Pray! No Good Outcome to Kavanaugh Hearings Unless God Intervenes

By Tom Gilson Published on September 27, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh will either be confirmed or not confirmed as the next Supreme Court justice. Either way, a very large proportion of Americans will consider it a serious injustice. 

If he is not confirmed, conservatives will object seriously to the inadequacy of the evidence supporting Ford’s allegations. Some Republican senators will admit privately that they voted no because knew what would happen to them if they voted yes. Republican leaders will proceed to the next step in the confirmation process. They’ll get back to business, even though the politics has forever tainted the process. 

If He is Confirmed

If he is confirmed, liberals will complain bitterly that “Survivors are never believed!” They will miss the step by which we can know Ford actually is a survivor, and whether she is a survivor of an assault by Kavanaugh, or whether it was some other boy’s assault. (“Survivors are never  believed” is relevant only if she is a survivor, right?) They’ll overlook the possibility she has mis-remembered the whole incident.

They won’t permit a moment’s thought to the chance she might lying. Someone will call me a horrible person for suggesting she might be lying. No one will notice she’s also been saying Kavanaugh has been lying. “Survivors” can’t lie, after all. “Victimizers” always lie. Or so the belief goes.

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They will repeat her Senate testimony on how hard her life has turned since this has been made public. No one will remember how Kavanaugh’s life has been picked apart. It won’t matter how his family has been traumatized by these events. 

That’s not all. Pundits will complain that she was “put on trial” in the Senate. They will forget that she is the complainant, and that the Senate is responsible to probe her complaint to decide whether it is credible. 

Liberals will say Kavanaugh’s confirmation means Republicans hate women. They will overlook the man-hating that’s all too evident on their side. Conservative senators will answer that their decision wasn’t about hating women, but about not finding credible reason to believe Ford’s complaint. Liberals will answer, “Republicans hate women.”

They will accuse Republicans of dividing the country, as if violence wasn’t divisive.

Liberals will point to Ford’s testimony on how she was traumatized. They’ll tell us how she’s said her life has been ruined since the alleged event. They will remind us that “Survivors are never believed.” And they will tell us the Senate should have believed her on moral grounds, regardless of whether she could provide any corroborating evidence.

Expect Violence, and Liberal Leadership to Encourage It

Above all, if he is confirmed, liberals will march, protest and go on strike. Some protests will turn violent. Liberal leaders who could speak up and quell the violence will instead remain silent. Thus they will encourage the violence to continue.

If they say anything, it will be that Kavanaugh’s confirmation threatens the foundations of our democracy. They’ll say so even though, if it happens, that confirmation will been the effect of a constitutional process. They’ll brush right by the real threat to our democracy: leaders tacitly encouraging violence in the streets in response to constitutional processes. They will accuse Republicans of dividing the country, as if violence wasn’t divisive.

We Must Pray

In summary: For those of us who know we need a strong originalist on the Supreme Court, there is no good way for this to come out. The best outcome would be for Kavanaugh to be shown to be telling the truth, and being confirmed.  This best possible outcome involves near-certain Democrat-encouraged violence in the street.  

Humanly speaking, therefore, apart from God’s grace leading us elsewhere, I see no fully good way for this to end. God is still God, though, and He still does the impossible. Let us all pray for Him to intervene. 

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  • Spear

    Sometimes a righteous man needs to stand up no matter if his evil enemy threatens chaos in the streets. Sometimes the only way to answer evil is straight forward in their face, “We will stand for Righteousness no matter how hard you cry, curse, or produce violence. Evil cares not that you don’t believe them and therefore you will not cave. They have no Moral hindrances. Stand up Righteous Man, Stand Up and do not give an inch to this un-righteousness.

    • Chip Crawford

      He must have heard you … 🙂 Just what he did.

  • SophieA

    Just because some survivors weren’t believed in the past, doesn’t mean that now all INNOCENT men must pay for the sins of those guilty men.

    I read this headline somewhere that sums up this mess succinctly:
    If all men are guilty, then all women are monsters.

  • Anne

    Judge Kavanaugh: Isaiah 54:17 “ No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord.” Amen.

  • JP

    Actually this is a good thing because it exposes the hypocrisy and lies of the left. No rocks to hide under now.

  • Steve Rich

    Bring it on. I don’t care about appeasing democrats and lefties any more. They don’t have America’s interests at heart. Take a stand and stop apologizing for it.

  • Carmen Rodriguez

    Your article is seems you throw the towel….BE STRONG and WRITE ….unless you are working for the Democrats. If you do not know how to convey truth…take a vacation. IF IF IF

    • Predicting how liberals will implode if he’s confirmed us not throwing in the towel.

      • Spear

        But it could be a sign he’s scared of them. There’s just too many scared christians these days. Time to Stand Firm in His Truth no matter how the enemies minions react.

        • Read my other articles here if you want a more complete picture of where I stand.

