A Pop Quiz in the Wake of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By Al Perrotta Published on May 3, 2018

Time for a pop quiz for my Democratic friends. “But I didn’t know there was going to be a quiz!” Yes. That’s why it’s a pop quiz. The good news is I won’t be grading you. The bad news? Your conscience might.

The other good news? It’s only one question.  Ready? First, examine the two pictures below.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Michelle Wolf Comparison - 900

On the left is Sarah Huckabee Sanders. On the right is Michelle Wolf. 

The question is this: “Which of these women better represents who you are?”

Two Portraits.

On the left is a working mother of three whose job requires her to work long hours dealing with a difficult boss and repetitive questions from impatient customers, and to do so with even-tempered grace. Before she steps up to the microphone she says a prayer. 

On the right is a woman who sees her job, her brand, as being obscene, petty, vulgar, insulting and demoralizing. Before she steps up to the microphone she thinks, “Burn it to the ground.” 

Raise up vs bring down. Which better represents your life and how you live it? Which better represents who you’d want your daughters to be?

Put your hatred of Sanders’ boss aside. Ask yourself honestly. 

Backing Away 

This isn’t about Wolf. Her 15-minutes are likely up. And like Sanders expressed this morning, I only wish Wolf “happiness.” What this is about is a potential threat to the Democratic Party, to the liberal cause.

I used to be a Democrat. A pretty liberal one at that. I was once asked by a colleague in L.A. “You’re a Republican?! When did you become a Republican?!” Actually, she practically spit it at me. The notion a Republican could exist anywhere in driving distance appalled her. Sure, there was Reagan, but at least he was now dead and buried in Simi Valley.

Her snarkiness points directly to a prime reason I moved away from being a liberal. 

I trace it back to a slow dawning that “I’m not like these people.” Sure, I defended Bill Clinton like a good Democrat. Was happy to write jokes knocking Republicans and conservatives. But I increasingly had trouble defending the behavior and attitude (and devastating consequences) of the town’s liberals. The elite political hustlers like Maxine Waters. The vicious, amoral group-think in Hollywood. Nasty. Oppressive. Destructive. (Oh, the stories my wife can tell of her experiences on sets. And ask her sometime about her ex-agent.) 

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I tried explaining to liberal friends back home this crass, vulgar, soulless viciousness. They thought I was bonkers. At the time, the D.C. area had its partisanship, but it was more like two sides of the same coin. Like arguing between a red wine and a blue wine. L.A. was the difference between liking wine and someone jumping in your face screaming how horrible wine is. Screaming “You are dreadful beverage Nazi for sipping wine! A culinary Klansman for even liking grapes!” Then grabbing your shopping bags, throwing them on the ground and stomping all over them on the off chance you had grapes in the bag.

Then screaming at you some more before hopping in their Prius. You know, the one with the “Tolerance” and “Coexist” stickers. 

Now the Nation Sees

Now the nation is seeing what I was talking about. Wolf’s display is just the latest example. It’s not just the late night comedians. Or Robert DeNiro, who has no trouble relating to psychopathic murders when he plays them, but can’t relate at all to Trump supporters. Or the dismissive, disrespectful hosts on CNN and MSNBC. (At least Rachel Maddow carries herself with some semblance of joy.)

It’s every word out of Adam Schiff’s mouth. The taunts of Maxine Waters. (She helped set fire to L.A. What will burn now that she’s gone national?) Broward County Sheriff David Israel. Madonna wishing she could blow up the White House. “I’m a baaaaaaad girl.” Celebrate your abortion. Joke about ripping babies to shreds. Antifa. The assault on Shania. The assault on Kanye. The assault on anyone who dares think different. Facebook fights. Facebook defriendings. Twitter fights. Twitter obscenity. You’re all just a “Basket of Deplorables.”  

The nation sees. And Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner brought the choice into crystal clear focus. Do I lift up in prayer or burn down with profanity?

I suspect many of good will will follow the path I took. “I can no longer defend this. These people no longer represent me and what I believe.”

I suspect there will, indeed, be a “blue wave,” but not the one the media are predicting. I suspect a bunch of people who were blue will wave the Democrats goodbye. 


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, and co-author of  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. It’s out May 21 from Regnery publishing, but is available for pre-order today. Right now. This very instant. 

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