20 Questions for Andrew McCabe

Eight Days in May, Part Three

By Al Perrotta Published on February 20, 2019

So former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is making the media rounds to pitch his book The Threat. Given that McCabe was fired by the FBI, given his central role in both the Hillary investigation and the Trump-Russia business, given the conversations about an “insurance policy” in case Trump won took place in his office, you’d think McCabe would face some serious grilling. Instead, he’s getting tossed more softballs than a women’s team in spring training. 

60 Minutes. The View. CNN. NBC’s Today. (Credit NPR for pushing McCabe on issues surrounding his firing and leaking to the Wall Street Journal.)

Just for fun, check out NBC’s Savannah Guthrie’s demeanor interviewing McCabe compared to her demeanor interrogating Covington High student Nick Sandmann. It’ll take you 10 seconds to see what I’m talking about. One gets easy smiles. The other death stares. Then again, who can blame her? After all, young Sandmann had stood still while a stranger banged a drum in his face. McCabe merely stood silent as the Deputy Attorney General of the United States spoke of undermining the Constitution to remove a President. 

I Have Questions Too!

1) You knew the 25th Amendment deals with presidents who are incapable of carrying out their duties. Firing Comey not only showed the president carrying out his duties, but you told Congress under oath he was well within his rights to send Comey packing. So when Rod Rosenstein brought up using the 25th Amendment to remove the president, why didn’t you smack him down? Why didn’t you walk out of the room? 

2) If you were serious that Rosenstein was serious about wearing a wire to secretly record the President in the Oval Office, what laws would allow him to carry out such a scheme? Are you aware of any other instances of DOJ or FBI enlisting anybody to secretly record the president? 

3) You told 60 Minutes you were worried about Trump being a Russian agent because of the way he spoke about Putin, given Russia is our “most formidable adversary.” Did you launch a similar counter-intelligence operation against President Obama after he was caught telling Russia’s then-President to pass word onto Putin he’d have “more flexibility after the election”? That was a president directly promising Russia to help Russia. If not, why the different treatment?

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4) Did you ask if Obama was a Russian agent when he mocked Romney for saying Russia was our top threat? Any counter-intelligence operation launched then?  How about when Obama approved Uranium One deal, and his DOJ crushed investigations into Putin’s efforts to bribe and blackmail his way to the Uranium One deal? How is Trump grumbling about Comey not wanting to tell the American people their president wasn’t under investigation worse than a president handing over 20% of our uranium under dubious circumstances, circumstances that put millions in the pocket of the Secretary of State and had Russians boasting about owning the Clintons?

5) For that matter, if Trump really was a Russian agent, would he really be blabbing so positively about Putin to you or anybody else? Do you really think he’s that stupid?

6) If Trump is this Russian agent, why would he have needed that Trump Tower meeting between his son and some Russian lawyer?

7) Speaking of Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, did you investigate how she got into the country? She needed a waiver. That had to come from the DOJ. Were you worried that looking into how that happened would show the role of the Obama administration in setting up the Trump campaign? Or did you already know about that?

And More Questions

8) You told Savannah Guthrie that you told the Gang of Eight about your counter-intelligence operation against Trump and none of the Republicans objected. What exactly did you tell them? What didn’t you tell them? Did you tell them the basis for the Russia investigation was the dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton? That none of the allegations at that point had been verified? Did you mention that you launched this new counter-intelligence operation against the president in May of 2017 at a time when Peter Strzok had already “feared” after 10 months of his investigation that there was “no there there”? For that matter, did you share with the Gang of Eight the very clear political biases of those you had investigating Trump? 

9) Speaking of Peter Strzok, what exactly was the “insurance policy” that he says was discussed in your office? Exactly how many discussions were held in your office to discuss ways to undermine or remove Donald Trump? How do you define seditious conspiracy?

10) About your leaks to the The Wall Street Journal. Those leaks were to refute allegations by other agents that you were blocking the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Are those agents lying? Why would they say you were blocking the investigation? In the article, your defense was that it was not you doing the blocking, but the Department of Justice. What exactly was the Obama DOJ doing to block the criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Did you launch an investigation into this clear obstruction of justice? Did you notify the Inspector General? 

11) Why did you not take action? Was it because of the $700K the Clinton machine fed your wife’s campaign? 

12) You told the Inspector General that Loretta Lynch was furious at NYPD over leaks out of the NYPD about what was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. She even made an angry call to New York. This lines up with an allegation made days before the election that Lynch called NYPD threatening to prosecute NYPD officers in an unrelated case if they didn’t shut up about what was found on Anthony Weiner’s computer. So what was on that computer that had Lynch so worried?

13) Speaking of Weiner, he was just released from prison. Your agents listed general categories of what was found on his computer. One category is “Crimes Against Children.” What in God’s name was that?! Did the FBI investigate these crimes against children? Can you explain why these crimes were not investigated?

And Yet More Questions

14) Given what was on the computer, including hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton emails. Given the FBI’s conclusion that at least five hostile nations had Hillary’s emails, including Russia. And given the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General discovery that Hillary’s emails were being siphoned off to a foreign power in real time … would you say candidate Hillary Clinton would have been subject to blackmail by Russia and other hostile nations had she been elected? Was there ever a counter-intelligence investigation into that threat? 

15) Speaking of Hillary, we know now that Russian agents were meeting with Hillary’s representatives, including her dirty works guy Sidney Blumenthal,  in order to provide information that could be used in the 2016 election against Trump. Did you launch any investigations into Hillary Clinton over her potentially being a Russian agent? 

16) You are pointing the finger at DOJ, DOJ is pointing the finger back at you. You reportedly said that if you go down, everyone goes down. At what point do you and the DOJ start pointing the finger toward the Obama White House? After all, according to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, you’re the one who changed the Comey statement’s reference to Obama having unsecured email exchanges with Hillary to “senior White House official.” Someone in the White House put heat on you?

17) When Lisa Page said President Obama wanted to know “Everything we are doing”? Did that mean everything? When did Obama know that the Steele Dossier was unverified opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton via the Perkins Coie law firm?

18) Did you ever determine why Obama’s political organization also paid Perkins Coie $1 million during 2016-2017? Was Obama also paying for the dossier? 

19) Fox News reported you told others at the FBI you would “take people down” with you if you got fired. Who else deserves to go down … beside Rosenstein? How wide? How high does it go?

20) You reportedly told staffers, “First we f*** Flynn, then we f*** Trump.” (The FBI launched an investigation of who leaked the conversation.) Do you feel you have met your goal? Is that what you are still trying to do with this book and these interviews? 

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