Protect the Children Part 13: Become a ‘Cyclone’

By John Amanchukwu Published on June 15, 2024

This is Part 13 of a 14-part series on how to confront leftist indoctrination in your child’s school. If you want to be part of the parental revolution, this series will help you learn how to reorient school systems back toward biblical ethics to ensure our kids can safely learn, grow, and be nurtured in environments that prioritize knowledge over dogma, truth over lies, and virtue over vice.


Throughout my travels across America speaking out against the woke sickness in America’s schools, concerned parents and individuals have inundated me with requests for training on how to effectively engage with their school systems.

This fight is ultimately what the Cyclone model The Stream has been detailing for you these last few weeks is all about. God does not call His people to be timid in the face of evil — and the woke brainwashing and grooming of our children is nothing short of evil — but rather to be strong and courageous. This requires us to boldly battle those who seek to harm our children and poison our communities to advance their godless agenda. The model for this approach is found in the Bible.

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In 1 Samuel, David discovered that the Amalekites had burned the city of Ziklag to the ground and abducted the Israelite army’s wives and children. In his grief, David sought the counsel of the Lord to determine what he should do. He asked God if he should pursue his enemies, and God answered him: “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake and shall surely rescue.”

With 400 courageous men by his side, David pursued those who had kidnapped his family and sought to rob his people. He and his men defeated the Amalekites and rescued their children from the enemy. So too will our 400 Cyclones spearhead the rescue of our children from the woke radicals and groomers in our education systems. 

Operating Principles and Qualifications

If you have made this far through our series, chances are you are very interested in joining the cause. Perhaps you’re a Cyclone, or one of the many supporters who will work hand-in-hand with one to transform your school board back into a beacon of sanity and truth in your community.

Either way, it’s important to emphasize that this program is not for the faint of heart. In order to mirror, replicate, and expand on the work I have been doing, the Cyclone 400 program actively seeks the strongest men and women available to step into the arena to defend our children and fight against the darkness seeking to come against their minds, their bodies, and their souls.

What are the primary qualifications for a Cyclone?

  • Clarity of purpose: Candidates must understand the Cyclone 400 mission, which is to defend our children from radicals seeking to corrupt and groom them into adhering to destructive and deviant ideologies.
  • Willingness to speak out: Candidates must be willing to speak publicly. The willingness to step forward and go before a school board or rally people to the cause must be present and apparent.
  • Ability to develop support networks: Candidates must display an affinity for tapping into local support from members of the community, friends, and fellow parents.
  • Dedication to our children: Most importantly, candidates must fully dedicate themselves to protecting our children. Whether that’s as a concerned parent who has a history of working with, coaching, and mentoring kids or with groups that help and protect children, or involvement in your local church or synagogue, this quality is the most important. 

If an individual meets these four criteria, then he or she may be a good candidate for becoming a Cyclone or leading a Cyclone support network. Each candidate will go through a series of evaluations; while the process may not be the same, some of the things you can expect are a background check, a phone interview, and an in-person discussion with me. 

Three Phases of the Cyclone Program

The goal of the candidate selection process is to find the best of the best and expand the reach of the parental revolution from coast to coast, creating a blanket of protection that restores an emphasis on truth, virtue, and actual education.

Recruit: This is where we identify and recruit leaders to address their respective school boards and school officials concerning the destructive woke agenda. This process began organically with individuals who expressed interest in working alongside me in my mission, but the Cyclone 400 program methodically identifies specific traits necessary to succeed. While anyone can step up to support this cause, not everyone may be ready to be a Cyclone.

Train: This is where we move willing men and women with the right capabilities into a flexible training program combining virtual live sessions with my team and self-paced modules that contain deeper dives into the material we’ve touched on in this series. Additionally, we provide comprehensive resources on CRT, gender theory, and other emerging woke concepts to ensure a strong intellectual foundation in these areas. The capstone of the training program instructs Cyclones how to flip school boards.

Deploy: This is where we move Cyclones into the field to directly address officials and school boards. This phase prioritizes correctly identifying specific areas of concern, exposing material and actions to the broader community, facilitating a network of support to pressure officials to take the right actions to protect our kids, and implementing strategic plans to replace board members as needed. 

It is important to note that each Cyclone may experience a different timeline through these three phases and that’s okay! Some people are already further along in their journey. Others may still need to explore whether or not this is their calling. Still others may need to work on developing an area (such as support networks) before they are ready to be deployed.

Building Your Network

This may present the most difficult barrier for prospective Cyclones, and that makes sense. If you’re a concerned mom or dad living your life, working your day job, and taking care of your family, you may not know how to develop a network around a specific cause.

It’s okay. Here’s some advice on how to go about doing that.

  • Immediate circle: Start with those closest to you, including your family and friends. Assess their level of agreement and support, and actively recruit them to help in some capacity. The circle will expand in later steps.
  • Friends: You likely know which of your friends are like-minded on these issues and can be sufficiently educated on the dangers these ideologies present. Use your typical functions and gatherings to gauge their level of support and determine their willingness to assist. You will be surprised to find out just how many people in your social circles agree with you!
  • Community: Reach out to your neighbors, church groups, synagogue, the parents of your children’s friends and classmates, and any civic or local clubs you may be involved in.
  • Professional circle: The outer tier is your work colleagues, your business associates, your vendors, and others with whom you have a working relationship. Be careful here, but if you have a good feel for their position on issues, having the backing of your employer or community business leaders is powerful.
  • Outside circle: These are the people you do not know well or at all. If you are expanding your network into this circle, it is usually a good indicator that things are developing well.

You may be asking though: “What do I say to these folks?”

Keep your answer simple and clear. For example:

You: I wanted to tell you about something. I’ve decided to get involved with a cause to help our kids.

Friend: Yeah? What is it?

You: There’s been a lot of talk about what’s going on in our school systems. The transgender bathroom stuff. The DEI garbage. The explicit material. This group works to pressure school boards into getting rid of all that to protect our kids.

Friend: Interesting. What do you do?

You: It’s called Cyclone 400. It was started by a pastor in North Carolina. He travels America speaking out on this stuff, and he’s looking to recruit parents all over the country to put a stop to all of this. Would you be interested in knowing more about it? I’d love to have you help.

And there you go. It’s really that simple, and you will know immediately what level of interest this person has in being part of your support network. Keep tabs on the number of people you talk with and the potential range of support you may have as you’re building your network.

Influence usually boils down to a simple calculation of how many people are for or against something. The larger the number of people on your side, the more likely you are to succeed in the getting the outcomes you seek. And you may find that when it comes to kids and protecting them, the traditional political boundaries do not necessarily apply!

Many people who belong to a different political party or go to a different church than you are potentially just as opposed to CRT, DEI, and gender ideology as you are. Have conversations and bring them into the fold if they seem truly receptive.

As a general rule of thumb, a single-issue focus group at the local level will attract the most overall support. The more issues you try to tackle, the more you may alienate people who would otherwise be willing to support your efforts. So keep CRT, DEI, gender ideology, and grooming culture grouped together as “radical ideologies and practices.” Do not stray from those messages if you can at help it.

Finally, ask those in your support network to go through the circles of influence detailed above as well! Set goals for growth, encourage people to add a certain amount of people each week or month, and think of ways to reward those who bring in the most people.


John K. Amanchukwu Sr. is the Amazon bestselling author of Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion (Salem Books, 2022). He currently serves as the first assistant and youth pastor of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Crystal, and their three children.

This article has been adapted from his resource, The Cyclone 400 Tool Kit: Protecting Our Children and Reclaiming Our Communities.

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