      • Steve Rich

        It shouldn’t matter how hard lefties respond. That’s already a known quantity. You’re right, they will respond as predicted.

        • The left’s response shouldn’t dissuade us from doing what’s right. In that sense I agree completely: It doesn’t matter how they respond. It does matter, though, if they commit violence in the streets; violence harms people.

          But read my real message here, please. The reason I’m predicting these things from the left is because I’m making a statement about their character. They’ve shown it in the past, and I expect they’ll show it again. And yes, I’m also calling for prayer, because their character will predictably lead them to do harm, and prayer is always appropriate in those situations.

  • Chip Crawford

    Thank God many prayed in faith, letting God do what he can do. The judge had grace, force, righteous indignation. He was bold as a lion. Thank God. We must have what God can do in everything.

  • Trilemma

    Why pray? If God is omniscient, then God already knows the outcome and nothing, not even lots of prayer, can change the outcome God knows will come about.

    • Spear

      That’s not what God’s Word says. He says to PRAY!

      • Trilemma

        Does God already know if Mr. Kavanaugh will be confirmed or not?

        • Yes, He does. See my earlier answer. If you want an answer to this question, too, I can recommend more reading. If you don’t want an answer, say so and quit interrupting here.

        • Spear

          Don’t ask me. Ask Him directly. But be forewarned, He could answer immediately or it could take years. But one thing I can vouch for, He will answer. He’ll answer an honest question when He knows you are ready for the answer.

    • Samsquanch

      “Pray without ceasing.”

    • Trilemma, are you seriously interested in the historic Christian thinking on this question, which fills whole library shelves, and which confronts the issues even more seriously than you ever raised them? Or do you just want to poke at a conversation to derail it?

      If you want an answer to your question, let me know. I’ll recommend a few books. I’d you don’t want an answer, don’t interrupt the conversation here to pretend that you do.

      • Trilemma

        I believe God is not omniscient so I believe prayer has value. But what to pray for? There are undoubtedly people praying Mr. Kavanaugh will be confirmed and people praying he isn’t confirmed. Will God go with the majority vote? Does God agree that the best possible outcome is the one you believe is the best outcome? Maybe God prompted Ms. Ford to come forward and speak out. I think we should pray that everyone involved have wisdom and clarity of mind to do what’s best for all people in America.

        • Chip Crawford

          Why don’t you ask him if you are going to make it or snap, crackle and pop for all eternity?

          • Trilemma

            He said nobody is going to snap, crackle and pop for all eternity.

  • tz1

    Except that God’s intervention would likely look like the latter chapters of the book of revelation. I hope he intervenes when I’m not on the west coast.

  • Nick Stuart

    Like the Calvinist said after he fell down the steps, “I’m glad that’s over with.”

  • David Quelle

    I don’t think it presumptuous to believe that these allegations very well may be true. I don’t believe that allegations brought up 35 years after the crime should have much bearing on his current morals or ability.

    If he is rejected, it is not too late for the Senate to confirm another appointee. I’m still hoping for Any Barrett. Let’s keep praying!

    • Steve Rich

      True? Maybe yes, maybe no. Exactly what ARE the allegations, and against whom, given the memory lapses? How can one possibly know?

      Sorry, it is too late for an alternate at this point.

      • The Dems are hoping to delay this thing — which is why they’re screaming for an FBI investigation, too — because they think they can get another Senate seat or two in November. So yes, we could be out of time if this one falls through. That’s going to depend on the elections, too, but that’s the game they’re playing, and it’s the danger we face.

  • Hmmm…

    Jesus taught us to pray. Yes, God knows the beginning from the end, but that is that he knows what humans will do from his eternal perspective. However, he made time, put us in time and gave his word to his creatures in the time element. The point is to do what he told us to do, not be second guessing his part. We have our part on our hands. What is so good about it is that he will and wants to help us with our part. He invites us to invite him in. He won’t just push in. People don’t always choose God or listen to him, that’s obvious. He set it up so they could choose. We probably wouldn’t have done it that way, but God gives free will because he apparently prefers to be chosen over having robots. Grace is God’s intervention — grace being God’s ability, that extra zing, opening doors. dealing with others, whatever it takes.

    Brett Kavanaugh only a few days ago was depressed, oppressed and under the heel of this thing. But they say his church prayed, many Christians prayed, his family prayed. God “intervened.” He was a transformed man at the hearing, free to speak up, speak out with the clarity of honest feeling and boldness toward the process arrayed against him. For me, his verve made Ford’s testimony sound like a whinny, whiney piddling puddle. The judge came in on a strong wave and washed it out.

  • Bezukhov

    Pray! No Good Outcome to Kavanaugh Hearings Unless God Intervenes

    Sorry. God has far more important matters to ignore than Brett Kavanaugh.

    • Chip Crawford

      Sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Cody

        I agree with you.

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