Protect the Children Part 14: Maintaining a Permanent Parental Overwatch

By John Amanchukwu Published on June 17, 2024

This is the final installment of a 14-part series on how to confront leftist indoctrination in your child’s school. If you want to be part of the parental revolution, this series will help you learn how to reorient school systems back toward biblical ethics to ensure our kids can safely learn, grow, and be nurtured in environments that prioritize knowledge over dogma, truth over lies, and virtue over vice.


The infrastructure being put in place is only as good as its maintenance level. This means you have to remain vigilant from this point forward, and be permanently receptive to the concerns of parents and members of the community.

Once your network is in place, you must either establish a new grassroots group or coalition that focuses on defeating these radical ideologies or work with existing groups to broaden your reach.

A formal coalition will make it easier to organize larger groups of supporters as you scale up the effort. Here are the core elements you need to stay vigilant over the K-12 schools in your community.


Plan for the long haul. If no group like this currently exists in your area, you will need to start one or find someone who can. Know your community and assess your needs. As part of this effort, make sure you have individuals in your support network who will: keep the minutes of meetings; handle any potential finances; organize speakers at school board meetings; recruit new supporters, etc. Base the tasks on your network’s abilities, but consider assigning positions focused on recruitment, communications, policy, and hospitality.

The long-term success of this effort depends greatly on the buy-in. Give people responsibilities and help them grow in their fight to protect their children and their community.


You need motivated and dynamic people to lead and organize. Ideally, a Cyclone should possess a combination of passion and knowledge and effectively engage audiences. Individuals in the support network who also possess those qualities should be given leadership roles and opportunities to serve as forward-facing representatives of the broader effort. 

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Many groups wither because the person leading isn’t necessarily skilled at capturing an audience’s attention. Other groups fizzle out because of poor organizational skills. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the people in your network, and know what your network needs in order to succeed.

Is someone gifted at organization and logistics? Recruit them!

Is there someone who knows all the latest Critical Theory jargon and activities? Recruit them!

Is there someone who understands the local political dynamics due to past experience? Recruit them!

Train new people in the techniques you have mastered so they can grow as advocates and potential Cyclones themselves and expand your group’s capabilities. Having more effective people in your network means you’ll get more effective short- and long-term results.

Work with vetted, legitimate organizations to supplement your efforts. It’s okay to partner with a local charity or organization if you all share the same goals. Just ensure that you properly vet them, as association with fringe groups can potentially delegitimize your efforts. To that end, Cyclones and their support networks should be discerning in their associations while welcoming fellow travelers who can help expand their reach. 

Community Awareness

Continue spreading broader community awareness of your mission. While this naturally occurs with media exposure and encounters at school board meetings, the understanding that a group exists, combined with appreciation for its mission and positive associations with your and the group’s reputation, will create a pipeline of local support going forward.

Some ways to maintain visibility include:

  • Social media presence: It’s free and can sustain interest when events occur. Consider Facebook, X, Truth Social, Rumble, and Instagram.
  • Local media engagement: Have someone from your support network write op-eds and letters to the editor at least once a quarter (more often if possible) on issues happening in the schools or the local school board.
  • Hold regular gatherings: You should have regular face time with individuals in the support network. It’s an opportunity to strategize, evaluate, and plan out future community engagement practices that will maintain the network’s visibility.
  • Parental roundtables: Invite parents out for snacks, coffee, and discussion. Ask them to present their concerns (both with things happening in the school system and efforts to stop it). While no Cyclone should delegate the broader mission to anyone who shows up and offers their thoughts, it is common for parents to provide valuable intel and constructive criticism that can sharpen the Cyclone network and result in greater buy-in for the mission.

The work required to safeguard our children will not be easy. Good things rarely are. However, if done properly, the hard work on the front end will not only bear righteous fruit in the months and years ahead, but will serve as a beacon in your community, reminding the institutions charged with educating America’s next generation that they answer to parents and the citizenry.

Permanent parental overwatch is not just a goal, but the result of good men and women working together toward the virtuous end of giving our children the opportunity to value the things that are true, the things that are good, and the things that are beautiful in this world.


John K. Amanchukwu Sr. is the Amazon bestselling author of Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion (Salem Books, 2022). He currently serves as the first assistant and youth pastor of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Crystal, and their three children.

This article has been adapted from his resource, The Cyclone 400 Tool Kit: Protecting Our Children and Reclaiming Our Communities.

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