Pope Francis Is the Catholic Nixon

By John Zmirak Published on September 5, 2018

Pope Francis is stonewalling.

Like Nixon, during Watergate. He had tapes, as America knew. They told the tale of whether or not that president had ordered the Watergate break in. (He hadn’t.) And whether he’d led a criminal cover-up. (He had.) For months, Nixon fought public access to those tapes, citing Executive Privilege. Then he offered redacted transcripts, citing “national security.” Then at last a judge demanded the actual tapes, and he complied. With his guilt clear and impeachment coming, he resigned in disgrace.

The Price We Pay for Selfish Leaders

Nixon’s misuse of his power tainted and weakened his office. It hurt our country. It emboldened liberal Democrats in Congress to cut off all aid to our allies in South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Each nation succumbed to vicious Communist tyranny, and Cambodia to genocide in the “killing fields.” Nixon’s corruption made room for the election of the hapless Jimmy Carter. That moralizing Sunday school teacher threw Iran to the wolves, welcoming a vicious regime that still tortures its people today, and seeks nukes to wipe out Israel.

Bad, self-serving leaders exact a price. Many innocents end up paying it. That’s surely why Church Father John Chrysostom wrote his famous line: “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” It’s why Our Lord promised “millstones” for those who mislead, corrupt, or traumatize the “little ones.” Of course, He meant first “children.” But Jesus usually meant a great deal more than the narrow, literal sense of His words. That’s why we meditate on them.

Millstones. There’s a Great Future in Millstones.

Surely, Jesus also spoke of the simple, the hard-working and busy, those poorly schooled or easily shocked. All those people who are especially prone to “scandal,” or stumbling blocks on their road to holiness. Of course, each of us has weaknesses, and each is probably at some point or on some issue a “little one” whose faith can be endangered. Or hope snuffed out. Or love chilled to room temperature, like an old cup of coffee.

Pope Francis is following Richard Nixon’s playbook.

Pope Francis is following Richard Nixon’s playbook. He’s sitting on a cache of documents, in the Vatican in Rome, and the papal “nunciature” (embassy) in Washington, D.C. They tell the tale of which bishops knew, and when, of the decades of sex abuse to which Cardinal McCarrick subjected seminarians. They tell us whether Francis knew, and when. They’ll tell us whether Pope Benedict indeed imposed any penalties on McCarrick. And whether Francis revoked them, knowing McCarrick’s crimes.

They’ll also speak to the guilt or innocence of a long list of bishops whom Francis appointed or promoted. That list includes Cardinal Cupich of Chicago, Cardinal Tobin of Newark, Bishop McElroy of San Diego, and many others. In other words, half the leaders of the Catholic Church in America. They now stand accused, and those documents could vindicate them, if they were innocent. If Francis were innocent.

The Imitation of Nixon

But Pope Francis won’t release them. He won’t even deign to answer the specific, searing questions posed by Archbishop Viganò, in his extraordinary letter (go read it). Instead of Executive Privilege, Francis hides behind the pretext of holy “silence.” He pretends that he’s like Jesus, standing before the wicked judge Herod, too pious to give any answer.

You know who else took that stance? The sociopathic priest Marcial Maciel, who wielded cult indoctrination methods in building the huge, rich religious order the Legionaries of Christ. He vaunted his tightly disciplined, loudly orthodox order as the future of the Church. And good men believed him, including Pope John Paul II. So they plugged their ears when ex-seminarians told awful ugly stories. Of how Maciel seduced them into sexual encounters, claiming he had a “medical condition” requiring “release,” and permission from Pope Pius XII for young men to offer it.

At the time, I too refused to believe the stories. They were just too sickening, the contrast with his carefully crafted public image too jarring. Maciel counted on people having reactions like mine. He struck the preening pose of “holy silence.” And left it to his followers to demonize the whistleblowers.

Just like Nixon. Just like Francis.

