This Week’s Best ‘Feminist’ Moments — And How They Put Women to Shame

From paper towels to strikes to baby bumps, progressive America truly outdid itself honoring women this week.

By Liberty McArtor Published on March 10, 2017

This week was one for the history books! From International Women’s Day being overshadowed by the A Day Without a Woman strike, to a paper towel campaign sure to empower aspiring housewives, it’s hard to choose the moment from this week that best proved how far women’s rights have truly come. There are just too many! Let’s take a look.

Feminism for the Kitchen

On Tuesday, the day before International Women’s Day (sorry — #ADayWithoutAWoman), the paper-towel company Brawny debuted its limited-time ad campaign “celebrating strong women who inspire us all.” How? By putting a woman on its paper towel packaging!

This move is truly brilliant. After all, I know that I personally, as a woman, constantly felt belittled walking past Brawny’s paper towel packaging in Wal-mart with that plaid-wearing man staring me down and telling me that I’m weak. Kind of like how I feel when my husband washes the dishes. As if I’m not strong enough to do those dishes myself!

Brawny’s “strength has no gender” campaign gives me hope that one day, my husband will also get a “feminist makeover” and acknowledge that “women can be ‘brawny’ too.” Maybe then he’ll stop viewing me as some weakling and will let me clean the kitchen by myself for once.

Feminist Fashionista Victim

Friday morning National Review did us all a favor by showing us this stunning and, frankly, sobering photo of one of the “victims” of America’s backward, sexist, oppressive culture. Just look at the tweet below.

This woman, marching in New York while presumably striking from a job for which she is underpaid, is obviously dedicated to the feminist cause since she is wearing red (beautiful shade, might I add). The fact that her eyebrows, peaking defiantly above those daring sunglasses, appear to have been recently groomed to perfection proves how above and beyond she is willing to go for a feminist photo-op.

But I think the icing on the cake — the thing that really shows her dedication — is that Michael Kors jacket she’s flaunting. (While there is no way of knowing exactly how much was paid for this piece of rally garb, a quick Google search reveals that other jackets in the popular designer line run between $200-$1,000.) Inspiring!

It’s easy to see that life is hard for this victim of oppression. It was brave of her to show up Wednesday.

TIME Celebrates Female Accomplishment

On Thursday, TIME Magazine, the same publication that featured Hillary Clinton’s “The Future is Female” speech and recently reminded us that “women are shouting at the tops of their lungs” for equality, tweeted that Amal Clooney “shows off her baby bump at the United Nations.”

Incidentally, Clooney was at the U.N. as a lawyer representing a victim of ISIS crime, admonishing world leaders “to stand up for justice.” Nice, I guess, but not as important as her baby bump!

I’m just glad, especially since it’s National Women’s History month, that TIME is dedicated to reminding us women that our career accomplishments matter. As famed feminist Gloria Steinem told Newsweek, “All over the world we are struggling as females to be valued for our brains as well as our wombs.”

All Kidding Aside — There is a War on Women

It’s amusing to laugh at these feminist faux pas, but I think they underscore just how ridiculous and even counterproductive the modern American feminism movement has become, considering that a very real and violent war rages against millions of women all over the world.

I have no shame in calling myself a feminist, since I wholeheartedly endorse and refuse to ignore its true definition. I understand, however, that many women today don’t want to identify themselves as a “feminist,” given that the liberal political agenda is not only hijacking the term, but putting women everywhere to shame.

We already have all the empowerment we need to fight back, work hard, and prove the sexists, misogynists and chauvinists wrong.

Claiming that not having access to abortion is “violence” while women like Yue Zhang are held down on an operation table and their children aborted against their will puts us to shame. Demanding free birth control while women and girls are mutilated and forever prevented from experiencing sexual pleasure puts us to shame. Walking out of your job while other women wish they were legally permitted to drive a car puts us to shame.

Is there sexism in America today? Of course (unfortunately, there always will be). But unlike so many females around the world, we already have all the empowerment we need to fight back, work hard, and prove the sexists, misogynists and chauvinists wrong.

Maybe we can start by looking into organizations dedicated to helping our sisters around the world, or by helping our under-privileged American sisters reach the opportunities available to them. No man — not even the president of the United States — is preventing us from doing so.

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