Resolute: Fani’s in a Terrible Fix, Haley’s Fixing to Stay and Dems Raise Possibility of Not Certifying a Trump Win

Donald Trump and Nikki Haley in happier times.

By Al Perrotta Published on February 25, 2024

This November Americans will go to the polls to decide who gets to sit behind the famous Resolute desk in the Oval Office come January. It is promising to be a brutal campaign and in the face of fierce cultural forces, Big Tech manipulation and government machinations, we voters must remain resolute. 

Trump cruises in Carolina, cellphone data puts Fani in a fix, and Dems plot to not certify a Trump victory. It’s 254 Days until Election 2024, and we are Resolute.

Trump Takes South Carolina, Nikki Vows to Stay In

Put 44 more delegates into the Trump column. Donald Trump cruised to an easy victory in South Carolina Saturday, winning 59.8% to 39.5% over Nikki Haley. This despite Carolina being Haley’s home state and Democrats lending the former governor funding and cross-over votes. Although SC was Haley’s best shot at defeating Trump anywhere, and polls looking golden the rest of the way, Haley says she’s “not giving up.” You can read more about Haley’s reasoning here.

Trump tells Fox Digital he’s “really not thinking” about Haley at this point. “I’m really thinking about we have to beat Joe Biden. I don’t know if she’s in the race at all, because, you know, I have set records in every single state. I’m not sure that she’s really in the race.”

Next up, Michigan, and then Super Tuesday March 5.

Huh? Senior Democrats Plotting How to Not Certify Trump Election Should He Win

A further sign we have descended into a Bananas Republic. That’s all the despotic machinery of a banana republic with an added level of madness. For three years, Trump and his supporters have been called “insurrectionists” for wanting to audit the election results in dubious swing states before the 2020 election was certified. Trump is facing criminal charges for this both in Federal court and in Fulton County, Georgia.

And yet, last week, The Atlantic posted a piece reporting that Senior House Democrats are signaling they might not certify the 2024 election results if Trump wins. Say what? The Atlantic article, “How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump if the Supreme Court Doesn’t,” is behind a paywall, but National Review lays out the “truly alarming picture.”  

Basically, if SCOTUS does not clearly indicate Trump is eligible, and dismisses the Colorado effort to keep Trump off the ballot via the 14th Amendment on some procedural ground, that leaves the door open for Congress. And should the same Democrats who voted to impeach Trump over J6 … and have groused that every Republican president since Reagan was “illegitimate” … take over the House in 2024, all bets are off.

As National Review notes, the Senate would have to go along as well to keep Trump from being certified, and that’s not likely to happen. They add that SCOTUS can avoid this potential post-election disaster by clearly ruling Trump eligible and declaring he did not engage in insurrection.

Cellphone Data Indicts Fani and Special Prosecutor Lover Appear to Have Lied … But That’s Only Part of Fani’s Dilemma

Simple question: Would you text with someone you’re not dating 10,000 times in 11 months? Call each other 2,000 times? Hang out 35 times at their crib? Spend the night a few times?

Lawyers for one of Trump’s co-defendants in the Fulton County case presented the court with cellphone tracking data from special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s phone showing Wade and Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis did engage that often in the 11 months before she hired him to help nail Trump. The couple swore to the court they did not start dating until after Wade was hired.

Atlanta-based defense attorney Andrew Fleischman told the Daily Caller News Foundation the “cell phone location data is powerful circumstantial evidence of a close personal relationship before 2022, as are the sheer number of texts and phone calls exchanged.”

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When the news broke, Resolute immediately recognized Fani was in an awful fix. If she admits the tracking data is legit, it means admitting she lied about her relationship, Trump case goes up in flames and she could end up disbarred, even jailed.

However, if in the interest of self-preservation, she fights the reliability of the tracking data, you have the District Attorney of Fulton County undermining the conviction of every criminal in the county found guilty on the basis of similar tracking. Ryan Fournier notes the Atlanta Police Department uses CellHawk, the same software tool uses to trace Wade. 

Sure enough, Willis chose her own skin. In a motion Friday night, Willis argued, “The records do nothing more than demonstrate that Special Prosecutor Wade’s telephone was located somewhere within a densely populated multiple-mile radius where various residences, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other businesses are located.”

Now it’s Judge Scott McAfee who’s in a fix. Given how he has worked for Willis, donated to her campaign, and practically given her the run of the courtroom during her testimony a week or so ago, he’s already held in suspicion of being in Willis’ pocket. If he gives into Willis’ demand and doesn’t allow the cell tracking data, that suspicion intensifies. I mean 2,000 calls? 10,000 texts? 35 extended visits, including 2 overnights? On top of the testimony of Willis’ former friend?

However, if he allows the evidence and DQ’s Willis, he’s striking two massive blows for Trump and his co-defendants. First, Willis would be out of the way and the RICO case is thrown into chaos. Second, by acknowledging the reliability of cell tracking data, he allows Trump to argue the legitimacy of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules, and its evidence of massive illegal ballot stuffing in Fulton County. Evidence, you remember, based on cell data tracking of those involved in dumping the ballots. 

In other words, Judge McAfee would be making Trump’s case that he had every right to question the 2000 Election results in Fulton County … and, for that matter, all the other swing states.

Judge McAfee is holding a final hearing Friday on the matter of Willis-and-Wade. Set your DVRs, it’s going to be a doozy.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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