Ridiculous! Feinstein Complains Kavanaugh Wasn’t Impartial At His Own Hearing

By Tom Gilson Published on September 28, 2018

It takes a lot for a politician to stun me, but Senator Dianne Feinstein did it with this tweet:

“Judge Kavanaugh did not reflect an impartial temperament or the fairness and even-handedness one would see in a judge. He was aggressive and belligerent. He should not be rewarded with a lifetime Supreme Court seat.”


Judge Kavanaugh wasn’t the judge at this hearing. He was a witness. Witnesses aren’t supposed to be impartial, they’re supposed to say what they know. Sometimes they’ve got a real stake in the case. Sometimes they care about the outcome. That’s the way it’s supposed to be with witnesses. It’s certainly the case with Kavanaugh.

&But he wasn’t just a witness; he was the man on trial! Ever heard of an impartial defendant?

But Feinstein wanted him to be even-handed. How would he have done that? “Well, Senators, I have my memories of high school life, but I’ve also heard Dr. Ford’s testimony, and all I can say is, she certainly is believable. She’s wrong, you know, but I sure wouldn’t want to say anything that would influence you on that.”

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She wanted him to be impartial. “You know, this whole thing is a bare ploy to destroy my life and my family. Far be it from me, though, to take sides as if the outcome mattered to me.”

Good grief.

She wanted him to act like a judge when he was sitting in the witness seat. She forgets that she was sitting in the Senate equivalent of the judge’s seat. She forgets that it wasn’t the witness’s role to be impartial, it was hers! Need I mention how miserably she failed?

Miseranly biased politicians have been pushing hard on him for weeks. He pushed back like a man of integrity, a man who cares. Like a human being, in fact. Maybe Feinstein doesn’t want any of those qualities in a justice?

Her blindness to human realities, her cold, calculating hypocrisy, the naked manipulation of it all — and the fact that it’s working with some people! — all of it is truly astonishing. God help us all.

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  • Hmmm…

    Feinstein is deranged at any hearing.

    I wish for her to retire and go on an Emmaus walk.

    • swiftboat

      She is a very old woman years past her prime.

  • Chip Crawford

    Sen. Leahy said those things as well. They speak tin and brass, often mixing the two. They are emboldened by the press affirmation and cover they get. The Republicans should not check commentary news if they can avoid it. It’s a lot to fight off. Hurray for Senator Graham. Speak truth to the brassy tin horns.

  • GLT

    We must accept the fact the radical left is not populated by people who function from a base of logic, rational thought, integrity, honesty and the application of intellect. Theirs is a world which functions solely on rhetoric and a single-minded, almost psychopathic obsession for the achievement of their goals no matter the means or the consequences. It matters not one iota if lives are destroyed in the process.

    • Chip Crawford

      I’d like some clear voices to speak up and back to their junk, among the Congress and leaders like that. Too much of their trash just sits out their unchallenged, thus gets consumed by too many. Go Lindsey. More of those.

    • Juan Garcia

      Their’s is a world in which Satan is their God. They just don’t know it. Pray for them.

    • Al Lejdly

      ” a base of logic, rational thought, integrity, honesty and the application of intellect.”. Uh, wouldn’t all that require at least one brain cell?

      • GLT

        My point precisely. 🙂

        • Al Lejdly


  • Chip Crawford

    Why are the protesters allowed to roam the halls of Congress? Did you see the video of one reaming out Senator Flake on the elevator, and him hanging his head. Good grief. Goodbye hangdog; hope for a good guard dog next time from your state. Then I saw Senator Graham being trailed by haranguers as he was walking along with a reporter, trying to be heard even with a microphone. Where are the pro-Kavanaugh voices chasing after the Dems? Of course, we know they are better behaved. Glad the protesters were out of the Committee Room, but why are they allowed to run loose in much of the halls? The libs probably insist on it, answering with one idea – because they are their hires.

    • Al Lejdly

      I read an article earlier that was quite interesting and made sense. The author believes that Grassley and the repubs set the whole investigation scheme up since they new there would be one before it was all over. What they accomplished was Flake confirming him after a short investigation but the Dems didn’t know about the short part of it. Sounds genius to me if true. There are so many holes being discovered in her testimony now that they may throw her whole charge out.

      • Chip Crawford

        Where is this article; I’d like to read it. Who are the “they” that may throw her whole charge out? Thanks

        • Al Lejdly

          I’ll find it if I can but the throwing out was just my speculation considering all the contradictions she’s made. I’ll post back.

  • Juan Garcia

    Feinstein, one of the most corrupt politicians ever, is getting close to her eternity. She doesn’t know it, but she desperately needs our prayers that she will repent and surrender her life to Jesus before it’s too late.

  • Marcus Nelson

    Hello Stream . I watched the Senate Judicial hearings from start to finish . The questions I have ? Senator The Wicked Witch Feinstein claimed that she did not release Dr Fords letter to the press or anyone else . She lied . Another interesting fact . When Dr Ford was asked if she knew how to contact any member of the Senate Judiciary Committee she answered NO ! Another lie . I have sent all member of the US Senate , the US House of Representatives , the President , etc since the advent of e-mail . All have responded either personally or via their staff members . They are all lying for political power on both sides of he political aisle . THE POLITICOS DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES . IN THE MEANWHILE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS GOING TO H….. IN THE PROVERBIAL HAND BASKET !

  • Al Lejdly

    ” He was aggressive and belligerent.”. Feah Feinkenstein, he should be more civil like your leftists are with those so called peaceful protests all the while wearing those cute little pink hats. Oh, and the peaceful Antifas and BLM are a fine example for him to follow too. Don’t you worry though, the way y’all are pushing the enelope, you will witness us on the right see the error of our ways and show you what the definition of peaceful really is.

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