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By Al Perrotta Published on January 11, 2017

Let’s talk a bit about this Russian meddling with America’s business.

Sunday, a Palestinian terrorist rammed a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers, killing four. Hamas cheered. Palestinians handed out candy to their children to celebrate.

Hamas + Obama Against Israel

What’s this have to do with Russia interfering with our election? Those committing and celebrating this terrorist act are the very people President Obama sided with against Israel at the U.N. He did that in a last-minute effort to strike another blow against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a foreign leader Obama actively tried to defeat in that democratic nation’s most recent election.

Obama’s operatives worked for Netanyahu’s opposition. He personally snubbed Netanyahu during an election season trip to America and publicly sniped at him at every turn for not giving into Palestinian demands. Obama’s administration may even have leaked Israeli nuclear secrets to undermine Netanyahu and his position on the Iran nuke deal.

So when Obama spoke about election interference on This Week with George Stephanopolous, I didn’t see Putin. I saw the horrific video image of that truck plowing over those Israelis. And feeling for our friend in the Middle East who knows all about election interference.

So please, before we do anything else, can we stop pretending Obama’s hands are not dirty (if not bloody) when it comes to meddling?

Asleep at the Switch

During the interview segment on the Russian election activities, Obama told Stephanopolous, “I anticipate that this kind of thing can happen again here.”


It’s a meaningless statement delivered with authority. It doesn’t take Nostradamus to anticipate a repeat of something that’s already happened. The idea is to anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens.

Perhaps if Obama had not been spending so much time deriding Mitt Romney in 2012 for warning about the Russian threat he would have anticipated Putin’s actions. Perhaps if Obama had not been promising Putin he’d have more flexibility after the election he could have been promising the American people he’d be more vigilant.

Which leads to an interesting question: Why are we assuming this is the first election Putin tried messing with? Perhaps he’s put his thumb on the scale before and just wasn’t caught. Who would have been Putin’s Pick in 2012? The Reset President secretly promising flexibility or the Republican challenger who was declaring Russia our greatest geopolitical adversary?

It’s Russia’s Fault

Obama also told Stephanopolous that he “underestimated” Russia’s impact on the election. Translation: Hillary lost, and it’s the Russians’ fault.

Obviously she didn’t lose because American voters rejected her and her promise to continue his destructive policies. Obviously, the American people are too stupid to vote based on their own lives, experiences and assessment. They had to be duped by Putin.

Or maybe they were too busy watching football and mixed martial arts to pay attention, eh, Meryl?

Again, the American people weren’t the ones on national TV in 2012 saying, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.”

And they weren’t the ones in 2009 handing Russia a big (mistranslated) “Reset” button. That’d be one Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Tosses the Buck at the Russian Bear

Oh for Hillary Clinton to come out and say “The Buck Stops With Me, Not Moscow!” For one thing, it undercuts any idea in Putin’s head that he changed the election. For another thing, it puts responsibility for the election result where it belongs. It was not Vladimir Putin who …

  • neglected the Rust Belt.
  • spent millions in states Hillary was guaranteed to win.
  • called voters “deplorables.”
  • promised to continue Obama’s policies.
  • made a mess in Benghazi, lied about it and then (after people died) declared “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
  • failed to articulate a strong vision for why she should be President.
  • failed to finish off Trump in the second debate when a single blow would have ended him.
  • succeeded in expressing love for partial-birth abortion and contempt for traditional beliefs on marriage and sexuality and religious liberty.

And, most important, Vladimir Putin didn’t spend the last 25 years in the national spotlight being Hillary Clinton. She did that one all on her own.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton no more takes responsibility for actions than Donald Trump takes a break from Twitter. Even in an appearance at the State Department Wednesday she took a dig at Trump, declaring a “rising tide of authoritarianism and illiberalism threatens that foundation of the post [World War II] global era that American diplomats have built. …” She forgot to mention her email antics that threatened the safety of our people around that globe. Or that Putin bulked up under her watch.

Make No Mistake

Do I like that Russia put its mitts into the American pie? No, but that’s what I expect our enemies, rivals and even some of our friends to do. Do I trust Putin? No. I only trust him to protect his own interests. Do I trust Julian Assange? No, but I do know that unlike Obama, Clinton and James Clapper, Assange has not made it a habit to lie to me. Am I comfortable when Trump says as he did today, “If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability”? No, as a general rule I get queasy when people talk about themselves in the third person.

What I know is this: The Democrats’ convenient, post-election narrative of the Big Bad Russian Bear mauling Uncle Sam’s ballot box to benefit its BFF has one goal … and one goal only: To delegitimize the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. Today’s BuzzFeed/CNN “Russia’s Got the Dirt on Trump” fake news brouhaha is but the latest shameful example. And that can have but one result: Damaging the United States of America.

While it does not yet rise to the level of giving aid and comfort to our enemies, it certainly gives them glee and opportunity.


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  • Christian Cowboy

    People want to believe bag news-especially if it is about someone they dislike.

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    One of the year’s non news articles. Oh well.

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