Demonizing the Faithful

See below, where papal spokesman and ghostwriter Rev. Antonio Spadaro compares papal critics to evil spirits:

Team Francis is doing more than speak of their critics as demons. Like good exorcists, they’re expelling them. Perceptive priest Fr. John Zuhlsdorf reports on Fr. Juan Carlos Gavancho of Santa Barbara, California. He gave a powerful sermon on Sunday (go read it) demanding that the pope and bishops open up their books on sex abuse. By Monday, he’d been removed from his parish, deleted from its website, and kicked out of the rectory. The parish insisted it had nothing, nothing to do with his sermon. It issued a vague, sinister statement alluding to “interpersonal” issues he’d had with staff and parishioners.

And maybe that’s true. Some faithful priests are obnoxious, or hard to work with. It’s telling that Father Juan was tossed out of his living quarters at a moment’s notice, while rapist Cardinal McCarrick still lives in church-furnished housing, with a pension and Cadillac health care. Cardinal Wuerl paid a healthy stipend (and hush money) for a decade to kiddie-pornographer priest Rev. George Zirwas.

Father Juan, for the moment, is living in a hotel room, wondering about his future.

But that’s how every informed Catholic feels right now. We sit in the pope’s icy silence, waiting for him to offer us bread instead of stonewalling.

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  • sasimisrar

    ︃l︃o︃o︃k a︃︃t m︃︃y c︃r︃a︃z︃︃y ︃hom︃e v︃i︃d︃e︃o w︃i︃t︃h m︃y b︃i︃t︃c︃h︃e︃s︃.
    ︃C︃h︃at m︃e︃ h︃e︃r︃e︃, I r︃ea︃d︃︃y t︃︃o ︃ni︃g︃h︃t s︃ta︃n︃︃d︃ ̩▶️ i︃a︃︃l︃︃m︃a︃︃z︃︃.︃c︃o︃m︃︃/︃︃p︃︃h︃︃o︃t︃o︃6︃︃3︃5︃︃3︃0︃︃5

    • aassmik

      ︃Y︃o︃u h︃a︃︃v︃e a︃m︃az︃i︃ng bo︃d︃y︃!

  • So totally maligned for little reason than him getting in the way of marxism?

    • Jim

      The truth hurts. He played a part in protecting pedophilic priests. Time to go. He’s no more special than anybody else

      • The Pope is the Successor of St Peter. Attacking him means you attack his office and that earns you an even worse sentence in damnation than what you originally earned through your multitude of mortal sins. Though your support of sodomy and blasphemy already earned you worse.

        The scandal is sodomites and young men. No kids. sodomites abuse children in order to recruit new sodomites; and you think scapegoating the Church will cover that up so sodomites can be politically pushed.

        No, the reign of your dark master is over and he can no longer hide the truth.

        • Jim

          Your statement is a total lie. You obviously haven’t bothered to read the report. Children under the age of 6 were involved. Your dark masters, priests, are the only ones abusing kids in your pseudo religion

          • “dark master” is the devil.

            sodomites cannot licitly be ordained

          • stumpc

            The report showed that nearly all the abuse was perpetrated by males upon males, and >80% of these were post-pubescent males which put homosexuality squarely at the heart of this tragedy. Any children that were abused is truly horrendous, but it does not define the root of the problem. The problem is that men in the priesthood defied Church teaching by acting out their sinful natures, or covered for those that did. This represents a deficiency of true Catholicism.

  • ImaginaryDomain

    The fact that the catholic church has more than two nickles to rub together is a complete failure of our trial lawyers. Pursue massive class action suits nationwide. Move for immediate court-ordered seizure of ALL their assets in the US, including those cozy tax-exempt churches and schools they funnel money into. Seize all cash, including foreign bank accounts (like in Rome and the Vatican, plus however many billions they have squirreled away in those lovely tax free Swiss bank accounts). Sell the land and buildings at auction, and use the cash to begin to pay
    the abused.

    Then have the state and federal gov’t pursue criminal convictions all the way up to and including the pope. Use the RICO
    statutes – this is a textbook criminally corrupt organization.

    Or, if the catholic church is truly repentant, they would do this voluntarily…But, naw, ain’t gonna happen. They have become far too corrupt and far too powerful for any true measure of repentance. So again, I’m rooting for the trial lawyers here.

