum. What happened to them is right out of the Politburo of the Supreme Soviet.

“Oral sex” is introduced to kids as young as 12. Thirteen year olds are told about “anal sex” 18 separate times in one year’s lessons.

The subject was the phrase “sex assigned at birth,” which appears numerous times in the lessons. This is a politically-charged slogan that teaches that it’s wrong for a delivery room doctor to say a penis means boy or a vagina means girl. A child should be left to his own gender choice later in life.

One citizen member made a motion to remove this phrase from the lessons and to simply use the word “sex” instead. Through parliamentary maneuvers, other members of the committee made sure the amendment was put off indefinitely without debate. The vote to cut off debate and never speak about it again passed 23-3.

The member who offered the amendment asked for a roll call, so that those voting to keep in “sex assigned at birth” would have their names associated with their votes. The motion for a roll call was killed by voice vote.

No debate, no accountability.

Another citizen member made a motion that, somewhere in the numerous lessons about various contraceptive methods taught beginning in eighth grade, there ought to be something about the possible health risks of certain contraceptives.

This, too, was shut down without debate, by a vote of 23-3. A roll call of the vote was shouted down by voice vote.

Hush, Adults Are Listening

The first citizen member made a motion to include a discussion in the lessons about the health risks associated with hormonal and surgical “transitioning.” This, too, was not allowed.

One county employee member asked why there was no lesson on anal sex for the seventh graders. There was oral sex, but why was anal sex missing? The chairman of the committee assured her that the anal sex begins with lessons in the eighth grade.

This revealing moment was followed by another: The chairman actually apologized, with a nervous laugh, for using those graphic terms.

Did it not occur to her, or anyone else on the committee, that she was apologizing to the adults in the room for using words that are scripted into the lessons they have created for children?

It was clear to me that much of the reaction to these motions was a kind of animus toward traditional morality. The glee with which the majority cut off the legitimate concerns of the minority was breathtaking.

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Christians as the Taliban

One new member of the committee is a democratic activist named Daniel Press. He was the one who was most vociferous that these motions not only be trashed, but that they not even be discussed. On his Facebook page he calls Christians the Taliban and has an image of Christ on the cross over the mocking words: “Total Winner.”

The other thing that struck me was the sheep-like attitude of most of the members of the committee. There were a few loudmouth ideologues, to be sure.  One student member treated us to an anti-American diatribe ending with the charge that transphobia stems from white supremacy. For the most part the members were silent. But they were lickety-split to raise their hands whenever called upon to vote against debate, discussion, and accountability. That they could not allow.

Finally, it’s remarkable how fast such new and fantastical notions have entered the leftist mindset. The notion of “sex assigned at birth” was itself born just a few years ago. And yet, these people are so certain of its truth, they clap hands on their ears to avoid hearing anything contradictory. Even more, they clap their hands on the mouths of anyone who might want to question this new tenet of faith.  

Blind Faith, False Faith

This brings to mind two things: brainwashing, and bad religion. The committee members may not know it, but they have been brainwashed to believe things that are simply not supported by either science or reason. Theirs is faith plain and simple, and the worst kind of faith, the kind that contradicts reason, the kind that can only be imposed. Theirs is a blind faith, taking as gospel whatever the sexual zeitgeist vomits forth.

And so what are parents to do? Opt their kids out of Family Life Education and take over the school board. One is easy, but both are necessary. Sexual Stalinism, of the kind I witnessed a few nights ago, has no place in the education of our children.

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  • mj

    So sorry you had to sit through this event, but I’m more sorry I didn’t know that this was taking place in the public schools right “next door.” “Opt-out” and “take over…” I will pray both for Fairfax families and other counties that are facing the same attacks.

    • Robert

      This is already the law in the province of Ontario in Canada, every schoolboard in the province (including Catholic boards) have been forced to implement this type of curriculum.

      • Andy6M

        We’re facing the implementation of similar things in Alberta courtesy of the NDP.

  • Diogenes71

    There is evil, true evil, in this world and it manifests itself in various ways. The cultural rot must be stopped.

  • Char B

    I can hardly believe it

  • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

    Welcome to the new sodom know as “public schools”

  • Brian Ulmen

    Is this limited to NoVA or is this happening in other school districts in other parts of the country? One more entry on the scrolls worth of reasons we homeschool.

    • allie B

      This type of curriculum is being implemented everywhere, not just predominantly liberal, urban, districts.

