Scenes from SpyGate: Mueller Deceives, Flynn Fights, Ohr Scores Big Bucks

By Al Perrotta Published on June 7, 2019

Seems every hour brings another revelation in the sad story called #Spygate, the joke called the #RussiaHoax. The past 24 is no exception. 

And we start with a discovery that has become all too familiar.

Mueller’s Sins of Omission

Once again, someone Robert Mueller claims was “tied to Russian intelligence” and trying to influence the Trump campaign is actually an American intelligence asset. He’s Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilminek. The Hill‘s John Solomon uncovered that Kilminek was a “sensitive” U.S. asset, continually providing information to and meeting with State Department officials. This supposed Putin player spent so much time at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev they could have given him his own parking space. 

Mueller left that out of his report. Only one reason to do that: to maintain the collusion narrative. And in this case, to dirty up Paul Manafort. 

How about using half-truths to tell a lie? Mueller also used the fact that Kilminek presented a Ukraine peace plan to Manafort as evidence the Trump campaign and this “Russian intelligence” guy were tight. Turns out Kilminek had presented the same plan to the Obama administration. Somehow that got left out of the report. 

Kilminek is only the latest Mueller Report “Russian boogyman” figure to be exposed. The “Russian asset” who told George Papadapoulos the Russians had Hillary email dirt? Maltese professor Joseph Misfud actually has more ties to Western Intelligence than James Bond. Russian Henry Oknyanksy, aka Henry Greenberg, who approached Trump campaign officials Michael Cavuto and Roger Stone, claiming to have “information pertaining to Hillary Clinton”? He spent 17 years as an FBI informant. 

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Even one of Christopher Steele’s sources, Vyacheslav Trubnikov, is close to Stefan Halper, the spook the FBI sent to spy (and set-up) the Trump campaign. The DCNF has those details. Putin aide Vladislav Surkov, another Russian Steele claimed as a source, is little better. As Andrew McCarthy put it yesterday, “If these characters were Steele’s sources, they were not spying on the Kremlin, but getting the West to believe what the Kremlin wanted the West to believe.”

Added McCarthy: “What remain to be investigated are the neon-flashing indications that we’ve been had.”

Bruce Makes Bank Off Collusion and Demotion

Remember Bruce Ohr? He was a central conduit for information being gathered by Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS. And it seems he was rewarded handsomely for his extracurricular activity. According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Ohr “received a total of $42,520 in performance bonuses during the Trump/Russia investigation.” In case you’re thinking, “government workers are always getting bonuses,” Ohr’s election year bonus — when he was actively involved in the Russia hoax — was double what it was the previous year. 

No doubt it’s a coincidence. Like Bill Clinton’s speaking fee jumping to half-a-million for the Russian bank handling the Uranium One deal. 

Further, we were told Ohr was demoted for his conflict of interest and not bothering to tell his bosses that his wife worked for Fusion GPS. (Working, in fact, on the Trump-Russia dossier.) When was the last time you got demoted and ended up with a pay raise? Fat chance, right? Not for Ohr. Ohr was moved out as Associate Deputy Attorney General. A month later, he became Counselor for International Affairs in DOJ’s Criminal Division. His salary went up $2,600.

Some slap on the wrist … getting hit with 26 Benjamins.

The Games Played by Mueller and His Prosecutors Coming to Light?

Yesterday brought another bit of news that foreshadows revelations to come. General Michael Flynn is dumping the lawyers who guided him into a plea deal with Robert Mueller. A deal that had him pleading guilty to lying when even the agents who did the ambush interview didn’t think he lied. An interview that was a set-up from start to finish, as Mike Huckabee wrote today. 

(Interestingly, Flynn’s lawyers came from Covington & Burling LLP. You know who’s a major partner there?  Eric Holder. Welcome to Slitherado. But I digress.)

Flynn’s judge, U.S District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, also released the audio from a call made by Trump’s lawyer John Dowd to Flynn. Seems Mueller doctored the transcript to make Dowd’s call look more sinister than it was.

Is Flynn gearing up to change his plea, now that so much more has been revealed about the corrupt origins of the Trump-Russia probe?

Is the phrase “prosecutorial misconduct” about to be on everyone’s lips when it comes to Mueller and his team of Trump hunters and haters?

Is it any coincidence Flynn’s move comes just days after female Russian-born academic Svetlana Lokhova sued Stefan Halper and several media organizations for defamation? She claims Halper planted false information in the media alleging she and Flynn had a dalliance which had compromised the general. 

Does the media even care to investigate? 

As British journalist John O’Sullivan put it, “Spygate is the first American scandal in which the government wants the facts published transparently but the media want to cover them up.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl. And if you aren’t already, please follow The Stream at @Streamdotorg.

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