Satanism, Child Torture, Mind Control — What is on Hollywood’s Mind?

Nothing good, that's for sure

Scene from the music video "LA Devotee" by Panic! At the Disco

By William M Briggs Published on October 26, 2016

Who’s up for some child torture? No, seriously. Wouldn’t strapping a boy into a chair and frightening him with satanic rituals, then electrocuting him, then doing something worse be loads of fun?

It’s what happens in the new video LA Devotee by a band called Panic! At the Disco, perhaps the most unapologetically evil entry of pop culture today.

The video opens with a girl being abducted by what appears to be a witch. The view switches to a boy being strapped to a chair by more witches. The chair is in a dungeon filled with gruesome images, like a bloody skull, Baphomet-like masks, and so forth. A video camera is shown to be filming the affair. Who is watching? Witches terrorize the boy, and at one point display a large knife before they disappear behind the boy, emerging later with a fresh heart.

The girl who was earlier kidnapped feeds the boy a drink; after drinking the boy goes in and out of a trance. Later, witches strap electrodes to the boy and then — what else? — electrocute him. The boy is shown in great pain.

PATD LA Devotee Shot - 900Now throughout all this are interspersed images of Panic’s singer, who appears on a screen in the dungeon, sometimes with a maniacal look, sometimes with Satanic imagery overlaid on his face. The video closes with the singer, demonically grinning, emerging from the screen while snapping on rubber gloves. The last scene shows the singer lurching towards the boy, clenching his gloved fists.

Except perhaps for the lyric hinting of “the black magic on Mulholland Drive,” the music is utterly incongruous with the video. There is nothing redeeming in it. Nothing. It is pitiless, brutal, boastful. It is immoral.

It is evil.

Mainstreaming Satanic Music

Panic! is not a fringe group: they are as mainstream as they come. The group, which has other Satanic-themed videos has won many awards. Billboard is running a poll for who will sing at next year’s Super Bowl. At this writing, there is a near tie between Panic! at the Disco and another group. The NFL has already teamed with the band to produce a commercial.

Panic! is not overtly Satanic, but there are plenty of bands which are. Such as Golgoroth, with lead noise maker Gaahl, a man accused, convicted and imprisoned for torture and drinking the blood of his victim, and Watain, which features music which sounds like a dump truck run in reverse, vomiting its contents on the street. But these and those like them, given their explicit praise of Satan, are on the edges of society and sought after by only a few.

It is the mainstreaming, the normalizing of Satanic imagery which is of interest. This is occurring not only in music, but in all areas of entertainment (as we have seen before), and even in fashion. This includes perfume.

Doesn’t Smell So Good

A well known fragrance company created an advertisement for its new Kenzo World line. The commercial was so appealing that it was written about (among other places) on Britain’s The Guardian.

The video opens with a pretty girl bored by some hotel banquet. She slips out of a ballroom and, suddenly, set to horrid music, an unwanted change comes upon her. Is she being possessed? Is she suffering the after effects of a mind control program? Whichever: she is overcome. She dances spasmodically, she is overtly sexual, she causally and even proudly snaps the neck of an innocent man chatting on his cell phone.

At one point she tries to recover her true self, but whatever is inside wins the battle. And at the end, she flies into a giant all-seeing eye which has appeared from nowhere. The perfume bottle is the last thing we see, which also takes the form of the all-seeing eye.

Kenzo World Fragrance Eye - 900


Conspiracies and Theories

An early Masonic version of the Eye of Providence (All-Seeing Eye) with clouds and a semi-circular glory. Wikimedia Commons

An early Masonic version of the Eye of Providence (All-Seeing Eye) with clouds and a semi-circular glory. Wikimedia Commons

The all-seeing eye, in occult lore, is said to be Masonic and Illuminati imagery; indeed, that which is taken to be of the Illuminati is rife in the entertainment world. Put away the tinfoil hats, dear reader. I said “that which is taken to be,” and I did not say “that which is.” There is a world of difference here.

What is plain is that occult symbols, whether based in reality or only imagined, are showing with greater frequency. These are a mixture of the Satanic, of tokens from secret societies like the Illuminati, and of mind-control programs, all of which are mixed together in some black soup, and which are most popular in the music industry.

Mind control? Certainly. There was, dear reader, a genuine conspiracy, and not a theory, centered around our beneficent government’s MKUltra program, which ran experiments on unwitting Americans testing various mind-control techniques, mostly using drugs and forms of torture.