      The photo is actually from a public library event. Similar events have been held in Brooklyn, NY, Long Beach, CA, Oak Park, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Lawrence, KS (Yes, Kansas), Lawrenceville, GA, and other public libraries across the country. They call it “Drag Queen Story Time” or “Genderful!” It is aimed at pre-school aged and elementary school children.

  • Patmos

    The reprobate mind just seems to know no bounds.

  • bleufishcat

    The debouchery of the Left never, never, sleeps while we slumber on.

  • Kathy

    Fully in agreement with all of these posts. The photo makes me ill, especially what appears to be a little girl with the “men”, but thinking it must actually be a little boy. Ugh!

  • James

    Given the voting records, it seems this is what a majority of the people of Fairfax want.

    • John Steen

      Don’t try to push this off on the voters. Most have no idea what they want. On the rare occasions that they do vote, they don’t vote for a person based on his or her platform or record, they just vote for a “D” or an “R.” Most of the people in Fairfax — or any other county in the nation, for that matter — don’t even know who their school board members are. Most have never attended a school board meeting, and have no idea what is discussed at meetings.

      • James

        You’d be surprised at what rich liberal voters do want taught in the schools.

  • rightminded

    I wonder just how many parents of children in this district have any real idea what goes on in these meetings.
    I weep to think this is actually, literally what they want taught to their children.

  • fderf

    Christ on the cross is a total winner. 🙂

    • PalaceGuard

      Irony is lost on the Progressives.

  • Jim Walker

    The one in Nun’s outfit looks like Chuck our regular troll.

    • Andy6M

      Haven’t seen chuck in a while.

  • Stephen D

    Here in Australia government-controlled schools (we call them State Schools) were set up soon after the arrival of the first colonists expressly to oppose Christian influence in education. What we got was something called ‘secular’ education. What it has morphed into is an educational nightmare, the latest phase being the compulsory teaching of LBGT ideology. Anyone who values liberty must in my view oppose state-controlled education on principle. It is inherently anti-democratic.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    The ironic part of this is that Stalin would never have allowed for this garbage to take hold in Soviet schools.

  • mzungu

    In the next Civil War that the Democrats start but cannot finish many of these
    Leftist leaders will die along with their army of HIV infected perverts. We would have to have a mass grave and incinerate them just to prevent the spread of disease. But at my age I probably won’t be around to celebrate. That is my prediction anyway due to the principle of the boiling point. There is only so much that love can cover and decent people can put up with.

  • Sid Baker

    The Devil is alive and well and living in this school board.

  • bztow

    Not really that easy to opt out. Your children pay for those decisions.

    • PalaceGuard

      Your children will pay either for your decisions or for those of the school board. Choose.

      • bztow

        Agreed. But it’s still not easy.

    • allie B

      It is easier than you think. You aren’t just “opting out” when you decide to leave the government system for a private school or homeschool community, you are “opting in” to something better.

      Children who are educated at home or through some other alternative to the government system are very successful in higher education and the job market.

      What price is it you fear children educated outside the government system will be paying?

      • bztow

        I was talking about opting out of the class. Leaving the school altogether is much easier than keeping children out of class. They get made fun of and harassed (shocking, I know, from such advocates of tolerance) if they don’t participate. In this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were targeted by the administration and teachers who want everyone to think as they do. Yes, our children will have to learn to function in a hostile world but it’s not an easy decision if you are staying in public school.

        • allie B

          That makes more sense. Pulling a child out of this class, or a literature class that requires readings of what amounts to pornography, a history class that is little more than sjw rhetoric, or any other inappropriate class is pointless for all of the reasons you mention. Also, removing a child from one class still leaves him immersed in this culture that permeates the entire school, and exposes him to a flawed and abusive pedagogy.

        • EmilyDickinson1000

          Even 35 years ago, when I opted my child out of Drug Just Say No class, she was placed on the “bad kid” bench in full view of whole school to humiliate her as if she had misbehaved. They have their ways. Opt out of our corrupt public education. Kids are v impressionable and peer-oriented. Keep them safe while you, the adult, try to change the system,. They shouldn’t be made to suffer early in their lives.

  • Michelle Rebello

    I went to the public schools in Fairfax County until ‘82 and it wasn’t as leftist. I’m reminded of the Bible verse,”Woe to those who cause one of these little ones to stumble. It would be better if he tied a millstone around his neck and they were thrown into the sea” (Mark 9:42).