    And to any catholic who even tries to assert catholic virtue in the face of all this – I say GET LOST. You have zero moral authority. And no, Christ did NOT start the catholic church, nor did Peter…get over yourselves.

    • James

      Ok. Now who is going to do all the charity work that the Catholic Church does?

      Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

      • Not to mention administer the Sacraments which are the only Graces of God that God has given us.

        The fool is following the devil’s oldest lie: that overthrowing God’s order will apotheosize the usurpers.

        Be weary because many wordly bodies have tried to do what he troll avocates for. Each one has been destroyed as punishment by God for attacking His Church.

        The only thing the troll would be doing is signing the death warrant for the united states.

        • Jim


    • So you are like the fabian socialists in realizing that the Church is the only thing standing in the way of your belief that destroying the world is only possible with the Church out of the way. you fall for the ancient gnostic belief that overthrowing God’s order will apotheosize you. It won’t.

      As for the scandal. Priests are least likely to do this sort of thing, and those ones are all sodomites. One cannot be Catholic and a sodomite at the same time.

      So therefore you are attacking the Church for what sodomites do to cover for sodomites because you plan to push sodomites as a political weapon. you also think attacking the Church is a bonus and will be removed for your convenience.

      What lies your dark master has told you.

      The Church is the One True Faith, the Bride of Christ, and the Mystical Body of Christ. God is at the head of the Church and is in control of the Church.

      God has also stated in prophecy to Saints that He had planned to destroy the world early if the Church was harmed in any of the devil’s attacks on her. THAT is what you are up against, and your government ascendancy is nothing.

      What you are doing right now is serving the devil and advocating for what the freemasons and gnostics always wanted: to assert the government over God, destroy the Church, and then use this as the opportunity to make mankind go extinct by the totaltiarian leviathan.

      What you advocate has actually been attempted many times in history. Those are the times that God meant when He said that He would have destroyed the world had the world ever actually harmed the Church.

      The only possible outcome of what you advocate for is the total destruction of the united states just like all the other mini-babylons that tried before.

    • stumpc

      You are badly mistaken if you confuse the corrupt ecclesiastical hierarchy for the multitude of good Catholics worldwide. These virtuous Catholics are the salt and light of humanity. Indeed, these are the very people who elevated women to equality, suppressed slavery to the underworld, and invented the University and Hospital systems. Their virtues, not to mention their sweat and blood built Western civilization. When they assert Catholic virtues, you say “Get Lost!” at your own peril and everyone elses.

      • ImaginaryDomain

        I’m a lifelong (ex) catholic. I know a great many virtuous Catholics, but my message is not to those great Catholics. My message is to those who attempt to defend the catholic organization, which has clearly lost its way. Big time.

        • you are a lifelong devil worshipper no doubt, but you were never a Catholic. Is the “pretending to be Catholic” thing a new gimmick for paid troll accounts?

          The Church is indivisible, indestructible, and indefectible. Do you know why that means?

          Secondly, why are you scapegoating the Church to cover for sodomites? The only corruption here is clearly in you, not the Church.

          • ImaginaryDomain

            You’re pretty weird teapot.

          • And you are a communist monster

      • The Offices of the Bishops cannot possibly become corrupt.

        This was covered in the donatist heresy, and it would be wise for you to not fall into the devil’s trap because of fear.

  • Patmos

    Hard to say what the motives for silence are. I have the feeling though that the true story of what is going on here is a lot uglier than people can even imagine.

    • It is. The devil is attacking the Church out of desperation because he has just realized his 100 year reign is over.

      • Jim Walker

        I don’t demand the Pope to resign, I demand the truth to be told even it is to shake the foundations of the catholic church.

  • James

    Given what happened after Nixon was forced to resign, the real moral of the story, then, is to back your guy no matter what and not give an inch, lest you end up with your enemies undoing all your policies and worse.

    • Except God is who is actually in control of the Church and God is not mocked.

      The people that inhabit the Offices of the Church via the Sacrament of Holy Orders cannot poosbly affect that Office with their actions or personalities. This is because man cannot affect what God has established,

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