Why I Serve: Officer Edward Martinez of Fort Worth Police Department

In honor of National Police Week, meet one of the men protecting our streets.

By Edward Martinez Published on May 18, 2017

My name is Officer Edward Martinez. I am a Fort Worth police officer. I have been a police officer for 14 years, but it sure has not felt like it’s been that long. I still enjoy being a police officer as much as I did when I started.

I decided I wanted to be a police officer because I felt this job would be fun and exciting, never the same thing. And I get to carry a gun. Who doesn’t like that? As it turns out it has been fun, exciting and I do get to carry a gun. It’s fun getting to chase a criminal and catch them. Knowing they did not get away and now are going to pay for the crime they committed is what makes police work fun.

I made the right decision to become a police officer. I get to meet different people daily, I get to put criminals in jail and I get to help out someone that needs help. And I get to carry a gun.

I enjoy that on each call I go on I meet different types of people. We, as officers, deal with good law-abiding citizens and we then deal with the criminals that don’t abide by the law. I enjoy meeting everyone, knowing I made a difference in their life. The criminals, well, usually they aren’t happy because they are going to jail or getting citations. The law-abiding citizens, they on the other hand are usually happy knowing I helped them with whatever issue they called about.

Another reason I enjoy being a police officer is because I enjoy making a difference. I like that I can help someone in the time of need if that means fixing a flat or putting someone in jail because they hurt someone. When I put someone in jail for assaulting someone it’s a good feeling knowing that the victim will now be safe, now that the offender is in jail.

I also like being a police officer because when I help a stranded motorist on the freeway it’s a good feeling knowing the citizen will make it home safely to their family.

I do this job to the best of my ability knowing that I will make a difference in someone’s life every day. I put on my uniform and leave my home not knowing what type of day I will have and that makes it exciting. I do know that I will do my best to keep everyone I meet safe and I will do whatever I can to help those that need assistance.

Being a police officer has been fun and exciting, and 14 years later I still enjoy the work. I will say I made the right decision to become a police officer. I get to meet different people daily, I get to put criminals in jail and I get to help out someone that needs help. And I get to carry a gun.

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  • tz1

    You’ve been there 14 years. You must have seen fellow cops violate the laws.
    Do you issue your fellow cops tickets or is this part of the thin blue line and your personal rejection of the rule of law and justice?
    People violate code or violate some trivial traffic law – do you enjoy putting them in jail and destroying their lives, or even fining them?
    Is your job to “protect and serve” or to collect revenue? If the latter – you are a profit center – you are a dirty cop, not unlike the redcoats the colonies rebelled against.
    Did you do the 40 hours of “If you hesitate you’re dead” so are in fear of your life 24/7 so if I encounter you, and do … whatever … you will shoot and kill me because “I was in fear of my life” and damn the constitution, knowing your corrupt prosecutor and the rest will have your back?

    I really wish to honor you, but most, maybe 90% of cops are corrupt, paranoid, think civilians are the enemy and they are an occupying army (Balko: Rise of the Warrior Cop).

    If I met you, would you be there to help, protect, serve, or to raise revenue, or think me the enemy and if I move the wrong way kill me knowing the system would exhonerate you?

    I fear cops and that fear begets hatred because they aren’t held accountable.

    Are you part of that or do you wish to return to the honorable, de-escalating constable?

    • GPS Daddy

      You do not know 90% of the cops so you cannot make the statement that 90% of them are corrupt.

      You have a good question on does this cop hold his fellow cops accountable? I have no problem if cops let cops slide on minor things. I say this because of why cops face.

      They face people who have become irrational in their fear of them. They also face people who don’t care a whit about obeying the law and are very willing to commit violence if you try and stop them. I read a story where this cop watched a young lady walking alone while there was a gang near by. He fully expected the gang to rape her. He feared for his life if he tried to stop it. Cops risk their lives every day do you? Do you walk out the door of your house and risk your life? Do you make enemies of people when you give them a ticket for violating the law?

      Yes, there are bad cops. But cops have to deal with bad people.

      • Wayne Cook

        I hold police accountable like I hold my neighbors accountable. They are people just like you and I. The mere fact that this man made himself available and vulnerable speaks very positively of his heart. I’m really thankful we have guys like him on the street.

        • GPS Daddy

          Agreed. Did you see my comment as not saying this?

    • mbabbitt

      What a disgusting response.

      • Wayne Cook

        Yep… a sour lib…blocking him.

    • Wayne Cook

      Tz…I hope the admins find and dispose of you. Your response is so out of line, it’s beyond revolting.

  • Randy Clendenin

    Hello, bad Leo’s (small minds overcompensate with physical/power abuse), that’s what they need to “feel Big”! Those “bad” push out good leo’s, causing law enforcement’s image and professionalism to plummet from the public trust, installed by oath! Hypocrisy/liars should be banned! Just as a get away driver’s are also charged w/murder when that occurs, so should those “blue line” officers be removed who know of those “bad Leo’s” but won’t stand up/speak out!!! They’re the scab that needs to be removed so heling my begin – regardless how high up the scalpe needs to cut!! Sad, very sad – at least small town dept.’s aren’t all that trustworthy! If the dept.’s don’t have “I.A.’s” to weed bad ones out, it’s a cancer to all! Sincerely, Randy.

  • Thank you for all you do officer !

  • Shelia Hall

    Thank you for all you do to keep us safe

  • Kevin Schlaht

    thank you for keeping us safe


    Thanks for all you do to keep us safe.

  • Linda Bradshaw

    Thank you all for keeping us safe. We really appreciate it.

  • Debra Haefner

    Thanks for the difficult job you do keeping us safe!

  • Mark Terrazas

    Edward Martinez in the above article said ” I get to put criminals in jail” Putting criminals in jail is dangerous and these officers are heroes ! Thank You

  • belinda bell

    Thank you for keeping people save. And for arresting the ones that need it.

  • Francisco Santiago

    Thank you for protecting our community and keeping us safe and you guys safe just be careful and good luck

  • Thomas Wojdyla

    Thank you so much,and be safe out there

  • Kevin Schlaht

    Thank You

  • Sandra Beeman

    Thanks much!

  • Mr. Sktyx

    thank you for the solidarity

  • Phil Birkhimer

    Thank you!

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