  • Rosalina Martin

    If the majority of parents would pull their kids out of this school district (to home school for private school) they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Money talks – it always has. . . . but these parents are too afraid (for various reasons) to do it. They need to remember that they are the only protectors of their children. If they don’t stand up. . . who will?

    • 0bsoleteMan

      Conservative parents should have pulled their kids out of public k12 schools eons ago, but it is never too late for them to start now.

    • Yvonne Donaldson

      I believe California is trying to ban homeschooling in their state. Just a few days ago read an article on this. Parents need to make a stand against this and also parents in other states. Other liberal states will follow their example. Time for the silent majority to rise up and start protesting.

      • EmilyDickinson1000

        Yes, I was just thinking, until some judge says that homeschooling, private schooling is immoral, hateful, unequal, illegal, anti-American, homo-phobic. Woudldn’t that pleases the teachers’ unions, Leftists main contributors? Better get active now, parents, wherever you live.

  • Bryan

    Just a thought: If all the Christian parents pulled their kids out of public schools for either private or homeschooling, who would be the light to those kids who are still there?
    Full disclosure: My K and PreK kids are being homeschooled now. We’re not far from Fairfax county or other similarly wealthy school districts that typically rank in the top 10 nationally. Our intent is to start their training at home because we can and because we have wanted to from the time we were dating. However, we plan for them to be in either public or private education for high school and possibly some or all of middle school.
    I’m not claiming moral superiority on this issue. I’m merely stating (aside from the obvious fact that private or homeschooling is impossible in some situations) that if all Christians heed this advice, it is counterproductive to actual change.
    Another point to consider is that shaming parents who cannot afford to provide alternate full-time education for their children (by insisting that any Christian who leaves their child in public education is willfully harming their child), alienates Christians whom we should be supporting.

    • allie B

      It is not up to us to ask our children to be the light when they are still at the beginning of their own formation. Our goal as Christian (or moral – regardless of faith) parents is to enable our children to be moral, virtuous, free, individuals who can discern goodness and truth and act accordingly. Our goal ought not to be to prop up a failing government system, and it certainly ought not to be to sacrifice our children in the hopes of changing the system. The reality is that progressive education, whether public or private, is damaging and abusive to our children. This situation did not create itself overnight – it has been growing and developing since compulsory government education was instituted for the masses – around the beginning of the LAST century. To think that sending our children into the lion’s den is going to create some kind of change for the better is unrealistic. They pedagogy does not honor the nature of a child or any human, and the curriculum is just plain evil. This is an unfortunate fact. To send one’s children into the system is to send them into harm’s way. There is no way around that sad truth. A better way to support those who can’t see a way out of the system might be to offer to help them, rather than to support them in a failing system. We can be the light by helping other families get their children out of the system.

      If one’s children are one’s priority, a way will be found. We chose to educate our children at home and have done so for eleven years and counting. When I started, I sounded a lot like you. I never expected to educate my children all the way through, but we are in it for the long haul. I have had wonderful mentors and have watched families graduate their children and have seen them succeed in such amazing ways. Our family has struggled through job losses, having to care for elderly relatives, severe long-term illnesses, you name it. Instead of giving up on our children, we became a one (old) car family, we sold our home and lived in a tiny apartment for a time, ate very simple meals at home, our boys wore hand-me downs and thrift store finds, we did not go on vacations, to movies, have cable (still don’t), and the bulk of our curriculum came from the library sale. I still love a good library sale. After years of struggle, our financial situation stabilized and we were able to give back to the many families who helped us and to the homeschooling community at large.

      Over the years, I have had the pleasure of aiding those who have also been in difficult situations find alternatives to the public school system. I have tutored other people’s children, have shared curriculum, connected families with other families that needed support, helped other people’s children attend co-ops, etc. There are so many alternatives under the umbrella of home education that a workable situation can surely be found if it is a priority. The homeschool community is an actual community and many families are ready to lift of other families who need help to bring or keep their children home. Most private and religious schools have financial aid programs and money from private donors. There is always a way.

      • EmilyDickinson1000

        Well done. It is a matter of putting your children first, sacrificing time and material things.

      • Susan Ford Keller

        “Our goal ought not to be to prop up a failing government system, and it certainly ought not to be to sacrifice our children in the hopes of changing the system.” This is exactly the goal of all federally funded preschools, kindergartens, and public schools – to prop up our failing government and to sacrifice children in the hopes of changing their parents to the government system. Thank God for homeschoolers. May they all run for Congress.

    • D_OK

      Pull them out.

