‘Send Lazarus to My Father’s House’

By Chenyuan Snider Published on March 19, 2023

In the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus, the rich man, suffering in hell, asks Father Abraham to send Lazarus to his father’s house to warn his five brothers in order to save them from hell. His attempt, though not the core teaching of the parable, reveals a general truth, i.e., when a grievous thing strikes us, our natural instinct is to warn others, especially our loved ones, so that they would not suffer the same fate.

For one thing, the culture of the rich man — different from ours — tends to encourage such an effort. In that culture, a person does not exist as an independent entity, but as part of a larger group. Within the framework of a shared identity, social obligation always preempts the individual’s self-interests. In the case of the rich man, he is obligated to alert his brothers of an impending terrifying doom. He does so without obsessing with the possibility of being belittled as to why he has landed in the awful spot in the first place. For him, social obligation offsets how others would remember him.

The Japanese Culture

However, many cultures do not share this practice. I remember I had a conversation with a Japanese businessman over 30 years ago while I was still in China. During our discussion, he told me that what makes Japan different from many other places lies in the socially held belief that those who are fooled are more shameful than those who deceive. He told this with a sense of pride.

I still remember my reaction to his statement, instantly feeling a deep chill running down my spine. I’m not familiar with the Japanese culture and am not in a position to judge whether his assertion had representative power. But that was the last time I felt comfortable to converse with him, and I remember telling myself that I would never want to live in a place where a victim receives a harsher penalty than the perpetrator. Though such injustice only occurs in the realm of public opinion, a shameful putdown can be more pernicious than a judgment handed down by a court. In that culture, it’s unlikely a person would admit to being cheated, let alone warning others about the deception.

American Culture

After I immigrated to the U.S., I occasionally remembered my last in-depth dialogue with that Japanese businessman. His description of Japan’s alleged belief felt even more out of place within the American culture, the new environment I was in, for America is a place where a victim has a voice and is not despised. In fact, Americans are more inclined to help those who fall into the hands of evil men. Take a relatively recent example. At the inception of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many around the world, reacting out of good well, booked reservations for Air B&B in Ukraine without using them. Fifty percent of the reservations were booked by Americans. Irrespective of which side is in the right and validity of such magnanimity, the picture is clear — America, besides being the freest country in human history, is also benevolent and compassionate towards a perceived victim.

How the Pandemic Changed America

However, the pandemic has advertently revealed features that otherwise would have remained hidden in an ordinary time. In America, it feels good to be a benefactor, but not so when a patron becomes a victim falling prey to evil people, especially when it is the consequence of a personal choice, whether made voluntarily or coercively.

When the government rolled out the jab, many embraced the compassionate offer. Granted that the challenge we faced at the beginning of the pandemic was unprecedented and no one saw where it was going, it would be preposterous to suspect that our government would use the vaccine to harm us. But soon after, some, detecting warning signs and seeing through certain deceptions and manipulation, refused to go along with the flow. Some, after taking the initial dose, came to the same realization and declined to be further jabbed.

Still some were forced to leave their employment and retirement benefits behind for refusing to comply with the mandate; while many others were coerced into taking the jab in order to keep their job and support their families. Over 80% of the U.S. population has received at least one dose.

In this tense environment, many saw those who had refused to take the jab as irresponsible conspiracists who hindered the process of recovery from the virus and prevented society from getting back to normal.

The Hard Facts

In the course of time, however, yesterday’s conspiracy theories look increasingly more like hard facts. Two years ago, I only heard about injuries done by the vaccine on social media. Today, malignant medical conditions have been occurring among my acquaintances who had been fully vaccinated.

Concurrently, growing amount of evidence of the harmful nature of the mRNA vaccine continue to surface, shedding more light on the cause of the unusual numbers of injury and death by the jab. Among them, Pfizer’s own documents have ironically provided the most damaging proof. Despite the FDA’s effort in keeping the documents sealed for 75 years, they were released due to a lawsuit. Based on Pfizer’s own data, Naomi Wolf and her team have produced the Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports (Amazon.com: War Room / DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports eBook: Find Out What Pfizer, FDA Tried to Conceal eBook : Investigation Team, Pfizer Documents, Kelly, Amy, LLC, DailyClout: Kindle Store), delivering the undeniable proof of the harmful impact of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

What Pfizer Knew

For instance, Pfizer knew within a month that the vaccine did not work. They knew that 61 people had dropped dead from a stroke after taking the jab. They knew they had injected 62 children illegally including a 2-month-old baby who developed kidney damage. They knew that a 7-year-old had had a stroke, but they kept going and took it to market.

Also, the Analysis Reports found 35 different terms relating to ruining women’s menstrual cycles, showing that Pfizer was intentionally studying how to wreck the human reproduction system. The lipid nanoparticles found in the ovaries of some women who had been vaccinated confirm this assertion. There also exists evidence of degradation of the testis among vaccinated boys that could prevent them from turning into normal adult men. These are hard facts in Pfizer’s own documents.

The CCP’s Involvement

Mao once said, “No love exists without a particular reason. Neither does hate.” The Analysis Reports, besides revealing the crimes, also uncovers the intention behind the offenses. It discloses that Pfizer is not just a German company, but a German-Chinese company. There is a memorandum of understanding between Pfizer and a CCP-owned pharmaceutical that a billion doses of mRNA vaccine were manufactured by the Chinese company. However, none of the mRNA vaccines produced by the Chinese company has ever been used on Chinese.

