Girl narrowly avoids life of sexual exploitation while being trafficked across Indian border

By The Stream Published on July 19, 2019

“This is the reason I do what I do.”

Janice Meyer is the staff photographer for our parent organization, LIFE Outreach International. As such her camera has traveled to every corner and crevice of the globe, capturing all from the planet’s most powerful to the poorest of the poor. From God’s glorious creation to man’s most grotesque dens of depravity. From kids squealing with delight as fresh water splashes their faces to children in squalor and starvation. From joy to sorrow. Heartbreak to Hallelujah.

Thousands upon thousands of mesmerizing images. (Don’t believe me? Come pay a visit. We’ll show you the albums.)

Yet one from recent days, one image from a new Rescue Life mission, has touched Janice in a unique way. Leaving her so moved, she raced to post it.

This is the reason I do what I do. This precious girl is being held and comforted by one of my best friends @kiriejames…

Posted by Janice Meyer on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Janice says, “This is the reason I do what I do. This precious girl is being held and comforted by one of my best friends @kiriejames . Her story leveled our whole crew. She watched her mom kill herself in front of her in a gruesome way. Her father has abused her for years. In desperation she believed a man who told her he could help her if she would go across the border to India. Thankfully our team of amazing gifted and selfless partners intercepted her at the border and she is now in a safe place. She was about 50 steps from being gone forever into a life of torture and abuse. #missionrescuelife

Only 50 steps separated this precious young lady from being forever lost. The difference between horror and hope is narrow. Yet, you need take only one step to make the difference in another girl’s life. And you don’t even have to leave your computer.

You certainly don’t have to leave the safety of your home, as some are called to do.

Kirie James

Kirie James knows that call and she knows the risks. This is not Kirie’s first missions trip for LIFE Today. Over 20 years ago a trip nearly cost Kirie her life. She was with our team in Chernobyl after the explosion, and as she held one of the orphans, she caught a deadly contagious disease. The situation was very critical and seriously impacted her health, but the Lord pulled her through. She marched back into the pits of hell where, as LIFE Today host and Stream Founder James Robison says, “Angels fear to tread, but where angels and messengers of love are needed.”

During a 2016 appearance on LIFE Today, Kirie explained why.

“We live in such an affluent society. America, you know, is such a blessed country. And every day I see on the news reports of people hurting and broken. And every day I wonder, ‘Could I make a difference? What can I do?'”

On the program, Kirie is seen in Cambodia, in a dilapidated rat and manure-infested structure, where girls are forced to have sex or face death. Where these children are imprisoned behind lock doors to await “clients” and infants can be heard crying nearby.

“This is hard. This is really hard,” Kirie says through tears. “The hardest part isn’t seeing it. The hardest part is leaving it, knowing we didn’t do anything. To see people living that way and to come offering them hope, and to not give it, is wrong. We want to do something to make their lives better. We want to show them a way to get out of this. We want to extend hope to them. But we cannot do it alone.”

Because of viewers joining with us to give financial and prayer support, RescueLife has been able to rescue thousands of children and young women from sex slavery. Girls like the one cradled now by Kirie. Can you take that step right now, by clicking the link below? Then imagine Janice’s photos of girls you have helped rescue. You will hear your own heart echo hers, “This is the reason I did what I did.”

Help Us Rescue Life2

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.” (Proverbs 31:8-9)

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