Post-Kavanaugh Clean-Up: Questions, Comments and Complaints

By Al Perrotta Published on October 8, 2018

We now have ourselves a new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh was sworn-in Saturday night. He immediately threw himself into the far less dramatic business of legal briefs and case law. One suspects he commemorated with something a bit stronger than a beer. I hear he likes beer.

We stand now with so many questions. Dr. Michael Brown asks perhaps the most pertinent: How do we heal our fractured nation? My question in response, as protesters continue to pound and hound and threaten: “What makes you think the left wants to heal the nation?”

They’re Hamas inbred with hysteria. How do you make peace with people whose charter calls for your destruction? Who question your right to exist? Who can call Susan Collins a “rape apologist” for demanding a little thing we like to call “evidence.”

Questions for Washington

These past couple weeks leave me with many questions.

What’s gotten into Lindsay Graham? Seems he’s gone from Jan Brady to Tom Brady. From a grey-faced sour-puss to tanned rock star. Did John McCain have that much of a control on him? He’s strutting around like Tina Turner after she got out from under the clutches of Ike. (Speaking of the music legend, Turner is on the mend after receiving a kidney from her husband. What’s Love Got to Do With It? Everything.)

What’s Sen. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal smoking? He’s now saying the Senate has put a “dangerous and deeply flawed” man on the Supreme Court.

And what was this lady thinking? Have you seen this video of Sen. Diane Feinstein shortly after she read the FBI supplemental investigation? Explain her expression. Maybe grief over what she’s become?

Could Mike Pence get any more sedate? During the confirmation vote outbursts, he would calmly drone, “The Sergeant-at-Arms will restore order to the gallery.” He sounded like he was just asking for the AC to be turned down. Do CNN and SNL and late night comedy realize what a nightmare their life will be if they get their wish and Trump is out of the picture?

We battle not against flesh and blood and snowflakes and Alinsky-ites, but principalities and powers.

More seriously, have you ever heard someone under the possession of demonic spirits? If you listened to some of the shrieking during Saturday’s vote and in the once-hallowed halls of Congress, the answer is “Yes.” Anyone who’s been to a deliverance service knows that sound. It reminds us that for all the talk that the protests are a Soros-funded radical operation, at the end of the day, we’re in a spiritual battle. We battle not against flesh and blood and snowflakes and Alinsky-ites, but principalities and powers.

Questions About Media

Why does Sunday’s Associated Press story about Kavanaugh wait 20 paragraphs to mention there is no corroborating evidence to support the claims of any of Kavanaugh’s accusers (let alone that Julie Swednick’s accusation blew up in MSNBC’s face)? And even then, it was only in the contest of Republicans citing the FBI report.

Why did the media overall ignore the massive holes in Dr. Ford’s story? A tweet from Trump gets treated like the Zapruder film, but her (changing) story is treated like scripture. As Mollie Hemingway from The Federalist put it:

I actually thought that a lot of the media should have been pointing this out themselves. And you didnโ€™t see this. You didnโ€™t see people going through and looking at her story which changed over time, multiple times. They never were able to corroborate any aspect of it. They spent all their time looking at ice throwing at parties and yearbook things.

Why did the media pretty much ignore Kavanaugh supporters? The Daily Signal has looked into that.

Where are the retractions and apologies for all the stories that turned out fake? The Daily Caller News Foundation listed “Nine Times the Media Pushed Misinformation About Kavanaugh.”

Questions About Dr. Ford

Shouldn’t we be more curious about Leland Keyser telling the Senate that Ford’s other pal Monica McLean tried pressuring her to change her testimony? McLean was a schoolmate. How intense was the pressure, to the point that Keyser felt it crucial to notify the committee? How spooked was she? (Of course, for all we know, Keyser and McLean have been at odds since high school, but it’s still a big deal.)

We battle not against flesh and blood and snowflakes and Alinsky-ites, but principalities and powers.

Shouldn’t we be more curious about the fact that McLean is a former crony of James Comey at the FBI’s New York office? This is especially pertinent given that Ford hired Andrew McCabe’s lawyer for her legal team. Seems someone has a vested interest in using Ford to help the anti-Trump FBI cabal.

Meanwhile, did America catch during all this craziness that Comey’s former FBI chief counsel James Baker rolled over? Baker admitted he had met with DNC lawyers who handed him Clinton paid-for dirt on Trump before the FBI sought any FISA warrants?

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Remember how Senate Democrats made a big deal about the July 1 party on Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar? Did anyone see the report that Christine Blasey Ford knows that’s not the party she was attacked? She knew well some of the other people Kavanaugh listed and would have remembered them being at the party she was attacked.

Which gets to a new question I have: Ford testified she was “100% certain” she was attacked by Kavanaugh. How come after he testified she didn’t publicly re-assert that? Why no declaration, “That’s the voice I heard laughing at me”? No stepping before the cameras to counter. No video statement on Twitter.

What has been reported is that Ford has no interest in pursuing an assault charge against Kavanaugh and is opposed to Democrats trying to impeach Kavanaugh should they overtake the House.

What are We to Conclude

So Brett Kavanaugh is on the court and Christine Blasey Ford is moving on. Democrats will continue to try and get their pound of flesh out of Kavanaugh no matter what it may do to Ford. Republicans must avoid the temptation to use Ford as a punchline. A symbol of false allegations. Susan Collins speaks for many when she told CNN’s State of the Union, “I don’t believe Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant. I do believe she was assaulted. I don’t know by whom. I’m not certain when.”

“Her truth,” as Cory Booker put it, is likely not the truth. We can pray she’ll get the proper guidance and counseling to either uncover the truth or accept it as unknowable. And heal.

For Brett Kavanaugh, as he puts on the black robes, may he also be able to put on a cloak of forgiveness for what Senate Democrats, sleazy porn lawyers and Soros-funded activists did to him. And heal.

As for the rest of us, we can pray these weeks of hell were a wake-up … and not just a preview of things to come.

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