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A few years ago, to allege that the CCP was trying to demolish America’s supremacy would sound preposterous. However, after witnessing Chinese spy balloons flying over our territory undeterred before being shot down and learning the depth of CCP’s infiltration in our government, few would consider such a claim farfetched, if they’re honest. Indeed, the CCP has been grooming America through various endeavors, and the man-made pandemic through the leaked virus and subsequent vaccination are part of their agenda of conquering America including population reduction.

Yet, as of March 1st, 2023, over 672 million doses of the mRNA vaccine have been administered in the U.S. Over 230 million Americans, near 70% of the total U.S. population, have been fully vaccinated. For the first time, it appears that the majority of the U.S. population has been deceived and potentially harmed, becoming victims in the hands of evil men, either voluntarily or coercively.

The Truth Has Come Out. How Will We Respond?

Unlike the culture of the rich man in Jesus’ story, our individualistic culture does not encourage us to rise above our circumstances and do the right thing for the sake of our brothers. Perhaps, in our ME centered environment, even those good works we do often are displays of our egotism. An egotistic culture would leave little room for admitting being conned. Otherwise, why have so few conservative media promoted the Pfizer Documents Analysis Report, the seminal work in exposing the lies and deception surrounding the mRNA vaccine? Why do so many choose to be reticent about being duped, burying their heads in the sand? Shouldn’t the whole country be outraged about the most atrocious crime against America? Shouldn’t we furiously go after the criminals? Is keeping up appearances more important than executing justice? Perhaps our culture is closer to the one described by the Japanese businessman than we’d like to admit.

But it should not be so for Christians whose lives have been transformed by the Truth. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are both required and capable of living by truth but never by lies irrespective of the circumstances we are in.

Christians Who Collaborated to Push the Vaccine

Regrettably, during the height of the pandemic, Evangelical leaders, Russell Moore, Timothy Keller and Rick Warren just to name a few, collaborated with the former National Institutes of Health Director, Francis Collins, to push the government mRNA vaccine agenda. They told us that if we obey God’s command to love our neighbors as the Good Samaritan, we must wear masks, close our churches and take the jab. Failing to do so was not a political or scientific matter, but a deliberate rebellion against God Himself.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt that they simply were conned, we can forgive them. But now that the truth has come out, where are they?

Unfortunately, the story of the Good Samaritan is not just about the hypocrisy and apathy of the Jewish leaders in Jesus’ time. It also reveals a dark truth. Those who are given more knowledge and enlightenment from God can knowingly forfeit the grace given to them and misuse their responsibilities. Like the priest and Levi in the parable of the Good Samaritan, today those Evangelical leaders walk by us silently, pretending nothing has befallen us. They told us to be Good Samaritans, but they lack both the integrity and courage to dress our wounds. More than that, those leaders actually share the liability for our falling into the hands of evil men. Shouldn’t they be held more accountable than the priest and Levi for their lack of action?

The Story of the Good Samaritan

It’s quite remarkable that the story of the Good Samaritan parallels our own time on more than one level.

Jesus chose a despised Samaritan to contrast with the honorable priest and the Levi, creating an unmistakably shocking effect among His hearers. Ironically, the incongruity in the Good Samaritan story repeats itself today. For instance, there are many Christians who have either been injured by the jab or know someone who has been afflicted by the vaccine. Yet, they remain silent. On the other hand, Dr. Robert Malone, who was involved in the early development of mRNA vaccine and took the jab, courageously went public telling his adverse reaction to the jab. He risked his reputation among his colleagues and peers because for him warning others about the danger of the mRNA vaccine superseded his professional prominence. He is a Good Samaritan.

Dr. Naomi Wolf is a Brave Person

Dr. Naomi Wolf, a feminist author and a progressive, is one of the bravest persons in fighting against the lies surrounding the mRNA vaccine. For a person of her background, it would take enormous integrity and volition to see beyond the framework defined by her ideology. In defending truth and exposing lies, she has sacrificed tremendously.

Today’s situation definitely offers us a fresh perspective on the parable of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus Himself. It’s possible that should Jesus tell the story today, he would choose someone like Dr. Naomi Wolf to be the good Samaritan to challenge us. Like the Samaritan in Jesus’ day who was considered inferior than a pious Jew, we who have been regenerated and sanctified by the Holy Spirit are certainly morally superior than a progressive feminist! Yet, the last becomes the first. That’s exactly the cognitive dissonance the Good Samaritan story intends to create. If we fail to grasp the irony of the contrast between Dr. Naomi Wolf and us, we haven’t fathomed the true meaning of the Good Samaritan story Jesus is telling us.

The Battle is Not Over

The battle against the mRNA vaccine is far from over. The FDA just approved the 4th dose for infants and kids under 5. Different states are also trying to list the mRNA vaccine among the regular shots for children. Failing to comply would keep them from enrolling in schools.

I believe the only way for us to redeem the terrible situation we are in is to break our silence, to expose the lies and to resist. This crisis is also a window of opportunity for us to rise above the limitation defined by our culture and do the right thing. Like the rich man who asks father Abraham to “send Lazarus to my father’s house,” we must do the same to save our brothers!


Chenyuan Snider was raised in Communist China and majored in Chinese language and literature in college. After immigrating to the U.S. and having studied at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Duke Divinity School, she became a professor and taught at Christian colleges and seminary. After March of this year, she sensed God was leading her to use her unique voice to provide a warning about various kinds of Marxist influences in our society. She lives in northern California with her husband and has two grown children.

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