Scarlett Johansson: An Avenger For Everyone But The Unborn

Actress Scarlett Johansson speaks to the 500,000 strong crowd during the Women's Rally on the one-year anniversary of the first Women's March.

By Dustin Siggins Published on June 18, 2018

Natasha Romanova is an assassin and hand-to-hand combatant. Scarlett Johansson plays her in the Avengers movies. Johansson is a spokesperson for the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements.

Alas, Johansson’s desire to avenge sexual-based injustice is limited. As Live Action’s newest video shows, she and many top Hollywood actresses back Planned Parenthood despite how it hides sexual assault.

Live Action’s 2018 campaign has exposed Planned Parenthood’s shielding of sexual abusers. Still, Johansson and other Planned Parenthood supporters are silent. The Avengers actress is especially hypocritical. She said at the 2018 Women’s March in Los Angeles that #TimesUp for men who commit sexual assault.

Yet she raised money for Planned Parenthood’s 2014 election efforts. She spoke at the 2017 Women’s March about visiting Planned Parenthood. After getting an award in 2016, she said that “a woman’s right to choose…is a human rights issue…”

The Sexual Abuse Cover-Ups are Well-Documented

Planned Parenthood’s cover-ups of sexual abuse are well-chronicled. A 2011 Live Action campaign showed many. That campaign led to a Planned Parenthood employee being fired. In 2008, Live Action showed how one center hid statutory rape.

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Government officials have also found cover-ups. In 2015, an Alabama Department of Health official told me that a Planned Parenthood center in Mobile, Alabama gave a 14-year old girl two abortions in 2014. According to that official, Planned Parenthood had not reported this to the state. Their decision broke a law requiring health care groups to report suspected abuse of minors. The official asked that I protect Planned Parenthood and authorities’ minimal response in the way I framed the issue.

No Kids Policy Support Points to Hypocrisy

Johansson’s Planned Parenthood hypocrisy is not limited to selective outrage about sexual assault. Despite advocating for taxpayers’ involvement with other women’s unborn children, Johannson penned an op-ed in 2017 demanding the press leave her family alone. The op-ed was part of her support for the No Kids Policy in Hollywood. The No Kids Policy asks that media outlets not use photos of celebrities’ children to protect children from overexposure. Are the paparazzi more dangerous in Johannson’s mind than sexual predators protected by Planned Parenthood?

Johansson isn’t alone in these hypocrisies. No Kids Policy co-founder Kristen Bell is a backer of #TimesUp. She recorded a video for Planned Parenthood in 2015. And Live Action has recently uncovered about 100 other supporters of #TimesUp who back Planned Parenthood.

Hollywood and Media Silent. Perhaps Johansson is Just Unaware?

Sexual assault is always wrong. It’s wrong when Catholic priests do it. It is wrong when teachers do it. And it’s wrong when men cover up sexual abuse with abortion.

But perhaps I’m being too hard on Johansson. She may be unaware of Planned Parenthood’s practices. As of Monday morning, a Google search for the last month’s mentions of “Live Action Planned Parenthood” shows just one non-Catholic or pro-life outlet beyond The Stream has covered the new Live Action campaign. (Or at least within the first five pages of results.) I found the same blackout on the first page of Google News.

This is despite a press conference at which Members of Congress urged a federal investigation of Planned Parenthood. Fifty-six Members have urged the Department of Health & Human Services to investigate America’s largest abortion company. This has received no coverage in mainstream press in D.C. or in those lawmakers’ districts!

If Johansson has acted out of ignorance, Live Action’s newest video should rouse a demand for Planned Parenthood to change its practices. But I won’t hold my breath for Johansson to turn her influence to protecting and avenging the unborn.

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  • Patmos

    Cognitive dissonance on the left. You don’t say. Reminds me of how they simultaneously embrace LGBT and Islam, without seeing the conflict there.

    • Jacob Miller

      >> Cognitive dissonance on the left.

      Conservatives who defend the unborn while devastating the born should be wracked with cognitive dissonance.

      But I’m not sure they even understand the glaring contradiction.

      • Andrew Mason

        What devastation are you accusing conservatives of inflicting on the born? Pretty sure you need to elaborate before accusing anyone of cognitive dissonance! At least Patmos was kind enough to give an example of blatant contradiction.

        • Jacob Miller

          >> What devastation are you accusing conservatives of inflicting on the born?

          Ripping children from their mother’s arms. It’s been all over the news. Everyone is talking about it.

          But, sorry, I shouldn’t have been presumptuous.

          • Bullseye

            >>Conservatives who defend the unborn while devastating the born should be wracked with cognitive dissonance.

            But I’m not sure they even understand the glaring contradiction.”<>Christians who defend Christ while devastating their lives by having sinned should be wracked with cognitive dissonance.

            But I’m not sure they even understand the glaring contradiction.”<>But, sorry, I shouldn’t have been presumptuous.<<

            Don't be sorry for being presumptuous, be sorry for being immoral and evil, setting yourself up against God's values. Time is short, repent and put your faith in Jesus.

          • Andrew Mason

            And yet that’s really an Obama era issue. The issue is that Trump is enforcing border control. There’s also calls for Congress to change the law but I’m not sure Democrats actually want a change. Children ripped from arms is good spin for them.

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