In 1979, ABC News’s Closeup devoted a program to exposing the CIA’s involvement. In 1973, then CIA Director Richard Helms, fearing discovery, ordered MKUltra files destroyed. For that and for other cover ups, Helms was convicted for misleading Congress.

MKUltra Commitee Hearing - 900

Wikimedia Commons

The CIA said it abandoned MKUltra after claiming that the techniques it discovered were unreliable. Not that they didn’t work, but that they were unreliable, another notable difference. Given the history and natural distrust of our government, it is thus no wonder that many believe the program, or ones like it, are still in existence. Many are convinced — again, it doesn’t matter whether this is real or not — that something called Monarch programming exists. It is always accompanied by butterfly imagery and is said to be MKUltra perfected. See also the recent movie American Ultra.

The Plan Comes Together

If one wanted to characterize the dark framework around which Hollywood and the rest of the ephemeral industry is coalescing, not necessarily by design, but by merely copying what is popular, it is this. The Illuminati, a secret Satanic organization, uses mind control techniques on the innocent, especially children, because of the pain it causes them, and women, for sexual purposes. The aftereffects of mind control is the theme behind Katy Perry’s Wide Awake (notice the butterflies and her imaginary young, innocent self).

If one wants to become a success, one must be initiated into the occult world. This video by The Weeknd, the first of a trilogy (part two, three), tells us the (necessary) deal made with the Devil is irrevocable.

I emphasize that this is the story they are telling, and am making no claims whatsoever about its veracity.

But with that story in mind, the Kenzo World video suddenly starts to make sense. At its start, the woman is sitting next to our doomed heroine. Look at her necklace. When the girl in green licks the statue, notice her bracelet. These symbols are not there by accident.

Now re-watch LA Devotee, if you can. The boy, who is, as some might have recognized, the same boy who is kidnapped by underworldly forces in Netflix’s Stranger Things, is being tortured for the viewing pleasure of others. And just like in Stranger Things, mind control is intimated.


The examples given in this article can be multiplied with ease. If anything, the pace of using dark imagery by the ephemeral industry is accelerating. Doubtless like all fads, it will fade in time.

We haven’t reached the peak yet. So far, nobody is complaining; instead, there is every indication people are enjoying what they’re seeing.

But you have to wonder what the public reaction would be to a Satanic ritual, or an episode of torture, performed at the 2017 Super Bowl were Panic! at the Disco elected to host the half time show. A few years ago, such a suggestion would have seemed crazy. But given current trends, it’s not out of the question.

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  • I had a scathing rebuttal concerning LA Devotee all typed out and have deleted it. I thought it was using metaphor about how Hollywood has forced itself on us while numbing our consciences to its vile debauchery. I decided to look up the meaning of the song and the lead singer says it’s a love letter to L.A. I was wrong. It might be a metaphor for how he’s been put under Hollywood’s spell, and in that I am right, but he isn’t denouncing it at all. The song is promoting this. It’s just a sign of the times. Too bad too, I loved Panic! At the Disco…

    1 Timothy 4:1

    The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.

    • Clive Johnson

      Ezekiel 23:20 : There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were the size of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

      • Lebo Leigh

        Gee I wonder who this refers to? Lol

    • Zachary Lucido

      It’s also kind of implied that he is the child, or was such a child in that position before. The lyrics also hold disturbing dichotomies regarding how horrible and beautiful L.A. is.

  • Auggie

    It’s heartbreaking that so many people are attracted to ugly ritualism when the most beautiful rituals on earth (and in Heaven) are found in the Latin Mass and the Divine Liturgy.

    • RWS

      Members of older and other denominations than the Roman church would likely disagree with the characterization of the Latin mass, but we do share your regret that Satanism attracts anyone.

      It’s a fallen world.

      • Hrodgar


        • RWS

          Sure. Christendom began at Jerusalem, not Rome.

          • Hrodgar

            Okay, but they weren’t different denominations, just different locations. The concept of denominations as such didn’t exist yet. I think it’s misleading to describe the division between Catholic and the various Byzantine churches as being between different denominations even now, as if the division between them was of the same kind as the division between, say, the RCA and the CRC, but at any rate it certainly did not apply when there was no schism.

            Of course, even if you were to refer to the Byzantine churches as “older denominations” (by implication taking the position that the they are the true Church and Catholicism is schismatic, since whichever broke away from the true Church must by that very fact be newer) note that right next to the Roman Rite was mentioned “the Divine Liturgy,” which I’m given to understand is what most of the Eastern churches, both in and out of communion with Rome, call their Mass. The rites of these putatively older “denominations” thus would also be included under the heading of “most beautiful rituals” in the forgoing comment, with no judgement of one over the other being made, and I don’t expect the statement would meet with much objection from Moscow or Constantinople.

