PragerU Explains the Wisdom of the Electoral College and the Folly of Calls to Replace It

By Al Perrotta Published on March 19, 2019

Progressives, still refusing to peacefully accept the 2016 election and in ruthless pursue of power, have set their sights on our esteemed election system.

Let’s let 16-year-old’s vote! Let’s let illegal immigrants vote! Let’s disenfranchise the 2016 voters by packing the Supreme Court! And, of course, “Let’s eliminate the Electoral College.”

Here’s a better idea: Next time don’t run a nominee who carries more baggage than the cargo hold of a 747 and is too stubborn or sick to campaign in crucial states. For that matter, why would you need to change anything with our election system if the only reason you lost is because of Russian interference?

Yes, it’s easy to mock, but we can’t. Serious presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren are suggesting we trash the Electoral College. States like Colorado and Delaware are rushing to circumvent the Electoral College by having their electoral votes go to whoever wins the nationwide popular vote. We must be clear why the Electoral College is so important. Especially so we can explain it to people who think the Electoral College is some small school that made it into March Madness.

Sen. Rubio Summarizes, David Mills Analyzes

Sen. Marco Rubio summarized the aim of Democrats and what he called the “genius” of our founders in two tweets:

Let’s put in real world terms what Sen. Rubio is talking about. After the 2016 election, The Stream’s David Mills crunched some numbers. His article “All Right, Already, Clinton Won the Popular Vote. Big Woop” reveals a fascinating fact:

[Hillary’s] vote was geographically weighted. Without California, she loses the popular vote by a significant amount. Without California and New York — two states the Democrats will always win — she loses the popular vote by a lot. Trump didn’t have that big an advantage anywhere, even Texas.

Look ahead. As David put it in a separate article debunking the arguments for the popular vote determining the presidency:

Does anyone outside the left wing of the Democratic party want to be ruled by the state that re-elects Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, treated Harvey Weinstein as a god, and four times elected a governor named Moonbeam?

David broke the numbers down further. Over half her popular vote margin came from Los Angeles County. Should we leave our nation’s future entirely in the hands of La-La Land? A city with a frenzied hatred of anything remotely “Deplorable”? And trash starting to pile as high as palm trees? A town more welcoming to MC-13 members than it is actresses bigger than size 2?

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But let’s put aside Los Angeles. Who knows? The City of Angels was the launching site of one of the greatest revivals the world’s ever seen. It may well be again. We need to focus on why the Electoral College itself is so necessary, so instrumental to the American experiment, regardless of the whims and views of this particular generation.

And for that we go to PragerU.

PragerU Explains

Dennis Prager’s PragerU has produced three videos on the Electoral College. I recommend you watch and share each.

The latest is only 81 seconds and provides “Three Reasons Why We Need The Electoral College.” 81 seconds is all you need to knock back the Elizabeth Warrens of the world.

For a more in-depth look at how the Electoral College works, this second video is invaluable.

This final video takes a slightly different tack, weighing the disadvantages of “The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College.”

Ten minutes of viewing and sharing can help save the nation from a world of hurt. Perhaps even save the nation itself. (After all, if a state in practical terms can’t help choose its president why would it choose to remain a state?)

A Final Word

One final word of warning: The same ideology that’s calling for an end to the Electoral College has also worked to ban and demonetize PragerU itself.

Something to remember the next time Warren or others say the issue is about “fairness” and “democracy.”

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