Protect the Children Part 9: Keeping the Pressure on Your School Board

By John Amanchukwu Published on June 7, 2024

This is Part 9 of a 14-part series on how to confront leftist indoctrination in your child’s school. If you want to be part of the parental revolution, this series will help you learn how to reorient school systems back toward biblical ethics to ensure our kids can safely learn, grow, and be nurtured in environments that prioritize knowledge over dogma, truth over lies, and virtue over vice.


A pressure campaign requires organization. You should identify three to five individuals in the community you can enlist to actively pressure a school board. You must have a base of support to build momentum within the community.

These individuals should help spread the word, attend meetings, and organize efforts to pressure the school board with you, and when you speak at board meetings, they should follow up with supportive public comments.

Protect confidential information, but specify exactly which corrupt ideologies the school board is implementing, and how.

Building a Network

Identify fellow parents in your child’s class or school who may be able to help. Gauge their interest in attending school board meetings. Often, the best information concerning CRT, DEI, and gender theory in schools come from other parents who have seen or heard things.

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Find sympathetic teachers, school administrators, and other staff. This happens organically after you have made your presence known at the school board.

Create a phased plan of attack for pressuring your school board to resolve potential issues of concern. For example, say the school is using harmful DEI training sessions for staff, using an outside activist group to conduct them. You could organize the pressure campaign as follows:

  • Hold several meetings with your network to confirm that the DEI faculty trainings, sponsored by a third-party vendor, is an ongoing problem.
  • Speak at the next school board meeting, bringing the issue to everyone’s attention. Outline the problem with DEI training and make an explicit demand the school end both the trainings and the relationship with the third-party vendor.
  • Line up other members of your network to express similar concerns and requests. Contact the local news. Write an op-ed about the DEI training at the school. Let everyone know you want to resolve this issue to protect kids, and encourage others to participate. Tell them how to reach you directly.
  • Email each school board member with a specific demand to add this to the next meeting’s itinerary. Ask for the names of the individuals at the school or on the board who have approved these trainings.
  • Show up early with others in your support network to the next board meeting, with prepared remarks that remind the members of your previous request to dismantle the DEI training program. Follow this up with specific examples of how DEI training harms kids and faculty by promoting racial division, violating their civil rights, and fostering environments where kids learn to hide material or discussions from their parents.
  • Continue pressing the point past your allotted time to speak; force the board to remove you. This will garner immediate press attention, but more importantly, will signal that the board is not interested in listening to the concerns of parents or protecting children from these harmful ideologies.
  • Obtain the footage through public information requests. If necessary, your support network should record the meeting and share the footage with others. 
  • Post the footage of the board meeting and your ouster (if that occurs) on social media and share with people in your network. Ask people to show up at the next school board meeting to show support for protecting kids and faculty from these harmful trainings. 
  • Share the board members’ publicly available contact information with concerned parents and community members so that they can pressure them, too.
  • Make sure you or others in your network sign up to speak at the next school board meeting. Expand the number of concerned parents in attendance from the previous two meetings. Remind the board of your initial request, how they silenced or removed you from the previous meeting, and demand that they take action or face political and professional consequences for putting their political ideology above nurturing the community’s children.
  • After the meeting, announce you’re circulating a petition for the board to abolish the DEI training, and post a copy of it on social media or on a personal website. Keep a physical list of the people who sign it. 
  • When a specific metric of signatories has been reached (say, 50% of parents at the school in question), deliver the list at the next school board meeting and demand the board act within a specific time frame.


John K. Amanchukwu Sr. is the Amazon bestselling author of Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion (Salem Books, 2022). He currently serves as the first assistant and youth pastor of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Crystal, and their three children.

This article has been adapted from his resource, The Cyclone 400 Tool Kit: Protecting Our Children and Reclaiming Our Communities.

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