Mother Chooses Life, Accepts Jesus and Gets Married in One Week

By Nancy Flory Published on June 23, 2017

A woman who faced an unexpected pregnancy showed up at an abortion clinic last Monday. Already the mother of three, she was facing difficult circumstances and didn’t see how she could have a fourth child. But within one week, she decided against an abortion, accepted Christ and got married. She now looks forward to the birth of her baby.

A pro-life ministry, Cities4Life, was on the sidewalk at the abortion clinic that day. Cities4Life brings together various pro-life ministries, such as those providing baby showers or 3D ultrasounds, to create a culture of life from the sidewalks outside abortion clinics. Cities4Life acts as a bridge between the abortion clinic and these life-giving ministries, according to their website.

Volunteer Coordinator for Cities4Life Vicky Kaseorg was there and remembers that “J,” as Vicky calls the woman, was “depressed, despairing and hopeless” when she arrived. In an interview with The Stream, Vicky recalled that J was set on abortion. J was living in a car with no air conditioning with three children and told Vicky she was going to abort her baby. After speaking with Vicky, J decided to have an ultrasound. Even after the ultrasound, J wasn’t going to keep the baby unless Vicky could secure housing. 

That’s when Vicky realized that unless J changed her perspective on abortion, she’d just abort anyway. “She didn’t understand the Gospel. We talked a long time about what would happen if Jesus was Lord of her life.”

After that conversation, things changed rather quickly. “She chose life for her baby, then chose to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life,” Vicky wrote on her blog. “…convicted of the need to obey God in all things, [she] told her boyfriend, who said, ‘Then let’s get married now.'”

J’s boyfriend had a “brutal schedule,” and wasn’t sure when the wedding could take place before Vicky left on vacation. Out of the blue, his work for Thursday was canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. They called Vicky that morning. After the program director, Daniel, counseled the couple, Vicky, J and her boyfriend were off to get a marriage license, paid for by Cities4Life donors, and a wedding dress. 

They found the perfect dress at a consignment shop. Vicky brought a ring she found years before but never wore. “I kept it, thinking one day God would reveal who I could bless with that lovely ring. I hoped it would fit J. It did! Perfectly. As though it were made for her.”

Vicky also tracked down a pastor who could perform the wedding at 3 p.m. He lived an hour away but just happened to be in town, “which never happens,” wrote Vicky. The three went home to get changed. “Somehow, we all arrived at 3:00 ready for a wedding.”

The woman who exchanged vows in the park that day was not the woman Vicky met just 72 hours before. She was beaming, grateful and happy. Her life had been turned around because of pro-lifers outside of an abortion clinic.

A donor picked up the tab for a fancy hotel for their honeymoon. The hotel even provided a free meal to the couple. 

Vicky is very clear that this didn’t happen because of her efforts. “There is NO WAY I could have pulled this off. The miracles of God and intervention of loving Christians throughout made an impossible task a beautiful and joyful miracle.”

Thinking back on that Thursday morning, Vicky wrote that she never would’ve thought she’d be planning a wedding that day. “May Christ guide their future as He did this miraculous day. You just never know how God will use you when you wake up in the morning and say, ‘Here am I. Send me.'”

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  • Dean Bruckner

    Amen! Thank you, Nancy! PTL!

  • Josh Shapiro

    So, is she still homeless?

    • Nancy Flory

      No, they are in temporary housing and are in the process of getting permanent housing.

    • Vicky Kaseorg

      And no they are no longer homeless. Read my post above

  • Josh Shapiro

    Ah, such a beautiful and moving story. Instead of being a single homeless woman with three kids she can’t afford and take care of while living in a car, she’s now a married homeless woman with 4 kids who still lives in a car. Gee, the power of prayer.

    • Vicky Kaseorg

      Actually, they were accepted into a wonderful Christian program which provides free housing, vocational training financial counseling, childcare resources, spiritual mentor ship, and a huge family of loving Christians to support and help them. They have been in temporary housing through the lavish outpouring of donations from the cities for life network. They have received bundles of clothes for themselves and their children, as well as the repairs to their old car, and a brand new to them used car that is a van in excellent condition and big enough for their growing family. They have expressed great joy many times over that when they gave their life to Christ and did the right thing regarding the life of their child, their entire world changed.

      • Josh Shapiro

        So actually the livelihood and welfare of her and her family is contingent on accepting your religious beliefs?

        • Vicky Kaseorg

          nope. As a matter of fact we told them up front we would help them no matter what. The livelihood and welfare of her family is contingent on her recognition of the wonderful resources available to better her life and willingness to pursue them. The fact that she accepted Christ as well as her hubby just shows how they both felt the path they were on was not leading to good. To be involved in that particular Christian assistance program they most like does require church attendance. We had them apply at ALL housing options and resources in our community, including secular ones. They CHOSE the Christian one, by far their favorite. Did you know you make a lot of assumptions with no knowledge of the facts?

          • Josh Shapiro

            So, if she does decide to terminate her pregnancy, that would in no way infringe upon the assistance she is currently receiving?

          • Vicky Kaseorg

            Our ministry is specifically to help women who choose life. However, we have helped post-abortive women with dealing with grief and issues surrounding the abortion, but our funds are specifically for helping support moms in the choice for life.

          • Josh Shapiro

            So if she has an abortion, out on the street she goes?

          • Vicky Kaseorg

            Hey Josh, I think you want to pick a fight. I am not interested in justifying the scope of our ministry with you. We help women who choose life. We do indeed help those women who seek us out after abortions who need the hope and help of the gospel. Many other ministries and resources help all poor. We do not have the resources to help everyone. This family has 2 working cars, clothes, hope and help because of our ministry. That is theirs to keep. What have you done to help someone off the streets, to ease their suffering, to speak for the innocent babies slaughtered by the millions each year? I hope I am not presuming too much to guess maybe not as much as you should. I met a woman who chose life who had no winter coat. I bought her a winter coat. The next day, I saw her at the abortion center…aborting. I handed her the winter coat anyway. I would not turn from someone in need. But I grieve for her baby. Do you?

          • Anna Kidurka

            Since embryos and early fetuses are non sentient, and I have no business in the medical decisions of other women, no, I do not grieve. I trust the woman made the best decision for her in her life.

  • Sheryl Chandler

    Housing and a new vehicle are in the works for J and her family. She is receiving great care and discipleship in the interim. Many practical items and clothing have been provided (clothing, shoes, car seat). A lavish baby shower is in the works.

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