Plans of the Enemy to Empower Evil are in Plain Sight

By Dave Kubal Published on July 27, 2022

A growing army of radical prosecutors in key locations around this nation are using their power to replace God’s design for government with an advocacy of chaos.

Hidden in plain sight, at last count 75 radically “progressive” prosecutors, with campaigns funded by George Soros, serve in key cities and communities. The results of their “soft on crime” policies after just a few years are clear and measurable: increased crime and murder.

Additionally, these prosecutors are creating a climate of lawlessness. Shortly after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, a large group of these radical prosecutors issued a statement declaring that they will defiantly refuse to uphold their state’s new laws to protect life and will instead follow their own personal radical ideologies on abortion.

They state: “[W]e decline to use our offices’ resources to criminalize reproductive health decisions and commit to exercise our well-settled discretion and refrain from prosecuting those who seek, provide or support abortions.”

This statement is signed by nearly 100 elected prosecutors, under the banner of Fair and Just Prosecution, which is funded by Tides Center, Ford Foundation, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, among other progressive funders. The laws these prosecutors are blatantly disregarding were created constitutionally by state legislators the voters elected.

Law Enforcement Officers’ Experiences

Recently, I talked with a few friends who are law enforcement officers where one of these prosecutors is in power. Here are some of the results they’ve seen from having these radical “Soros prosecutors” in their districts:

  • Law enforcement officers do not enforce the law, because they know convicted criminals will likely receive light sentences or none at all.
  • Law enforcement officers’ morale is incredibly low because officers see few results from their efforts.
  • Criminals are MUCH more likely to go “hands on,” during an encounter with law enforcement. That means suspects are willing to get into a physical altercation with police officers, because the prosecutor will most likely support the suspect over the law enforcement officers.
  • Law enforcement agencies can’t recruit enough officers to fill vacancies, so they are constantly understaffed. Some of the factors are a general civic disrespect for law enforcement, the fear of lawsuits and reprisal from suspects, and a lack of support from the administration.
  • Criminals are more brazen now, because they know they can get away with crime.

The negative impact on law enforcement officers is not surprising. Soros generously funds organizations advocating “criminal justice reforms” like defunding the police. Backing inexperienced, unqualified, and radically progressive district attorney candidates is part of a coordinated, demonic plan to transform criminal justice in our nation, with the result of lawless and crime-ridden cities.

This Dark Plan is Working. Here’s How.

In the past decade, Soros spent $40 million to fund the elections of prosecutors in over 70 districts. Prosecutors elected with the help of Soros money cover districts in half of the nation’s 50 most populous cities — so, one in five people live under the jurisdiction of a Soros-promoted prosecutor. This small, strategic group of leftist prosecutors is increasing crime and disintegrating the rule of law for the entire nation.

The results? More than 40% of homicides and 33% of all violent and property crimes reported in 2021 occurred in Soros-prosecutor jurisdictions. Some major cities with these progressive approaches to crime are seeing record statistics of violent crime. This is no surprise, because Soros prosecutors refuse to prosecute crimes such as drug trafficking and resisting arrest. In fact, with these progressive prosecutors, there is a 19% average decrease in guilty verdicts or pleas and a 20% average increase in dropped or lost felony cases.

Specific Cases

Here are some specifics. I have listed “Soros money” received, prosecutors elected, and the impact on their districts.

  • $417,000 for Kim Foxx’s 2020 reelection as state’s attorney in Cook County, Illinois. Results: a 27 % decrease in guilty verdicts and a 54% increase in cases dismissed or dropped.
  • $1.45 million for Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, a 2017 campaign. Results: Philadelphia’s aggravated assault by guns up 18% in the first year of his term alone, and a 22% increase in dropped aggravated-assault-by-gun cases. Crime is increased, prosecutions are dropped.
  • $236,000 in 2018 for John Creuzot in Dallas. Results: a 15% increase in violent crime and a 27.5% increase in homicides, but felony charges dropped by 20%.
  • $958,000 to San Antonio’s Joe Gonzalez in 2018. Results: 13% fewer felony guilty verdicts and 11% more dropped felony cases.
  • $922,000 for Loudoun County, Virginia, lawyer Buta Biberaj to become DA with the help of Soros-affiliated grants from Justice and Public Safety PAC ($861,039) and New VA Majority ($61,496).
  • 70% of Steve Descano campaign coffers of $659,000 came from Soros-backed groups in Fairfax, Virginia.
  • $4.7 million to George Gascon in Los Angeles County, California. Other funds came from Soros-affiliated Democracy Alliance to the tune of $6 million.
  • $324,000 went to Kim Gardner of St. Louis, Missouri during her campaigns. Results: per capita homicide capital of the nation.
  • $1,072,000 for Alvin Bragg of Manhattan, New York, to crush his opponent.
  • $430,000 for Joe Garza, representing Travis County, Texas.

These prosecutors (who barely prosecute), paired with radical lawmakers, have fundamentally changed a large part of the criminal justice system to remove bail, lighten sentences, and pick and choose which laws they will uphold, all while creating expensive massive reform activist programs attributing crime to race, disadvantage and bigotry.

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There is big money to be made in pushing this narrative. Junkets, conferences, symposiums, grants, retraining and even lavish “retreats” reinforce this ideology, and those who provide them are paid handsomely through your taxpayer dollars.

As we approach an election season, Christians — and especially intercessors — need to recognize the progressive mindset at work here.

Soros-Funded Candidates Share a Progressive Mindset

In comparing a progressive mindset to a biblical mindset, here are differences you will see:

  • The progressive worldview believes in the innate goodness of mankind.
  • A biblical worldview recognizes the sinfulness of all men, seeing mankind as broken and needing accountability (and salvation).
  • The progressive worldview may attribute a criminal’s behavior to outside forces in their environment. They may cite institutional injustice, racism or bigotry, and they may believe that remorse should qualify criminals for leniency.
  • A biblical worldview understands that humans are personally accountable for their choices and that there are consequences for man’s behavior.
  • A progressive worldview looks to external programs, policies, grants, and structures to provide the solution for the criminal’s rehabilitation.
  • A biblical worldview acknowledges that restitution and rehabilitation happen within a person. A change in circumstances alone will not bring a difference in criminal proclivity.
  • A progressive worldview believes that man has the answers.
  • A biblical worldview acknowledges that God has the answers.

If you believe in the inherent goodness of man — instead of the broken nature of man — the result is chaos. This worldview brings out the worst in people and the worst in society.

Can any one man single-handedly change the justice system in our nation? Can one man’s influence and actions unleash a spirit of lawlessness in our cities? How does a solitary man wield enough power to bring down England’s currency, disintegrate a nation’s law and order and infuse a culture with growing godlessness?

It’s a demonic agenda and it’s been working. But George Soros’s plans can be stopped through the power of Jesus, prayer and action.

Our IFA team has assembled a Special Report that outlines this issue. We include a list of Soros’ prosecutors, funding, groups behind this movement, and how you can pray.

I encourage you to download the Special Report and continue praying about this issue. I believe it is one of the most destructive plans of Satan against our nation today. Informed intercession is key for these days we are in.


Dave Kubal is CEO/President of Intercessors for America, a massive grassroots organization uniting over 300,000 citizens to pray, and then take action, on the issues confronting America. Equipping Christians to engage and speak truth into the important cultural debates of our day, Kubal is a nationally-recognized faith leader serving as a faith advisory member to former President Trump, and on the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

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