            If “older denominations” doesn’t refer to the Byzantines, then which denominations are you referring to? Which denominations other than the Byzantines and the Romans can even pretend to trace their origins back to Jerusalem?

          • RWS

            Read my messages carefully, “Hrodgar”, and you’ll see that I distinguish between the divine liturgy and the Roman mass.

            As for the rest: do try to find a good, objective history of Christianity or even of the Orthodox churches — you won’t need to understand much Greek.

          • Glennfriend67

            Well said, brother! I was having exactly this conversation yesterday with my brother, who happens to be a priest. He said what you did nearly verbatim. God Bless you, and a blessed Christmas to you.

      • Christian deBlanc

        “It’s a fallen world.” There you have it. Lucifer rebelled 200,000 years ago and the prince of this world (heretofore called the devil) joined in the rebellion. Adam and Eve failed in their mission, but their mission was quite difficult considering the mistakes made by Lucifer proclaiming liberty for all to humans who still had not become civilized. Thus, we still are told to fear God as the path to wisdom, while the devil, Satan and Lucifer (which together constitute the Dragon of Revelations) get to project themselves as the Illuminati, and suggest that religious people are ignorant. Entertainment media are not giving us stories of guardian angels, miraculous healing, or the nature of reincarnation and multiple lives. Instead, we can watch Lucifer on Fox while a slow mass extinction is happening along with a pole shift. The Bible is right that these are times that try men’s souls. Obviously, more is going on than meets the eye. The Judgment of Lucifer will occur simultaneously with the harvest and this might only be 7 years away. For these next 7 years, everyone on the fence will need to chose a side. Going atheist is tantamount to joining in the Lucifer Rebellion because that is the #1 premise of the rebellion. Jesus is the sovereign of this universe but this universe is just one in a fabulous multiverse that we can’t even fathom.

    • Boko999

      Rituals are for the mindless.

    • Clive Johnson

      You apparently haven’t partaken of a Satanic Mass.

      Incense, candles, mood music, nudity and sometimes intercourse in front of the congregants.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Angels and ministers of grace preserve us!

  • Paul Burgett


    • Boko999

      No, no, Its JEEEEEBUUUSSS!!!!
      Then fall over laughing.

    • Clive Johnson

      That’s not how Jesus spelled it. Don’t you think he might be offended?

  • Gail Finke

    Satanism and the occult are perpetual interests in the West, they become particularly strong during times of upheaval.

    • RWS

      The civilization is collapsing, much as it did fifteen hundred and more years ago. This time, however, there mightn’t be an Eastern (or Byzantine) empire to which to flee.

  • Christian Cowboy

    The truth must be shared with the world – no sugar coating, no extreme grace message, no compromise.
    The church cannot try to look like the world. We have to share the good news of Jesus and salvation to draw people away from alternatives.

  • Matt

    The name of Jesus is a powerful weapon against this darkness.

    • Clive Johnson

      On the contrary. Jesus is helpless against this. Trust me.

  • Ross Sauer

    Get a life!
    You dipwits have no idea what reality is.
    And BTW, I’m an atheist who simply has no view on “Christianity,” since there is no evidence at all of your fairy tales.

    • Louise C

      Don’t understand why someone would respond with such hostility over something that according to someone like yourself is nothing more than a fairy tale. Does Santa and Goldilocks upset you too?

  • MenageriePass

    This article is hilarious!

  • Alencon

    How about Harry Potter? You worried about that too?

    • Clive Johnson

      Harry Potter mind control techniques are now part of the repertoire of the evil ones within the New World Order that are used to turn people away from Jesus. The Bible warned against imposters like Harry Potter and the consumption of popular energy drinks. Expose children in large numbers to Harry Potter and his evil sidekick Hermione, and pretty soon they’re kicking around Bibles like soccer balls! Stay clear away from Harry Potter if you want to avoid the fires of hell.

      • Alencon

        Edgar!!! You’ve returned!!!

        Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
        Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
        While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
        As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
        “’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
        Only this and nothing more.”

        • Clive Johnson


  • Reasonable?

    The STREAM of urine.

  • maccamcfc

    What a great great piece of satire.

  • Dave Andrews

    Money tops everything in Hollywood, as it does pretty much everywhere else. It’s the one “religion” most agree on.