  • Charles Martel

    Who are those people in the picture?

    • allie B

      This is from a “Drag Queen Story Time” event. They are being held at public libraries all across the country and are aimed at pre-school and elementary school children.

      • allie B

        OH, and the child in the photo is a boy in drag.

      • EmilyDickinson1000

        In Seattle.

      • Gee. Lovely. How is this tolerated???

  • John Connell

    Thank God for parochial schools!

    • Yes, for those that can afford them. I personally think America should do what Ireland does. Fund ANY legitimate school, public or private, Christian or secular. THAT is TRUE FREEDOM.

      In Ireland, 80% of the schools are private, and their educational system is better than ours. Go figure.

      We need to get rid of any curriculum control in return for federal dollars. Get rid of the Federal Board of Education, and ALL the intermediate units. If the government has no control over the curriculum, then there is no need for a Federal BOE or IU’s. Think of all the tax dollars that would be saved, and how much better and FREER our educational system would be.

  • N9841A

    The problem in this school district is not unique to this school district. They are all hiding the evils of perversion under the heading of sex education. Perversion has nothing to do with sex, sex is intercourse between and male and female, for the purpose of reproduction. Perversion is so nasty, they cannot discuss the act in detail and in the open class room, so they skirt around the edges with calling it sex education. This is going to continue until they are forced to discuss in detail, what gay sex is all about. Hold the schools and school boards accountable.

    • Planned murderhood provides most of the sex education classes for children. It’s good for business. When you encourage young kids to have sex, you naturally have more abortions and selling of baby body parts to boost your business.

      And unfortunately, due to common core and the choking spider web of intermediate units from the local level all the way up to the Federal Board of Education, this is a cookie cutter curriculum across the entire country.

      Kind of reminds me of how Hitler took over German schools to produce his Hitler Youth. Hitler even told the parents straight up that “your children are mine.” And he was right.

      When obummer spoke of “fundamentally transforming America,” he was ghoulishly right as well.

  • D_OK

    The most disgusting example of SIN being promoted among our youth. There is the Great White Throne Judgment for those who do not receive Jesus as Savior (Romans 10:8-13 is the open door to Him), and for those who enter the Judgement Seat of Christ it will be by the skin of their teeth in these horrific examples.

  • TheConservativeExpat

    Is that picture real. That’s some weird “stuff” that shouldn’t be allowed near children

  • allie B

    I know that this is the type of curriculum that many schools across the country teach. For some reason, this particular article has stuck with me over the past few days. All I have been able to think about is how my kids will be able to navigate this degenerate culture – how will THEIR children? Those of us who homeschool or otherwise alternatively educate our children still need to be concerned. Even though we don’t send our children into this cesspool, we are still taxpayers and citizens. We get a say in what kind of society we want to live and raise our families. If we turn a blind eye and isolate ourselves we share in the responsibility for where we end up as a people.

    I don’t know the answer, but I think I will take a cue from Mr. Ruse. I plan to start regularly attending our county’s monthly school board meetings and maybe encouraging the parents in our “circle” to take a regular trip to our capital to attend the state meetings as well. I’m not sure where we ought to go from there, but at least it is a start. This simply cannot continue.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?

    • Find people who are willing to run for school board positions. And keep attending the meetings. The only other thing that I can think of is for parents to get together and remove their children from these “sex ed” classes because they contradict your religious beliefs.

      By law, the school has to remove your children from the class, but you will have to keep on them and possibly take the case to court, because the school may try to ignore you.

      What is really needed is for more conservatives to get involved in local politics. It’s the only way. And make sure you know what they are teaching. All the parents should be able to request the course material. The school won’t like it, and may not give all of it, but make sure you keep on them.

    • Anna C

      One idea: If in doubt come election time, I suggest that you pick up the red apple flyer with the names recommended by the anti-children advocates for your local school board (they are always available on the tables as you enter to cast your ballot), and then make sure to vote agains each one of them.

  • cestusdei

    They are fundamentalists of a new religion and will brook no dissent or heresy. Soon they will deny parents the right to opt out. After all your kids belong to the government (them). They already hate homeschooling. This is the new inquisition that will make the Spanish one look mild.

  • Nick Stuart

    The public schools are irremediably wrecked. The only answer for parents is to get their children out into private schools or homeschool them. Public school unions will fight any meaningful reform like Leonidas at Thermopylae. “Reform” will benefit only a few students for only a short period of time. If you have a school ate child now, reform will do you no good.

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