Planned Parenthood Takes Neighboring Pregnancy Center to Court — For Thriving

By Austin Roscoe Published on December 12, 2016

An Idaho Planned Parenthood (PP) facility has filed a lawsuit against its pro-life pregnancy center neighbor, Stanton Healthcare — for providing women’s health services.

PP’s complaint hinge on the allegations that Stanton is misusing the common areas of the business subdivision they are located in and that Stanton invited people to protest outside the abortion provider’s facility. The lawsuit claims that

[Stanton Healthcare] regularly parks a van/mobile home on the parking area of the Business Center Common Area. … To the best of [PP]’s knowledge, information and belief, the van/mobile home is used for a number of purposes, including ultrasounds, consultations and other activities. The [subdivision’s] Declaration does not permit such activity in the Common Area.

Over the past several months, certain individuals, believed to be invitees of [Stanton Healthcare], have been present on Common Area, not within the limited purposes related to the operation of the Business Center, but rather to protest, harass [PP]’s staff and patients, or to promote services offered by [Stanton Healthcare]’s parked van/mobile home.

Stanton told LifeSiteNews that her lawyers “are reviewing the complaint,” though she also noted that PP has “made false accusations” of harassment. Red State reports Swindell is “confident PP does not have appropriate grounds for the law suit.”

‘A Whole New Level’

Despite the lawsuit’s claims, Stanton’s founder and director Brandi Swindell noted that the timing of PP’s most recent complaints line up remarkably with Stanton’s own plans to build a new “mega-clinic.”

Red State reports, “This — [Swindell] maintains — is the real reason PP suddenly brought suit. The abortion giant feels threatened.” Swindell told Red State, “Planned Parenthood is always fighting for access issues; they’re always accusing the pro-life community of trying to block access and here they are trying to block access!”

After the abortion giant’s many legal advances, such as fighting for taxpayer funding and pursuing lawsuits against pro-life agencies, Swindell says this lawsuit “goes to a whole other level,” saying PP is “now trying to prevent us from doing good.”

It’s a very serious lawsuit…people of faith [and] people of goodwill need to wake up to and say, “does Planned Parenthood really think they have the authority to bully us and prevent us from doing good?” It’s a despicable thing.

Replacing Planned Parenthood

The “Stanton Revolution,” a privately funded women’s healthcare system, has previously made a name for itself with it’s effort to “Replace Planned Parenthood.” Cosmopolitan even featured Swindell in a piece titled, “Meet the Woman Who Wants to Take Down Planned Parenthood.”

Swindell has previously told The Stream, “Part of our idea with Stanton Healthcare is to go where the women are that are facing an unexpected pregnancy and that are trying to determine what they should do in that situation.”

That’s why Stanton’s strategy “is to set up shop and open clinics right next door to Planned Parenthood.” As she explained to The Stream, “We’ve trialed this in Idaho, and then our other affiliate locations, and it works. We have walk-ins every week who are on their way to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion or to have a consultation from Planned Parenthood.”

Women see our signs that say, “Walk-ins Welcome,” “Unexpected Pregnancy Solutions At No Charge,” “Pregnancy Verification At No Cost To Our Clients,” they come in. Because they’re looking for hope, and they’re looking for a professional, confidential setting that will provide them true alternatives. We see walk-ins every week, of women who have said, “‘I’m so glad I found this place, I’m so glad that there’s resources, I’m so glad I’m not alone.”

“God is doing something truly amazing in and through the work of Stanton Healthcare,” Swindell says on the company’s website.

I’m in awe of His goodness and guidance, and humbled that He uses us to accomplish His purposes. His love is fierce and unstoppable, and what an honor it is to share the truth with every woman who comes through our doors: the truth that she is deeply loved…and there is hope.”

Editor’s Note: If you would like to help Stanton Healthcare fund their legal battle against Planned Parenthood, you can visit their GoFundMe page.

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