  • Oremus

    Note that music plays a large part in satanic and occult recordings, movies, programs, performances. This is no accident. People need to hear the 3-cd series, “Music and Morality” by Fr. Basil Nortz, ORC. The effects of music on mind and emotions have a long history, for good or evil. You can order the set by going to the website for Opus Sanctorum Angelorum (based in the Detroit area) to find the CD set, which is very reasonably priced. You will want to listen more than once, so packed and interesting is the information. I believe this information should be taught to all school children–early–and certainly parents should know about this.

  • Jon Penner

    I think that along with bands or brands, the video producers and directors themselves are just as involved, if not more, in the direction of things like music videos or commercials. Claiming a band is solely responsible for their video or a perfume company for their ad isn’t telling the whole story.

  • Distressed7

    I remember reading in Max Dimont’s JEWS, GOD AND HISTORY that Russia and Cina will dominate the world. I now know this to be true. They protect their children. We, the Americans, have turned our children, over to Hollywood. We are cowards in the face of our popular culture. Let the good nukes roll.
    I will not at all regret the deserved slaughter of my evil nation. I repent before God any role I have played in this cruel and dismal culture.
    It is little wonder that when God’s people were truly God’s people, that the ancient types of people like PANIC and their CIA SPONSORS were put to the sword, with no mercy. SO BE IT.

  • Katie Havird

    Remember, this is also the wake up call that people needed to show that kids shouldn’t just devote their lives to what they see in Hollywood. Did Fueled By Ramen go overboard? Yes. But it’s also something that Urie is known for. If you look at interviews that he’s had about this song, you’d know that he is explaining HIS own emotions of LA since he moved there 8 years ago and thus, this song is about him as if he were sitting in the chair. Was Noah (the boy in the video) actually scared? No. He even went on stage without Urie to perform the song. Urie’s album “Death of a Bachelor” which this song is on shows how he’s basically had his religious struggles since he moved to LA and he shows that in the videos. He even falls from heaven via trapdoor in the Emperors New Clothes. This video can also show that there is a huge problem with cults in the world and how they effect the youth they kidnap, but all in all, I don’t think the people that have listen to his music were all they surprised. Especially when he later says “for any parents here at the concert, I just want to let you know I’m not satanic”. He just feeds into it which he has said many times.

  • 52 Shadows

    The Bavarian Illuminati were not satanic. It was anti-Papist; it was against intolerance and superstition, but in no way was if against G_d. It was also not the intention of the B.I. to control others, but to educate them in the ways of the Light of G_d.

    • Efren Pelayo

      Just like freemasons is a brotherhood to help its brothers. Fyi they do rituals to the god of light, which in ancient tradition is Lucifer. Worldy things

  • Jim

    Just pointing out a mistake the article mentions a black metal band and they posted it as being Golgoroth…it’s GORGOROTH and is you have any DOUBTS of Satanism, go on YOUTUBE and look up Gorgoroth videos. If you still have any doubts after watching their vids let me know and we will send out a search party for YOUR BRAIN, you obviously lost it.

  • Efren Pelayo

    Thank you for the article. I can only hope theres an uprising of Americans to squash the out of control society and those training their minds through media, be it movies, music, videos, etc

  • Bitter-clinging Deplorable

    Its all tied into the OTO. It is all Santanic. Man appreciating man. Music and entertainment once was used to help Man appreciate God. There is a huge difference. Worship the entertainers or worship the Lord….You cannot serve two masters.

  • Kate

    I have been disgusted with the movie industry for many years, do not care to pay my hard earned money to watch their degrading crap, so I won’t go to movies, nor watch television, and I am trying to be careful about what I look at on the internet, I found that even some conservative sites evil porn has slipped in. We have to be much more observant and careful to not be caught up in this, so my answer in this secular age is to turn to God and to pray more, to be a better person by doing good works and helping others.

  • PDX

    Please contact me about the murder of Tiffany Jenks (see FB page Tiffany Jenks murder) i have recordings with her and her therapist everyone must listen to.. type in youtube MK ULTRA Tiffany Jenks part 2

  • Zachary Lucido

    Regarding the perfume, nonsense! That woman is possessed by her ID, which IS NOT evil, but is certainly dangerous.
    Not even on here will someone say you shouldn’t indulge your impulses on, say, your wedding night.
    Eyes mean different things depending on who is watching. In that video? The eye is public scrutiny or the like. Butterflies often symbolize death, change, and wishes (they are ridiculous,delicate, beautiful things).

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